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CS2011 28-Nov-18 4:15am View
believe me he has not clue about what you are taking about in your solution. See his code in the comment.
CS2011 17-Jul-18 7:20am View
I am not sure about the folders but if you want to encrypt the complete drive you can use WMI (Win32_EncryptableVolume) which uses bit locker drive encryption.
CS2011 11-May-18 4:18am View
You can execute the query on SSMS and see the result matches the one you are getting. Basically this query will sort the data on IntervalTime and highest value will be returned. So if IntervalTime column has a value 700 already and you insert a value 500 after that it will still return 700.
CS2011 11-May-18 1:23am View
You should avoid timers. This will give you a performance hit. if your requirement is to check if some data has been updated in table and perform some work based on that i would recommend to use the sql server broker service.
CS2011 11-May-18 1:18am View
No one will be able to help you with the data you have provided. Please put the source code you have written with the error/exception you are getting if you really want us to help.
CS2011 13-Apr-18 6:27am View
have you tried setting the index after adding the items ?
CS2011 22-Aug-17 1:32am View
can you show us the table structure and code you are using to access it ?
CS2011 5-Jul-17 1:28am View
Well i wanted to avoid using the concrete class when making the object and this will defeat the whole purpose of asking the question.
CS2011 2-Jul-17 13:02pm View
how would you create the instance in this case? assume you need to create an instance of D. what would you use ? if your client uses IA than F4 will not be available and in case of ID F1,F2 and F3 will not be available.
CS2011 16-Feb-16 1:30am View
i give up
CS2011 8-Dec-14 13:10pm View
buddy see the question. as per MS calling dispose calls close internally which calles flush() but it doesn't happen sometime but when i call close in my code it works as expected. my question is why it happens. Just do not post anything as answer for points
CS2011 8-Dec-14 8:45am View
well i know flush will do the job so will close(). my question is while under using statement disposed get called and inside dispose close() gets called. so why data is not written properly when i use it without calling close manually
CS2011 4-Jul-13 4:18am View
what have you tried till now ?
CS2011 7-May-13 1:56am View
what kind of numerical device. do you mean something like this
CS2011 18-Apr-13 10:37am View
This is not a soluation. There is a big difference in culture and input langauge. Please read the question before you answer it.
CS2011 17-Apr-13 6:09am View
Nop. There some differences in two list and we need the input language one.
CS2011 17-Apr-13 2:12am View
Thanks. i have been trying to get the soluation from some time and could find any thing. But it has to be avilable at some place from where windows is displaying the list. Just need to find out from where
CS2011 5-Mar-13 6:47am View
Just remove the if condition from both places and when i say remove if it means delete the code below
if (totalExp == "")
totalExp = "0";
CS2011 5-Mar-13 6:16am View
insted of this string totalExp = db.selectquery_One(strSQL).ToString();
try this

double totalExp = Convert.ToDouble(db.selectquery_One(strSQL));

see if this works
CS2011 16-Feb-13 2:43am View
try this..if does not work pm me ur soulation. I will have a look

protected override void OnPaint(PaintEventArgs pe)
showDigit();//this function contained the drawing Lines.

