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grmihel2 27-Feb-12 7:28am View    
Thanks for the tip, I'm quiet sure it will be handy once I break the hard learning curve of getting started :)
grmihel2 27-Feb-12 7:27am View    
Thanks for your links.
But its kinda hard for me to relate the, AJAX, JS etc. examples to WPF programming, since the app structure is rather different, and I ain't that experienced in yet :(

Another thing is, that I can't figures how ( gets the
[code]protected GMap gMap;[/code]
reference? It ain't described if it is a imported DLL or a WebReference and so on, which is hard for me to figure out since I'm still this inexperienced in implementing services such as GMap.
I'm still missing the reference basics?

In my case I have a WPF solution where the map will be shown in a WebBrowser element.