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wizardzz 18-Jul-16 14:41pm View
Thanks, I will do. It looks like this is possible by calling C# via node.js using AWS Lambda. Unfortunately, it might not work with some of the 3rd party libraries I use.
wizardzz 18-Jul-16 14:17pm View
I thought that AWS was able to kick off worker tasks/scripts in say ruby or java?
wizardzz 18-Jul-16 13:38pm View
Amazon Web Services. My understanding is that you can use AWS to kick off an exe that is not a web service? Let's say, for example, I write a c# console application that I run to parse data from an xml file on a website, and output that data to db or file, etc. And I want to call that job every hour.
wizardzz 1-Mar-16 10:00am View
Are you able to try regex to split the columns? Is the data space or tab delimited when you read it to a string?
wizardzz 20-May-15 17:06pm View
I will shortly.
wizardzz 20-May-15 16:44pm View
thx, im going to delete this thread then.
wizardzz 20-May-15 16:44pm View
To recreate tests and recreate bad runs, etc. The database has stored the commandline parameters used by every run in the form of a single string, and it's provided via stored proc as a single string and this isn't likely to change.
This way a failed job can be directly kicked off via our website, pull the commands used by the last run, and use those commands.
It sounds weird, but the short answer is: legacy.
wizardzz 20-May-15 16:07pm View
To recreate tests and recreate bad runs, etc. The database has stored the commandline parameters used by every run in the form of a single string, and it's provided via stored proc as a single string and this isn't likely to change.
This way a failed job can be directly kicked off via our website, pull the commands used by the last run, and use those commands.
It sounds weird, but the short answer is: legacy.
wizardzz 9-Aug-13 15:01pm View
Thanks Griff, totally overlooked! Not sure why, but I thought that was something else! Face meet palm.
wizardzz 17-Apr-13 12:13pm View
Do you comment every time you downvote, too?
wizardzz 27-Mar-13 21:43pm View
Wouldn't the 3rd object you suggest keep non logic code out of the 2 existing classes?
wizardzz 27-Mar-13 16:31pm View
Why do they feel the Business Object would be unmanageable? I don't really understand their argument.
wizardzz 21-Mar-13 10:31am View
That was my input. I'm not a servant. I'm not being paid to research an answer for you. Go ask your company for the license. If they bought it, they have it.
wizardzz 19-Mar-13 15:58pm View
What part are you stuck on?
wizardzz 13-Feb-13 10:20am View
Hi Alan, I see that in your main() example code there is no += subscription to an event. However in the sample code after the jump, I see a line:
// Install handler
_handler += new EventHandler(Handler);
However, I don't know what _handler is supposed to be. As it is, your code doesn't work without the subscription part. I'll keep looking into it, thank you.
wizardzz 13-Feb-13 10:00am View
I'm going to try this right now.
wizardzz 12-Feb-13 21:50pm View
I started going that route as a backup. Unfortunately, the Job Manager is often called via bat file that redirects the console output to a log. I could still make it work, but due to pressure from people running the application, have put that approach on hold.
wizardzz 12-Feb-13 19:27pm View
Thank you. I tried to 5 vote, but clicked 4, and dont seem to be able to change it to 5. =(
wizardzz 12-Feb-13 19:15pm View
Yeah, literally clicking X on the console window of the Job Manager.
wizardzz 27-Dec-12 14:03pm View
Very incomplete, what are you trying to do exactly?
wizardzz 27-Dec-12 11:32am View
You can try posting here:
wizardzz 27-Dec-12 11:31am View
There is a proper section though. It might not be software, but someone could help in the business forum.
wizardzz 13-Dec-12 17:26pm View
Thanks Sergey.
wizardzz 5-Dec-12 11:41am View
This is a largely English speaking site. It might be wise to put your title in the language of your question, or use an online translator to put your question in English.
wizardzz 4-Dec-12 16:52pm View
I meant by "inputsource" as your check, assuming it returns boolean (that is what I interpreted by a check). Just put a sleep in the while loop.
wizardzz 4-Dec-12 12:37pm View
You were trying to help, no mistake by you.

