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Comments by Mohibur Rashid (Top 200 by date)

Mohibur Rashid 22-Aug-23 18:55pm View    
what's in your dmno.html file?
Mohibur Rashid 22-May-23 16:01pm View    
Please let us know what you have done.
Mohibur Rashid 29-Aug-22 13:06pm View    
It is possible to call a python script from javascript. Get the result in json format and parse it and assign to the desired javascript variable. But this will not work in browser.
Mohibur Rashid 24-Mar-22 2:12am View    
1. Your query failed. This is why instead of result it returned boolean
2. You did not write select query but update or insert.
Mohibur Rashid 6-Mar-22 19:56pm View    
It's not about what programming language they use. It's never about that.