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markovl 1-Mar-13 1:53am View    
What do you mean by not working? Is there an error? Or the script doesn't get called? Or jQuery is not loaded?
There is not enough information in this question as is.
markovl 16-Jan-13 8:14am View    
What you could do is copy the output html of your table after it's been rendered (after the page has loaded use the View Source command of your browser) and paste it in the place of the table in the html I gave you. It may reduce some of the clutter and help you identify the issue faster. If you're not already, I'd suggest you try Firebug with Firefox - it has been a life-saver for me when tracking bugs like that.
markovl 16-Jan-13 7:08am View    
What's up with resurrecting an already resolved question from 1.5 years ago? Why would you do that? Is it points? Is it boredom? What?
markovl 15-Jan-13 4:44am View    
It was only to post SPAM, so I guess they don't care too much :-)
markovl 14-Jan-13 4:34am View    
Hi, I've updated my original solution to include my test page. In the future, please leave your comments and questions below the respective answer - this notifies the person who posted the solution; adding another solution doesn't.