You probably did end up helping him, so karma points!
wizardzz 4-Dec-12 12:12pm View
Richard, it is great that you answered. However, I do suggest that you look at the OP's previous 4 questions in QA, before interpreting what he wants. He is a habitual gimmecode'r and I was simply asking him to define the problem he had.
wizardzz 4-Dec-12 12:03pm View
Richard, did you, uh, did you read the title of the post?
wizardzz 4-Dec-12 11:44am View
You're right, it's a gimmecode, not actual help situation.
wizardzz 4-Dec-12 10:31am View
This isn't even a question. What do you need help with?
wizardzz 4-Dec-12 10:31am View
What part of this are you stuck on?
wizardzz 27-Nov-12 10:32am View
What part are you stuck on?
wizardzz 21-Nov-12 17:58pm View
You are using a webresponse, and reading it into a StreamReader from a Stream. Calling readtoend() on the StreamReader is returning a string.

You are doing that in these 3 lines of code:
WebResponse resp = req.GetResponse();
StreamReader sr = new StreamReader(resp.GetResponseStream());
return sr.ReadToEnd().Trim();
wizardzz 13-Nov-12 17:55pm View
This should be posted as a reply to Solution #1, it is not an answer.
wizardzz 7-Nov-12 9:59am View
Okay, I get it, what part are you stuck on?
wizardzz 7-Nov-12 9:54am View
I'm suspecting context switches to be a big part of this.
wizardzz 5-Nov-12 22:31pm View
I can't figure out your question.
wizardzz 5-Nov-12 15:43pm View
Out of curiosity, how many cores does the cpu have?
wizardzz 31-Oct-12 15:02pm View
I see your point about links, etc.

One reason it could matter: The question no longer shows up in the "unanswered question" filter. This is kind of misleading since it wasn't really provided with an answer. That's probably the only concern.
wizardzz 31-Oct-12 14:27pm View
Does common make it right?
There is a section "Have a Question or Comment?" It seems this would fit there.
wizardzz 31-Oct-12 11:40am View
This isn't exactly an answer now is it?
wizardzz 31-Oct-12 11:39am View
About $20,000 in salary.
wizardzz 31-Oct-12 11:37am View
Could you possibly include the queries that work and don't work?
wizardzz 23-Oct-12 13:24pm View
Thank you for the format fix Marcus
wizardzz 23-Oct-12 13:24pm View
I'll reply here instead of the comment. I was using RestSharp and having it automatically deserialize by providing a type to deserialize to. I'm going to try with a generic response from Restsharps's client.execute() now. Thank you, I will check out FastJSON.
wizardzz 10-Oct-12 15:27pm View
Honestly, I don't see it as ad-hoc. It's time series data with summary statistics.
wizardzz 10-Oct-12 14:13pm View
" Dealing with ad-hoc data and file format, in ad-hoc manner, with ad-hoc requirements and changes in requirements…"
I don't exactly see where he is saying this?
wizardzz 8-Oct-12 12:31pm View
Have you tried anything yet? What are you stuck on? Are you expecting the community to do all of the work for you?
wizardzz 3-Oct-12 10:43am View
You might find an answer on a Kinect forum, but CPians are pretty helpful, too.
wizardzz 12-Sep-12 17:06pm View
I agree with you.
wizardzz 9-Aug-12 14:22pm View
Just one way: Load from Database to a 'working' list that they are selected and removed from, reload the list every week.

Or once selected, add to list. Then only select from database if not included in 'used' list.

