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Comments by raju dasa (Top 5 by date)

raju dasa 26-Sep-13 6:07am View    
He wanted to save memory (object be serialized), so that he can later recreate it on demand, thats what i understood. If thats not the case, it atleast gives him an idea.
raju dasa 4-Jan-12 12:54pm View    
Nice trick!!
raju dasa 25-Dec-11 11:42am View    
I usually use it for URL selection from URL bar, i wont count how many times i click. Thanks for sharing!
raju dasa 2-Dec-11 14:08pm View    
Nice one! I too tried with CSS3 and Canvas.
raju dasa 17-Jul-11 6:14am View    
Reason for my vote of 2
I think it shouldn't be called popup, since its doing a postback(sync).