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Comments by Shahan Ayyub (Top 83 by date)

Shahan Ayyub 18-Aug-15 15:36pm View    
@ÃHmed Élkady, This is too much work. You should first break your problem into smaller one and find tutorials on each of them. No one is gonna help you this way.
Shahan Ayyub 31-Dec-14 6:37am View    
Can you please show us how do you do it then in designer ?
Shahan Ayyub 27-Dec-14 20:28pm View    
It is a good advice to use `VirtualMode` property for such cases, but how do you do binding ? For loop ? Have you tried setting `DataSource` property ? `grd.DataSource = dt`
Shahan Ayyub 24-Dec-14 2:06am View    
Can you please clarify on the following:
-Did you check the event do not get register twice ?
-Is 'StartSendingImages' is synchronous process ?
-Why not you empty the `arr_sendkiosk` array when you have already done the sending process so if it comes back, for loop will not work.
Shahan Ayyub 4-Apr-14 12:43pm View    
There is no function `CharW`. Use `ChrW` instead that you are recommending to others. I would prefer just leaving a comment next time if i think answer can be improve, because i think it can be of more helpful rather than mandatory downvoting.