CS2011 15-Feb-13 4:14am View
Can you post your code. we will be able to help you better
CS2011 15-Feb-13 2:03am View
if i understand you i think you need to add some Hr or min or second in the current time (or any time). TimeSpane has const for that.
for example if want to add Hr,min and sec you can use
TimeSpan(Int32, Int32, Int32) = Initializes a new instance of the TimeSpan structure to a specified number of hours, minutes, and seconds. and pass that to Add method. Hope this helps
CS2011 7-Jan-13 2:08am View
your question is not clear. do you want to display combobox in one of the column of datagrid ?
CS2011 11-Dec-12 5:02am View
Can you post your code.
CS2011 11-Dec-12 4:40am View
Im case if you only have one row in your grid then
below loop will create problem and its a bug.
for (int i = 0; i < GridView1.Rows.Count - 1; i++)
change the capture condition i < GridView1.Rows.Count - 1; to i < GridView1.Rows.Count; and it should work.
CS2011 11-Dec-12 4:36am View
Do you get any error message or any thing like that
CS2011 6-Sep-12 13:55pm View
Not if you commit it. If you commit it it will save the all the data what was inserted in the table till that point.
CS2011 5-Sep-12 4:33am View
Can you post the source code. Then we will be able to help you better
CS2011 4-Sep-12 9:18am View
for publish problem solution provided by Sandeep worked and about getting the old version of EXE was solved using command line CSC compiler and now after resetting my VS201 setting to defaults it's working fine now.
CS2011 4-Sep-12 8:39am View
Thanks Sandeep. Right click option worked. Looks like a VS bug.
CS2011 4-Sep-12 8:38am View
Thanks for the suggestion but i had not imported it from other system and all the reference were there already.
CS2011 26-Dec-11 1:00am View
Select and copy what ? Can you explain your question a bit more ?
CS2011 21-Oct-11 9:16am View
Thanks for your help Man
CS2011 13-Sep-11 5:39am View
As far as my knowledge goes regrading this serial communications there should a controller present at other end of the port which will respond to set of commands. to unload the data from your device to dataset first of all you'll need to find the command which will tell the devices to write the data on Rx pin and then you will have to read it on datarecived event. if you do not have list of command to which the given device responds then you will have to contact the manufacture of the device for the same.
CS2011 13-Sep-11 5:27am View
See my answer. If you need any thing specific let me know.
CS2011 13-Sep-11 5:02am View
your question not clear. Do you want to communication to a device over com port ?
CS2011 9-Sep-11 1:12am View
Nice Answer. 5+ for the extra links.
CS2011 8-Sep-11 23:57pm View
Can you tell what is the error message it's giving ?
CS2011 1-Aug-11 7:56am View
well i know that invoke will do the job but my problem is it works fine without invoke also only some time it gives error and i am not sure why its doing that. Any ways thanks for you answer
CS2011 1-Aug-11 3:09am View
It gives "gives cross thread exception" saying controls created on other thread can not be accessed from. but only 1 out of 10 times. i am unable to understand why ? all the thread is's are same when i check it.
CS2011 11-Jul-11 5:13am View
Good article. 5+
CS2011 28-Jun-11 9:57am View
Are you getting any error?what is the problem ?
CS2011 27-Jun-11 7:10am View
5 for effort. I was thinking i'll just let him know that there is something called join.
CS2011 27-Jun-11 7:07am View
Can you explain a bit more what you want
CS2011 27-Jun-11 7:05am View
good answer 5+
CS2011 16-Jun-11 6:38am View
Correct. My 5+
CS2011 16-Jun-11 6:07am View
I have voted you but the link is about web application and OP is talking about Windows application.i think you misread the question.
CS2011 16-Jun-11 5:05am View
OP has edited the question to something totally different.
CS2011 16-Jun-11 4:47am View
Well this depends on your requirement. But if i am at your place i would stop the insert operation as data given is wrong and ask the user to correct the data first. But again you can keep the bad data in another file and continue with the insert and inform the user once the operation is complete.
CS2011 16-Jun-11 4:08am View
Someone is on fire today. Is it 'coz you are inching towards 200K landmark. Have 5+ for the link.
CS2011 16-Jun-11 3:03am View
Nice answer. My 5+
CS2011 16-Jun-11 3:03am View
Completely agree with you. My 5+ even if the OP is not looking for this info :-)
CS2011 16-Jun-11 3:00am View
Very useful 5
CS2011 16-Jun-11 2:59am View
Good information Kim. My 5+
CS2011 16-Jun-11 2:57am View
Can you post the complete code?
CS2011 16-Jun-11 2:49am View
Correct Answer. 5+
CS2011 16-Jun-11 2:49am View
Correct Answer.Have 5+
CS2011 16-Jun-11 2:47am View
Nice Answer.Have 5+
CS2011 16-Jun-11 2:32am View
No Problem Mate.And thanks for your vote.
CS2011 16-Jun-11 2:26am View
Can you post the code which is giving the error
CS2011 16-Jun-11 2:21am View
How about string1 += String.Space(10);

