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hansoctantan 29-Oct-18 22:13pm View
love you too.. xD
hansoctantan 7-Sep-17 9:06am View
i actually ignored this functionality on my project, the auto scrolling. thank you very much for your answer. not to mention a sample source code, it really helps. I figured out the problem. when i use Panel.ScrollControlIntoView(control), the Panel is not visible. I guess it it messes up the design.
hansoctantan 7-Aug-17 5:26am View
try this
hansoctantan 31-Mar-16 14:57pm View
nevermind. got an idea with that regex. thanks a lot
hansoctantan 31-Mar-16 14:56pm View
hansoctantan 31-Mar-16 14:48pm View
I use this debugger and it gives me error
hansoctantan 17-Dec-15 5:51am View
All is running. Thanks
hansoctantan 17-Dec-15 4:20am View
i got this in reading config file
File config = new File(System.getProperty("user.dir") + File.separator + "DDCSupport.config");

in servlet and just a class it has a different return so i got the error. thanks
hansoctantan 26-Nov-15 6:43am View
Well if that's the case, screen capture is the best way to do this. Just find a way to make the image fit to viewer.

Thanks anyway..
hansoctantan 26-Nov-15 6:00am View
apturing screen just gives me image on my desktop. what if the image is bigger than its viewer, it will have scroll and capturing the screen will give me a cut image.

tried searching on google and this link has the same question without a solution
hansoctantan 26-Nov-15 6:00am View
capturing screen just gives me image on my desktop. what if the image is bigger than its viewer, it will have scroll and capturing the screen will give me a cut image.

tried searching on google and this link has the same question without a solution
hansoctantan 18-May-15 14:08pm View
I have a VB6 program, in the above code (keyboard hook). I want to convert a keycode to scancode. I don't know how to explain it well. Sorry
hansoctantan 15-May-15 6:47am View
Private Sub TypeInput(ByVal input As String, ByVal wVk As Short)
If (wVk > 0 And wScan > 0) Then
Dim inp As New INPUT
inp.Type = InputType.Keyboard = New KEYBDINPUT = wVk = ConvertToScanCode(wVk) = 0 = KEYEVENTF.KeyDown = IntPtr.Zero
SendInput(1, inp, Marshal.SizeOf(GetType(Input)))
End If
End Sub

just like that
hansoctantan 14-May-15 14:20pm View
i guess this is a similar for what im searching for
Dim kc As KeysConverter = New KeysConverter()
Dim sKey As String = kc.ConvertToString(Keys.O)

instead of string i need to convert that to scancode
hansoctantan 14-May-15 6:29am View
so what should i do is use the SendInput, but every character has a wScan
Keys.Up = 38 and its Scan code is 72. The above code don't have a problem, what I want is not manually check the scancode of a key.
hansoctantan 13-May-15 15:00pm View
need to put scancode to make the code works. thanks
hansoctantan 8-May-15 14:14pm View
Same as sendkeys, it allows [A-Z][0-9] but ENTER and TAB its not.
hansoctantan 2-Apr-15 8:32am View
how can i release the resizedImage when its the return of the method.
This is my 1st time manipulating image in java and 1st time to concern about the memory
hansoctantan 2-Apr-15 6:57am View
the increase is always on scale. sizing up the image, other than that its ok

rotation, even if the condition enters the RenderingHint. memory is ok
hansoctantan 2-Apr-15 6:28am View
I have this function but same, I guess this is the result on enlarging the image
private void clearImage() {
image = null;

private void garbageCollect() {
hansoctantan 2-Apr-15 6:09am View
in these case its normal?
hansoctantan 2-Apr-15 5:32am View
is there a way to release this used memory?
hansoctantan 2-Apr-15 5:22am View
updated my question. hope it helps
hansoctantan 1-Apr-15 10:39am View
But you're answer gives me an idea. I added getters on the parent class

public int getScrollPaneHeight() {
return getHeight();

public int getScrollPaneWidth() {
return getWidth();

