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Comments by Albin Abel (Top 200 by date)

Albin Abel 3-Dec-11 4:00am View    
Hi Change your path here
bmp = new Bitmap(Application.StartupPath + "//test.jpg");

and here...if (System.IO.File.Exists(Application.StartupPath + "//test.jpg") != true)

Better have a path variable string path="....."; and then use it in the required places. Regards

Albin Abel 19-May-11 7:39am View    
Forgot to add the server tansfer won't work properly with IIS7 integrated pipeline mode. You may need to use TransferRequest instead.
Albin Abel 19-May-11 6:35am View    
Needs more information about are these assemblies runs in the same process or different, same domain or different. Also little more explanation of the task you are trying to achieve. Thanks
Albin Abel 19-May-11 6:02am View    
This question you are pointing to whom? Whatever it is "YourApplogin" is simply an identity for the cookie, just to identify the particular cookie from other cookies. It can be any name
Albin Abel 19-May-11 4:56am View    
Thanks Espen Harlinn