There are many ways to do this.
wizardzz 7-Aug-12 15:49pm View
I did not downvote this, but it should be a comment, not solution.
wizardzz 26-Jul-12 14:17pm View
Great question. Since it isn't necessarily a programming question, you could probably ask this in the Lounge and good a plethora of good and sarcastic responses.
wizardzz 23-Jul-12 15:16pm View
Yes, please describe what you are writing this on/for?
wizardzz 19-Jul-12 14:18pm View
Why can't you validate? What are you stuck on?
wizardzz 28-Jun-12 14:35pm View
Yeah, no idea if the poster means replication instead of synchronization. Might not even know what replication is.
wizardzz 28-Jun-12 11:46am View
wizardzz 27-Jun-12 10:36am View
Why the f*** was this downvoted? It is literally what SAK ended up recommending after my post, except I didn't feel the need to explain it in detail, AS IT IS SO SIMPLE I assumed the OP could figure out how to use a standard .NET object that is fully documented in msdn. I pointed him in the right direction, which last I checked, is a valid answer.
wizardzz 12-Jun-12 10:47am View
Not exactly sure what you are stuck on?
wizardzz 11-Jun-12 12:23pm View
Are you trying to keep the same format as the pdf?
wizardzz 16-May-12 16:42pm View
I would contact the author of the project via the project's message board.
wizardzz 16-May-12 16:40pm View
This reaaally sounds like homework. What are you stuck on? It sounds like you just want code...
wizardzz 15-May-12 14:06pm View
I have no idea what you are talking about.
wizardzz 9-May-12 13:20pm View
wizardzz 8-May-12 13:23pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
5 for offering to post tip or article. Thank you.
wizardzz 8-May-12 13:22pm View
Should we just start deleting these questions?
wizardzz 8-May-12 13:20pm View
Watch out, some of these students bite back!
wizardzz 8-May-12 11:36am View
Hi BB, you're welcome. Glad you are not stuck. This isn't really a solution though.
wizardzz 7-May-12 14:51pm View
What is the actual problem, do you get an error?
wizardzz 7-May-12 13:28pm View
Reason for my vote of 1
What is the actual problem you are having?
wizardzz 4-May-12 17:03pm View
Something changes obviously, what changed?
wizardzz 3-May-12 12:56pm View
I have no idea what you are asking.
wizardzz 3-May-12 12:56pm View
Reason for my vote of 1
Please let us know what your specific errors are.
wizardzz 3-May-12 9:41am View
If you bothered to actually read the solution and understand it, you would realize that I stated that many search engines share how they choose to do page ranking. Also, I can comment and answer as I wish as long as it does not violate the site's rules.
wizardzz 2-May-12 16:51pm View
Let us know if you are stuck on a certain part of the problem.
wizardzz 2-May-12 10:41am View
What exactly is your question?
wizardzz 1-May-12 11:21am View
This is extremely simply, have you done any work, or tried anything so far?
wizardzz 1-May-12 10:59am View
Edited to clarify "Thanks" from armored cavalry.
wizardzz 30-Apr-12 16:19pm View
I don't see why this was downvoted.
wizardzz 30-Apr-12 12:46pm View
Yeah, that's your opinion.
wizardzz 30-Apr-12 12:15pm View
Cool. Your question isn't exactly clear though. You can use many, many patterns in C#.
wizardzz 27-Apr-12 17:50pm View
If it helped, can you mark my answer as Accepted please?
wizardzz 27-Apr-12 17:42pm View
if you know there will only be one dot (meaning you are trimming from numerical value), than you can check my updated answer.
wizardzz 27-Apr-12 16:02pm View
Sounds odd, possible hw?
wizardzz 27-Apr-12 15:28pm View
Let us know if and when you are stuck on something, it will be easier to help you then.
wizardzz 27-Apr-12 15:26pm View
You should pose a question when you get stuck on something specific, until then, well and even then, your friend is Google.
wizardzz 27-Apr-12 11:37am View
This will be easier to help with if you provide some code.
