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coderaug 23-Feb-11 23:20pm View    
in case of silver light application we can access the image and then create a file stream for it. In our scenario, the image path is fetched from the database by the application the same is then passed to the silver light viewer. But If i do not convert the image path to URI then i get error that the path cannot be accessed. If i convert the path to URI i am not able to pass it as an reference to file stream.
coderaug 17-Nov-10 4:45am View    
If i convert dicom image to some other format will that affect the quality of the image??
coderaug 12-Nov-10 1:07am View    
I tried hard!!
coderaug 9-Nov-10 0:30am View    
I am using
coderaug 7-Nov-10 23:50pm View     CRLF
Abhinav,but in this case GUI needs to be changed right?? Database will be reused, WCF will be used to interact with database, and the client(GUI)??