My 5 anyways :-)
CS2011 16-Jun-11 2:19am View
Thanks SA. Cannot help it some guys are like that only
CS2011 16-Jun-11 2:06am View
Really Dude...Have you seen me going around asking same question for days.First you should learn how to phrase a question.You asked what is wrong with the code above and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the will compile without any error.
CS2011 16-Jun-11 1:58am View
Really..And would you tell me what is the default type of Session["user"]?. Nop you do not have any idea do you.
CS2011 16-Jun-11 1:55am View
I do not think it will make any difference as he is comparing a string here.If he is comparing a int or something the he will need the type casting but not in this case.
CS2011 16-Jun-11 1:44am View
Hopefully by that time i'll be away from IT and shooting some nice photograph :-)
CS2011 16-Jun-11 1:13am View
Why don't you use tooltip for this ?
CS2011 16-Jun-11 1:12am View
Why don't you use tooltip for this ?
CS2011 16-Jun-11 1:06am View
I have update my solution.Have a look.
CS2011 16-Jun-11 0:37am View
Thanks SA.
CS2011 16-Jun-11 0:28am View
Good Answer. 5+
CS2011 16-Jun-11 0:26am View
CS2011 16-Jun-11 0:00am View
Hold one will update the solution in some time
CS2011 15-Jun-11 23:34pm View
Yes i know how to do that. And it is called Magic...abrakadabra...
CS2011 13-Jun-11 1:22am View
All though you can have more than one main in c# program and you can specify which one you want to use however as you pointed out that was not the case here.But I have one doubt that what difference it make if I use ReadLine(true) or ReadLine();
CS2011 9-Jun-11 9:21am View
Thanks Amit
CS2011 9-Jun-11 7:05am View
As Rakesh Told Ctrl+V is disabled and if you add
this.textBox1.ContextMenu = new ContextMenu();InitializeComponent() Then Your problem is solved :-). See not so hard afte all :-D
CS2011 9-Jun-11 7:03am View
Ctrl+V is disabled already. Now if you want to disable Right Mouse Click Menu(i.e Copy,Past,etc) add following code this.textBox1.ContextMenu = new ContextMenu();
CS2011 9-Jun-11 6:56am View
Yep..Otherwise backspace will not work.I knew that but wanted you to try it by your self.Good Work :-)
CS2011 9-Jun-11 6:06am View
Yep You were correct. My soluation was wrong Indeed.5+ for this one
CS2011 9-Jun-11 5:53am View
See My Answer.
CS2011 9-Jun-11 5:52am View
Fixed it
CS2011 9-Jun-11 5:33am View
Which Database you are using ? Oracle or SqlServer ?
CS2011 9-Jun-11 5:27am View
you can disable to paste option if you want :-)
CS2011 9-Jun-11 5:14am View
CS2011 9-Jun-11 5:14am View
What Else ?? :-)
CS2011 9-Jun-11 4:47am View
CS2011 6-Jun-11 23:54pm View
Is it related to windows forms
CS2011 6-Jun-11 23:00pm View
Nice Answer.My 5+ for this
CS2011 1-Jun-11 22:44pm View
What area in bold. I can not see any bold text in your code ?
CS2011 27-May-11 6:27am View
As john said you should try and do it by your self and there are a lot of videos on net which will tell you where to start. now if you are stuck somewhere after you have tried then come back here. we will be happy to help you then for now all i can say is use google
CS2011 25-May-11 5:07am View
is it related to or Windows ?
CS2011 24-May-11 4:36am View
Why some will downvote this. Seems good enogh to me. my 5
CS2011 23-May-11 13:26pm View
Thank you
CS2011 23-May-11 7:50am View
have 5+ for this. Good answer
CS2011 23-May-11 7:25am View
Please do not put this as answer. Move it to comment.
CS2011 23-May-11 7:24am View
Please do not put this as answer. Move it to comment.
CS2011 23-May-11 7:24am View
Please do not put this as answer. Move it to comment.
CS2011 23-May-11 7:14am View
See my soluation. Hope it helps.
CS2011 23-May-11 4:43am View
Even i was wondring why he using sleep here.Make no sense. My 5 for your answer.
CS2011 23-May-11 4:39am View
Do not go so hard on the kid..He just thinks every one is as dumb as him :-)
CS2011 23-May-11 3:01am View
My 5+ explanation. Very good answer
CS2011 23-May-11 1:49am View
Hea add mine too :-)
CS2011 21-May-11 14:18pm View
What is the exception you are getting?
CS2011 21-May-11 11:48am View
And I want to build a space shuttle and go on moon for my honeymoon. Can you that for me…plzzzz.