hansoctantan 1-Apr-15 10:16am View
The NewClass which is the JScrollPane
hansoctantan 1-Apr-15 10:07am View
is it possible to cast the super?
hansoctantan 1-Apr-15 10:05am View
tried that. syntax error
hansoctantan 13-Mar-15 12:26pm View
thank you very much. really helpful
hansoctantan 13-Mar-15 5:53am View
i have no luck on searching this problem on google
hansoctantan 13-Mar-15 5:34am View
its on the address bar on file system
Browse Network -> Server -> Folder
When displaying the path location that's what I get
I think its the same as \\ in windows
hansoctantan 12-Mar-15 14:38pm View
hansoctantan 12-Mar-15 14:14pm View
i can view the text file on linux web browser
hansoctantan 13-Jan-15 3:37am View
my problem is not the code but the argument/VbScript itself
hansoctantan 13-Jan-15 3:36am View
I would like to get the ">>" as a return in the out.ReadToEnd
hansoctantan 9-Jan-15 5:30am View
thanks, it works
hansoctantan 7-Jan-15 5:44am View
same error
hansoctantan 17-Nov-14 7:27am View
Thanks.. link works perfectly
hansoctantan 5-Sep-14 3:26am View
My code is same as the link, I can now send Data from Client to Server.
What I want it the server will send Data to Client.
hansoctantan 4-Sep-14 14:59pm View
If it needs a server process manipulating database, uploading files etc., try PHP and MYSQL
hansoctantan 4-Sep-14 13:33pm View
thank you very much, the problem is its not the server its the client
Don't have a vbnewLine added on the Write command
hansoctantan 22-Jul-14 13:23pm View
That is a good suggestion, but I'm trying to avoid multiple Bitmaps declaration with same file. I have a sample tiff file that exceed 500 pages, with this I would have a 1000+ pages.
hansoctantan 22-Jul-14 9:09am View
then how can i display the image in picturebox?
hansoctantan 22-Jul-14 9:08am View
then how can i display the image in picturebox?
hansoctantan 29-Apr-14 5:07am View
yup, you're right
found out why, its because of ReadOnly set to TRUE and ShortcutsEnabled set to FALSE
my bad
hansoctantan 25-Apr-14 2:44am View
I want the Form to be used as a User Control or anything as long as I will not add existing item to my new project

Now I'm using that process, creating new project then copy it to the solutions location and add the form

It will be helpful if I can put it in my own reference, which I already have
hansoctantan 11-Apr-14 5:46am View
this question is the same as this
hansoctantan 11-Apr-14 5:41am View
Add a reference to Microsoft.VisualBasic and try to use this
hansoctantan 10-Apr-14 7:45am View
thanks, it works
hansoctantan 12-Feb-14 6:53am View
you can write a code that write all values in immediate window

Dim arr(2) As String
arr(0) = "String1"
arr(1) = "String2"
arr(2) = "String3"
Dim i As Integer
For i = 0 To UBound(arr)
Debug.Print arr(i)
Next i
hansoctantan 12-Feb-14 6:07am View
try using Immediate Window
hansoctantan 23-Jan-14 7:41am View
not to mention I'm adding the codes to frmFind so ME.Left is equal frmFind.Left
hansoctantan 23-Jan-14 7:39am View
i can't just set the form to a random point, its possible that the selected text(find text) is on the top left on the RichTextBox. 0 left and 0 right will cover it.
hansoctantan 21-Jan-14 6:36am View
What I'm thinking is in Image Property there's a button same as selecting a picture in PictureBox
hansoctantan 21-Jan-14 6:06am View
OpenFileDialog is a control, don't know how to put that in a property
hansoctantan 20-Dec-13 9:20am View
ok, thanks
hansoctantan 20-Dec-13 9:06am View
sorry but how can i make my question active.. still my question don't have an answer
hansoctantan 20-Dec-13 6:04am View
I try changing the Scale but failed to make it fit, I try making a conversion that will fit any sizes of tiff even its bigger than A4 size
hansoctantan 8-Oct-13 4:31am View
I just copy your code and it works
hansoctantan 7-Oct-13 6:09am View
I try your code and its working fine
hansoctantan 7-Oct-13 5:19am View
Adding and Updating data in database using java is almost the same, just use UPDATE sql script...
hansoctantan 4-Oct-13 7:31am View
I don't know if this will answer your question...

