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ali_heidari_ 30-May-17 20:03pm View    
What are errors?
ali_heidari_ 13-Feb-17 18:47pm View    
ali_heidari_ 18-May-15 8:13am View    
is it possible to access funtctions of a prototype in a webworker? I made a server ajax control , a part of it, is javascript prototype, and in this prototype i need an animation , What you suggest for such this animation that needs, performance in memory,cpu, show smoothly, and there is about hundereds objects to animate asynchronously! thank you
ali_heidari_ 8-May-15 5:21am View    
i tried this, but problem is it wouldnt access to functions, example this.doSomething();
ali_heidari_ 1-Apr-15 17:09pm View    
I should use server side codes, like Click event, i can access to properties then. yup?!