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Arora_Ankit 1-Jul-15 6:14am View    
So you basically want to handle null?
if yes you can insert an Item at 0 index of Dropdown after you bind it.

then if it is not null selectedValue=Value else 0.
Arora_Ankit 10-Nov-14 5:18am View    
you are welcome:)
Arora_Ankit 5-Nov-14 0:22am View    
how you will get data? From LIC or from your users.
If your users will enter all the details in DB then you can use simple one to one mapping for Policy Number and Client Detail and one to many for Client and Under Client
Arora_Ankit 31-Oct-14 8:11am View    
add this code in Page_Load if you want to bind on page load
else wherever you want.
Arora_Ankit 31-Oct-14 7:09am View    
Please check the solution. I put the code how you can handle the datatable for dates.