Dim cmbCol As New DataGridViewComboBoxColumn()
cmbCol.HeaderText = "ColName"

That will add column combobox in grid
hansoctantan 4-Oct-13 7:27am View
what do you mean?
hansoctantan 3-Oct-13 12:08pm View
sure :-)
hansoctantan 3-Oct-13 7:35am View
also the site you given, my browser cant load the images... I don't know why?
hansoctantan 3-Oct-13 7:33am View
you are correct, gif cuts half the size but the quality is bad..
I don't know if what i did is correct change this to Imaging.ImageFormat.Jpeg = Imaging.ImageFormat.Gif
hansoctantan 3-Oct-13 7:30am View
I will try, thanks...
hansoctantan 3-Oct-13 6:33am View
what reference are you using?
When I'm saving data with multiple table I use this
hansoctantan 3-Oct-13 6:29am View
this is just a guess, how about innerHTML, if your tying to put some error message, why not use div
hansoctantan 3-Oct-13 6:15am View
I just updated my question.. Can you please see my codes if its ok... thanks
hansoctantan 10-Sep-13 9:34am View
thank you very much... the Wscript.Shell works
hansoctantan 23-Jul-13 4:25am View
thats the answer for you xD
hansoctantan 19-Jul-13 5:41am View
try using ajax/json for fetching data from database and jquery autocomplete
hansoctantan 5-Jul-13 6:47am View
thank you for your comment, OriginalGriff has the perfect answer
hansoctantan 5-Jul-13 6:44am View
thank you very much, i cant find the extracted files when I'm using the Command Prompt but in, you're right its in the application path