wizardzz 26-Apr-12 16:38pm View
Stop replying to your own post. We don't care how urgent it is. We answer for free, on our time. You posted this 11 minutes ago, what do you expect people to do? You provided a ton of code and it would take that long to even read it. Also, why are you talking in text speak?
wizardzz 26-Apr-12 15:51pm View
Just tell us what your stuck on, we need details.
wizardzz 25-Apr-12 17:35pm View
That was an odd piece of code, but good job setting them right.
wizardzz 25-Apr-12 16:41pm View
Yeah, what is your question really?
wizardzz 25-Apr-12 14:34pm View
wizardzz 24-Apr-12 15:36pm View
What are you asking?
wizardzz 24-Apr-12 14:51pm View
He doesn't know how to, or if he can, I think.
wizardzz 23-Apr-12 13:18pm View
Post your question here.
wizardzz 20-Apr-12 17:20pm View
What are the errors on the bottom of the setup page as it is telling you to check?
wizardzz 20-Apr-12 12:21pm View
Fixed spelling.
wizardzz 19-Apr-12 12:04pm View
No an answer, please post as comment to Henning's solution.
wizardzz 17-Apr-12 15:40pm View
I don't have much experience doing this in PHP/Javascript unfortunately, most of the time I write a script or stand alone app to do it.
wizardzz 17-Apr-12 13:01pm View
You must have a lot of free time SAK.
wizardzz 17-Apr-12 12:28pm View
What are you asking? That is incredibly vague.
wizardzz 14-Apr-12 12:25pm View
Ah, yes.
wizardzz 13-Apr-12 14:17pm View
Yes, that sounds about right, in logic, didn't look at your code though.
wizardzz 13-Apr-12 14:16pm View
Edit your question, don't post as answer.
wizardzz 13-Apr-12 14:15pm View
Nice question.
wizardzz 12-Apr-12 12:08pm View
Please don't hurt yourself Frank.
wizardzz 12-Apr-12 11:45am View
Um, this should be simple for anyone who is familiar with logic, or the use of their brain. What have you tried? I feel this is only HW. Goodluck keeping a real job.
wizardzz 12-Apr-12 11:28am View
I would place your question in the spot for questions and use the title to describe the question.
wizardzz 11-Apr-12 18:09pm View
This is a repost. Don't do that.
wizardzz 11-Apr-12 15:57pm View
Sounds like homework, please try to do some work before asking for help.
wizardzz 10-Apr-12 18:25pm View
Yes, but you bothered to mention the UdpListener part. I knew that, but left it out to avoid potentially confusing the poster.
wizardzz 10-Apr-12 18:25pm View
Yes, but you bothered to mention the UdpListener part. I knew that, but left it out to avoid potentially confusing the poster.
wizardzz 10-Apr-12 18:21pm View
What have you tried? Nobody will provide you with a total solution.
wizardzz 10-Apr-12 18:17pm View
Have you looked anything up on google first?
wizardzz 10-Apr-12 13:40pm View
What is your actual issue?
wizardzz 10-Apr-12 13:38pm View
Very unclear. Sounds like hw, too.
wizardzz 10-Apr-12 13:34pm View
I'm with SAK, what are you expecting? Free custom modified code?
wizardzz 9-Apr-12 12:57pm View
Can you ping the server?
wizardzz 5-Apr-12 16:44pm View
Sounds like homework.
wizardzz 5-Apr-12 14:31pm View
Please provide more information so we can help. What are you doing?
wizardzz 5-Apr-12 11:16am View
Please don't tell us that a problem is "Urgent"
This will be interpreted by some, if not most, of us answering to assume there is a lack of foresight, and a bit of getting involved in something over your head.
wizardzz 3-Apr-12 17:52pm View
You should update your question with this info.
wizardzz 3-Apr-12 15:04pm View
Umm, have you started on anything, do you know PHP?
wizardzz 2-Apr-12 17:35pm View
Have you considered writing your own?
wizardzz 2-Apr-12 17:34pm View
This wouldn't happen to be for a job interview would it?