On serious note we donot do your task. we help you if you are stuck somewhere. If you have tried something and stuck tell us where you are stuck. We will be happy to help you to solve the problem
CS2011 21-May-11 10:08am View
Can tell us what you have tried till now ?
CS2011 21-May-11 0:49am View
Can you post your code. What are you doing?
CS2011 21-May-11 0:45am View
Can you post your code. what you are trying. We will be able to help you better then.
CS2011 21-May-11 0:36am View
not sure about this exception. but look like you are trying to read some other memory location(it just my view i might be wrong)
CS2011 20-May-11 23:54pm View
I have seen your answer and it a good answer and given it my 5 also. But i only wanted to tell you that you commentThere are no "child forms" or "parent forms". is not fully correct.
CS2011 20-May-11 23:46pm View
Well this answer is not wrong. Try it and see by your self.And first have read the question of OP.I go about closing a Child form if it's already open? And if it isn't already open, then open it?
This means he wants to close the form not hide it.isn't already open, then open it? and this mens he wants to use same(button or menu or whatever) to close or open the form
CS2011 20-May-11 23:19pm View
Correct answer.Why someone will downvote this. my 5+
CS2011 20-May-11 23:15pm View
My 5+ for this answer.
CS2011 20-May-11 23:11pm View
Have of heard of MdiChildren and MdiParent forms. If yes then you will never say there is no child and parent forms.Tell me in which condition f will not be null and my soluation will not work.
CS2011 20-May-11 14:11pm View
I thik this code is not complete.But from this pice of code i can say that the
container.dataitem contains the name of the img and complete url created by below line
ResolveUrl("~/UserImage/" + dRView["ImageName"].ToString());
CS2011 20-May-11 13:55pm View
CS2011 20-May-11 12:31pm View
If you are asking about the Edit then No it will need the DOS to be visible.But there are other commands which might work
CS2011 20-May-11 12:21pm View
Useful info
CS2011 20-May-11 11:39am View
Univote ? Care to explain why ?
CS2011 20-May-11 11:26am View
Check my answer.Hope it helps you understand
CS2011 20-May-11 6:58am View
will try for this when i get time...may be in a day or 2
CS2011 20-May-11 6:57am View
Did you understand how the Threadpool works.Please use google to get an idea how this thing works.
CS2011 20-May-11 6:55am View
Hit the nail on the head. Absolutely correct.
CS2011 20-May-11 6:32am View
i beat you again...Same code :-)
CS2011 20-May-11 5:09am View
Use Sql Server Profiler. More details @
CS2011 20-May-11 5:03am View
what is the database you are using ?
CS2011 20-May-11 4:41am View
Yes there will be some performance difference for sure but how much will again depends on the data base/Hardware of the server and number of result returned by your select statement (Inside the SP)
CS2011 20-May-11 4:41am View
Yes there will be some performance difference for sure but how much will again depends on the data base/Hardware of the server and number of result returned by your select statement (Inside the SP)
CS2011 20-May-11 4:02am View
Can you post the block of code which is giving the error ?
CS2011 20-May-11 1:55am View
Difference between user control and custom control is user controls are derived from class called "UserControl" where custom controls are genrally derrivied from other controls like textbox and labels etc
CS2011 20-May-11 1:42am View
I was aware of composite controls and it is not the same thing as WPF controls you have to re-write the control to host it in windows from. Simple controls like WPF textbox and data-grid etc can be hosted in win-forms directly and I thought user is talking about the simple WPF controls not the composite controls. Any way I have update my answer.
CS2011 20-May-11 1:09am View
Well Explained.
CS2011 19-May-11 2:27am View
Not sure why some one will down vote this answer.Seems good enough to me. my 5+
CS2011 18-May-11 6:05am View
i thik you need to install Excel 97(Other thing that you can do is develop the application using version 12 of excel.). Below is the list for your ref