Thanks again
hansoctantan 28-Jun-13 5:33am View
I just do this and it works
WHERE ID = 1593366
This code is just the first script in my SQL and theres a lot more
hansoctantan 24-Jun-13 4:11am View
don't have a choice, can you give me a sample or maybe a tool that can do this?
i don't have an idea how to do this
hansoctantan 21-Jun-13 10:39am View
sorry no
hansoctantan 21-Jun-13 9:01am View
same happens
hansoctantan 21-Jun-13 8:59am View
I also try that and didn't work
hansoctantan 21-Jun-13 8:43am View
I have "" in each path but when I try using your suggestion, it has an error Run-time Error 5 Invalid procedure call or argument.
hansoctantan 24-Apr-13 3:14am View
thank you for your answer but all links are sending emails, not reading..
hansoctantan 23-Apr-13 7:03am View
same, i have no luck finding it
hansoctantan 29-Nov-12 10:57am View
I'm not sure but try changing the z-index
hansoctantan 22-Nov-12 2:35am View
same error occur... :(
hansoctantan 9-Nov-12 8:31am View
It really works
Thanks a lot...
hansoctantan 9-Nov-12 8:24am View
I will try it... Thanks
hansoctantan 9-Oct-12 4:18am View
that reference is already added to my project but same happens
hansoctantan 8-Oct-12 11:50am View
What did you mean same versions?
I just add this reference to my Project "Microsoft ADO Ext. 2.8 for DLL and Security"
hansoctantan 6-Aug-12 7:46am View
I try using different termination character (\n, \r, \r\n, \n\r, \r\n\r) but still same happened...
hansoctantan 3-Aug-12 3:41am View
this "\r\n"...?
hansoctantan 31-Jul-12 6:07am View
same happens..
hansoctantan 27-Jun-12 8:14am View
Yes it successfully downloaded the file in mozilla browser manually...
hansoctantan 27-Jun-12 8:09am View
and yes I get a runtime error
hansoctantan 27-Jun-12 8:05am View
I will try it...
hansoctantan 27-Jun-12 8:01am View
I will try it...
hansoctantan 8-Jun-12 5:11am View
This is just a suggestion...
How about try putting a global boolean variable then
When textbox has GotFocus make that variable true
If user Click on dialog box execute the function
OnBlur on textbox make the variable false
hansoctantan 8-Jun-12 5:01am View
got a point there...
hansoctantan 21-May-12 11:30am View
How about try using a server side language, its more safer that way.
Also you can't export files if the browsers javascript is disable.
hansoctantan 15-May-12 7:24am View
Sorry but I think I can't use this code because I'm using a Web based Application...
hansoctantan 15-May-12 7:23am View
Also this but it wont work...
hansoctantan 15-May-12 7:22am View
I have try the
but it only opens the pdf using the Adobe Reader.. All I want to do is open the pdf file within the browser...
hansoctantan 14-Mar-12 11:07am View
hey this is the same with this
hansoctantan 1-Mar-12 10:37am View
this is not JAVA, its ASP.NET
hansoctantan 1-Mar-12 5:42am View
I'm finding a way to convert DOC to PDF but all I find is code that has error...
hansoctantan 1-Mar-12 1:56am View
That's a good suggestion but I want to display the DOC File to a Web Page so that user can only view the Doc File without the function to modify.
hansoctantan 14-Feb-12 2:25am View
I don't know if you can do that but are you sure image to text, not text to image?
hansoctantan 14-Feb-12 2:01am View
I tried this and same just happened...
hansoctantan 13-Dec-11 2:39am View
I'm really sorry but I really don't know..
hansoctantan 9-Dec-11 4:07am View
the program execute this MsgBox "Error occurred " & lRet & " (this is probably a proxy server error).", vbCritical + vbOKOnly, "Error while Downloading"
hansoctantan 10-Nov-11 3:02am View
try textarea instead of textbox
hansoctantan 8-Oct-11 10:49am View
I have a global variable declare, 3 FtpWebRequest, 3 FtpWebResponse each one for each BackgroundWorker. Also I use different functions for each BackgroundWorker too so I can't change anything to the other BackgroundWorker.
hansoctantan 3-Oct-11 1:23am View
Actually this question has been answered months ago but still thanks for your post, I appreciate it.
hansoctantan 21-Sep-11 4:57am View
I'm afraid that something went wrong if I try that solution.
hansoctantan 21-Sep-11 4:56am View
Also in the second solution is the computer safe if I do that?
hansoctantan 21-Sep-11 4:55am View
In the first solution I can't find this Project Menu. Is this in VB.NET 2005?
hansoctantan 21-Sep-11 3:45am View
I have this in my application path Interop.Excel.dll
hansoctantan 14-Sep-11 6:44am View
I really don't know why this happens, I try downloading the url in this web page and it works fine.
hansoctantan 8-Sep-11 6:54am View
What do you mean reapplying indexes?
hansoctantan 24-Jun-11 10:27am View
thanks a lot, it works...
hansoctantan 13-Jun-11 1:57am View
This "ServicePointManager.CertificatePolicy"
'Public Shared Property CertificatePolicy() As System.Net.ICertificatePolicy' is obsolete: 'CertificatePolicy is obsolete type, please use ServerClientValidationCallback instead.'
hansoctantan 10-Jun-11 6:39am View
Error. . .
ServicePointManager.CertificatePolicy = objCertificatePolicy
How can I fix it
hansoctantan 10-Jun-11 2:11am View
what did you mean?
hansoctantan 10-Jun-11 2:03am View
yes, when I logged in I can download the image. Same happen when no user is logged in, I can view the image but when I save the image 0 byte is downloaded.
hansoctantan 9-Jun-11 2:15am View
yes, you must login first before downloading a file(in manual using a Browser), but same happens when I login and try to download using my program, don't know whats wrong with it.
hansoctantan 8-Jun-11 9:41am View
waray upay nga answer
hansoctantan 7-Jun-11 2:42am View
I don't know if this is what your looking for...
hansoctantan 7-Jun-11 2:00am View
yah, I'm using Eudora, its installed in my computer. Eudora is same as Outlook
hansoctantan 6-Jun-11 2:07am View
hansoctantan 4-Jun-11 4:06am View
javascript??? how about use PHP or you can use AJAX
hansoctantan 3-Jun-11 10:11am View
I get it now, before downloading I must use
reqFTP.Method = WebRequestMethods.Ftp.GetFileSize
then the "response.ContentLength" will show its file size

Am I Right???
hansoctantan 3-Jun-11 9:55am View
When I'm using
Const GetFileSize As String = WebRequestMethods.Ftp.GetFileSize
The result is "SIZE".
hansoctantan 2-Jun-11 7:04am View
thank you very much, code has run
hansoctantan 3-Mar-11 19:55pm View