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santosh.yadav198613 21-Oct-16 11:54am View
Try calling action from Rest Client and check what you are missing
santosh.yadav198613 17-Oct-16 9:37am View
No idea what your api suggests, but in most of the cases you need to POST this using webreqest.
santosh.yadav198613 17-Oct-16 9:35am View
you can refer below template
type: "POST",
url: url,
data: data,
success: success,
dataType: dataType
santosh.yadav198613 17-Oct-16 7:01am View
Check this of it helps
santosh.yadav198613 16-May-16 10:05am View
It can be done by adding custom headers, if you are using MVC you can add your own attribute to avoid this.
santosh.yadav198613 16-May-16 10:01am View
Without controller it will not work, another way is you can use Attribute Routing.
santosh.yadav198613 16-May-16 9:05am View
Thanks, did it by mistake.. Will do the same..
santosh.yadav198613 16-Jan-15 13:22pm View
What did you tried so far.
santosh.yadav198613 15-Jan-15 7:55am View
Please find the sample, the datasets contains the tables, you need to just define the index of datatable which you want to read.

using (SqlClient sa = new SqlClient(constring))
op = sa.GetDataSet(new StringBuilder("[dbo].[usp_getData]"), CommandType.StoredProcedure);

if (op.Success && op.Data != null)
banksList = (from b in op.Data.Tables[0].AsEnumerable()
select new EBank
BankName = (b.Field<string>("Key") ,
ProgramId = b.Field<int>("value")


Let me know if any more help is required.
santosh.yadav198613 15-Jan-15 6:57am View
Below is the sample code , and you are right you need to get datatable.
using (SqlClient sa = new SqlClient(constring))
op = sa.GetDataTable(new StringBuilder("[dbo].[usp_GetData]"), CommandType.StoredProcedure);

if (op.Success && op.Data != null)
banksList = (from b in op.Data.AsEnumerable()
select new EBank
BankName = (b.Field<string>("Key"),
ProgramId = b.Field<int>("Value")

santosh.yadav198613 15-Jan-15 6:01am View
oops sorry did it by mistake.
santosh.yadav198613 15-Jan-15 5:58am View use this dll into your dataaccesslayer to support IEnumerable.