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Mario Z 29-Sep-22 3:09am View    
First Johnny, please note that you usually won't get a reply when commenting on an answer or question from 7 years ago.
Nevertheless, the OP was looking for a "specific image" which means that he knows where the image element (the <img>) is located on that page.

If you don't know where the <img> element is, you can retrieve all the images with: htmlDocument.DocumentElement.SelectNodes("//img")
Mario Z 12-Apr-19 5:41am View    
Mario Z 22-Sep-17 3:30am View    
Just in case you're interested, there is a known issue with Fictional leap day in the year 1900.
Also Excel files can specify which of the supported two date systems they're using (either 1900 or 1904), see Differences between the 1900 and the 1904 date system in Excel.
Mario Z 17-Aug-17 8:23am View    
Mario Z 15-Nov-16 7:56am View    
First note that Open XML SDK cannot create XLS, only XLSX files.
Second Open XML SDK contains a validator (OpenXmlValidator class) which you can use to validate your XLSX formatted content, in order to get a list of errors (invalid content) that your file has.
Last, instead of using OpenXmlValidator you could use Open XML PowerTools which also provides validation feature, Open XML PowerTools is an application that uses Open XML SDK and it can help you to understand the XLSX file format and how to work with Open XML SDK.