1987 Excel 2.0 for Windows
1990 Excel 3.0
1992 Excel 4.0
1993 Excel 5.0 (Office 4.2 & 4.3, also a 32-bit version for Windows NT only on the x86, PowerPC, Alpha, and MIPS architectures)
1995 Excel for Windows 95 (version 7.0) included in Office 95
1997 Excel 97 (version 8.0) included in Office 97 (for x86 and Alpha). This version of Excel includes a flight simulator as an Easter Egg.
1999 Excel 2000 (version 9.0) included in Office 2000
2001 Excel 2002 (version 10) included in Office XP
2003 Office Excel 2003 (version 11) included in Office 2003
2007 Office Excel 2007 (version 12) included in Office 2007
2010 Excel 2010 (version 14) included in Office 2010
CS2011 18-May-11 5:59am View
Seeing the question I think this solution is best suited for him. 5+
CS2011 12-May-11 6:39am View
indeed it's a user control
CS2011 12-May-11 4:30am View
You are always welcome. :-)
CS2011 12-May-11 1:02am View
Do you know what's the value after reset?
Yes. Value get reset to default value too.Try and find out. Not a big deal dude.
CS2011 12-May-11 0:55am View
You are welcome and if it helped you can you please make my answer as solution. Now can you explain a bit about your second questionCan i gain characters before the text cursor? what exactly you want to do ?
CS2011 12-May-11 0:52am View
Did not know that. Thanks :-) 5+
CS2011 11-May-11 23:26pm View
Yes it is inherited from Control and it resets the Text property to its default value. and it's in the documentation.Check it out.
CS2011 11-May-11 22:54pm View
Have you tried ResetText() of date time if yes can you explain what it does.
CS2011 11-May-11 22:48pm View
Can you post what is the error message you are getting ?
CS2011 11-May-11 2:52am View
All medical imaging devices follow DICOM standard. You should look into DICOM website to find out details of different tags and values you can compare
CS2011 30-Mar-11 11:32am View
Reason for my vote of 5
CS2011 24-Mar-11 4:23am View
my 5+
CS2011 10-Mar-11 4:29am View
Haven't done anything like this in 5+
CS2011 6-Mar-11 6:18am View
Nice answer 5 for this
CS2011 6-Mar-11 6:15am View
My 5 for link + explanation
CS2011 6-Mar-11 6:08am View
CS2011 6-Mar-11 6:08am View
CS2011 6-Mar-11 1:30am View
You are welcome :-)
CS2011 3-Mar-11 13:52pm View
Good Answer
CS2011 3-Mar-11 13:49pm View
John..will it work....i don't see int i as public member ?
CS2011 27-Feb-11 20:49pm View
I can give you an example

See As per now your your connection string is "(@"Data Source=.\SQLEXPRESS;AttachDbFilename=G:\c#\LAS\LAS\mm.mdf;Integrated Security=True;Connect Timeout=30;User Instance=True");" and as per this your database file would in drive G:\

now Assume you have moved your to C:\ Drive and the folders remain same then your connection string would be changed to

"(@"Data Source=.\SQLEXPRESS;AttachDbFilename=C:\c#\LAS\LAS\mm.mdf;Integrated Security=True;Connect Timeout=30;User Instance=True");"
CS2011 27-Feb-11 7:54am View
Good answer. My 5
CS2011 27-Feb-11 7:26am View
Good suggestion...But This it's kind of learning project. my 5 anyway for the's always a good practice
CS2011 27-Feb-11 5:03am View
good example
CS2011 27-Feb-11 3:16am View
Good Answer...My 5
CS2011 27-Feb-11 3:04am View
mine too
CS2011 27-Feb-11 3:01am View
has happened wid me too... let me correct this...
CS2011 27-Feb-11 2:52am View
i think it's a better approach in some's gives you freedom to edit the files with 5
CS2011 27-Feb-11 2:49am View
if you can tell if there is any specific reason to close and reopen the form i'll be able to help you in a better way....meanwhile you can google singletone class and see if it helps...
CS2011 27-Feb-11 2:24am View
my mistake and i am sorry for that.The method is Read() not CanRead().
here is a msdn link which will explain about SingleResult

Try using SingleRow insted of singleResult
CS2011 22-Feb-11 0:28am View
Good Answer
CS2011 21-Feb-11 22:24pm View
can you tell us what is the error msg you are getting ?
CS2011 21-Feb-11 7:17am View
Now again i am not sure what make DaveAuld Thinks that he is using Am i missing something here ?
CS2011 21-Feb-11 7:14am View
Now can someone explain y i have got 1 for this.
CS2011 21-Feb-11 4:25am View
Can you Provide the stack trace....mean while you can also check dis
CS2011 6-Sep-10 22:52pm View
wrong tag dude..Tag it as VB.NET not C#