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BobbyStrain 14-Mar-23 16:13pm View    
That's tough. I wonder why Norton can sell this junk. And for a hefty price. I cancelled my antivirus subscription. Do I need anything but Windows Defender and MalwareBytes?
BobbyStrain 14-Mar-23 12:29pm View    
Dave, I know which image it is. But it has worked for 15+ years. And still works on my laptop with VS 2019. I cleaned my laptop with the same Norton Utility. Except I did not clean the register. I have lots of images where the faulty one comes from, and I replaced the image with a different one from the same place. And it caused the same error. I tried another that I built and it worked OK. It's still a puzzle. I believe there is still a corrupted register entry left from the Norton fiasco.
BobbyStrain 14-Mar-23 11:29am View    
I spoke too soon. The library is no longer a problem. But there is an image which invokes the following: "A generic error occurred in GDI+". And the project won't load. But the project works fine on my laptop. There are other images on the forms and they give no problem. So, there is still some corruption. The image is loaded into a PictureBox. I deleted it and tried a Label with the image. Same result. I found lots of discussion on the web, but no solutions. Seems that all the problems are some corrupt file. Since it works without the image, I may still be able to use my desktop for building projects.
BobbyStrain 11-Mar-23 23:20pm View    
Dave, all the problems were caused by Norton Utilities. Running its cleanup wreaked havoc with lots of things. Among them was VS 2017 would not load. That's when I uninstalled it an installed VS 2022. And the problem occurred here. After trying lots of stuff to correct the problem I had no success. Then I found a program called REVO. I uninstalled VS 2022 with it. Then successfully installed VS 2019 Community. My project now works fine; no problem loading the library. I suspect that all attempts before using REVO left behind some corrupted file when I installed VS 2022. Several other applications were also wrecked. REVO remedied that on one application. I uninstalled Office 2007 and installed Office 2019 that cost $20. I don't yet know what damage is lurking. Thanks again for your help.
BobbyStrain 11-Mar-23 21:28pm View    
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