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nortee 2-Sep-19 23:32pm View    
Hi Gerry,

No it's using the machine name. Like I said, it works fine if I switch off the firewall.
nortee 8-Aug-19 17:42pm View    
I do also apologise if the question wasn't as concise as I (or you) would have liked/expected.
nortee 8-Aug-19 17:34pm View    
Hi Gerry,

I cannot thank you enough for your responses. I did find the problem and it was a n00b mistake. And it was with regards to my binding portion. I did not apply the binding to the property I was wanting the converter to adjust accordingly. I have tested my update and now it works as expected:

<somecontrol text="New Action" loaded="BtnSomeAction_Loaded" tooltip="New Action" visibility="{Binding SomeControtrollingProperty Converter={StaticResource canDoSomethingBasedOnUserRights}}">
nortee 8-Aug-19 9:19am View    
Hi Gerry,

The object I am binding to does implement the INotifyPropertyChanged interface.
nortee 27-Nov-15 7:56am View    
Hi Wombaticus,

Thanks for your suggestions. Instead of fighting with all that stuff, I ended up using a third party component that did what I needed it to do.
Thanks once again for your input. It is/was greatly appreciated!