wizardzz 2-Apr-12 15:18pm View
Looks like HW to me.
wizardzz 30-Mar-12 11:36am View
Added code tags.
wizardzz 30-Mar-12 10:52am View
This should be posted as a comment to bacm's solution, not a separate solution.
wizardzz 30-Mar-12 10:48am View
You aren't psychic?
wizardzz 29-Mar-12 17:37pm View
What's the exception and what does your code look like when calling it?
wizardzz 29-Mar-12 14:16pm View
wizardzz 28-Mar-12 16:48pm View
Sounds like the file your page is referencing is not the same one you are updating.
wizardzz 28-Mar-12 16:47pm View
This sounds like an educational competition that I have seen around. What microcontroller have you decided upon? I would try forums related to the controller, though there are many people on here that can help. What part are you stuck on exactly?
wizardzz 28-Mar-12 14:40pm View
Have you tried google?
wizardzz 28-Mar-12 14:39pm View
What seems to be your issue? Are you having trouble with a config file?
wizardzz 28-Mar-12 12:11pm View
You might want to try posting your code.
wizardzz 28-Mar-12 11:44am View
What is the question, sir?
wizardzz 27-Mar-12 16:40pm View
What have you tried?
wizardzz 27-Mar-12 16:39pm View
What have you tried?
wizardzz 27-Mar-12 16:38pm View
Please explain your "problem".
wizardzz 27-Mar-12 16:09pm View
I would let your boss know this.
wizardzz 27-Mar-12 16:08pm View
Sounds easy, know how to use a loop, a timer, a thread?
wizardzz 27-Mar-12 16:07pm View
User has been reposting same unclear question.
wizardzz 27-Mar-12 16:06pm View
Stop reposting.
wizardzz 27-Mar-12 16:06pm View
What... are... you asking?
wizardzz 27-Mar-12 13:41pm View
Your question is vague and doesn't match the title of post.
wizardzz 26-Mar-12 13:08pm View
That's nice, but other people stumbling across this post looking for an answer may assume it was never solved.
wizardzz 26-Mar-12 12:55pm View
Led, you should post this as an answer.
wizardzz 26-Mar-12 11:41am View
Glenn, you should post this as a comment to proenggsoft's answer not a solution.
wizardzz 26-Mar-12 11:30am View
Not sure what you are stuck on? What do you meant by count? It doesn't seem to be the right term here.
wizardzz 23-Mar-12 16:52pm View
Not if you are using the internet to cheat on HW.
wizardzz 23-Mar-12 16:51pm View
wizardzz 23-Mar-12 16:49pm View
What have you done so far? You should just Google "using Access and VB". This seems to be a straightforward application. Post back here when you have a more specific problem.
wizardzz 23-Mar-12 15:01pm View
This is easily google-able.
wizardzz 22-Mar-12 14:41pm View
Ugh, I don't know how it could be, but I suspect homework... Ugh.
wizardzz 22-Mar-12 13:55pm View
Must be homework season.
wizardzz 22-Mar-12 13:36pm View
I wonder if OP tried Google.
wizardzz 21-Mar-12 17:43pm View
I would put this as an answer.
wizardzz 21-Mar-12 13:55pm View
What instrument, what exactly are you trying to do?
wizardzz 20-Mar-12 22:45pm View
What have you tried? What are you stuck on?
wizardzz 20-Mar-12 22:45pm View
respond using a comment, not as a solution.
wizardzz 19-Mar-12 12:51pm View
Sounds like homework.
wizardzz 15-Mar-12 10:18am View
It concerns me that you have split your answer 3 ways. I think it makes the solutions section look a little sloppy, and I feel that I may not be alone in this.
wizardzz 13-Mar-12 16:41pm View
I don't know about you're C# requirement, but PerfMon works.
wizardzz 13-Mar-12 12:14pm View
Are your months separate columns or, as I assume, rows? Are they strings or date values?
wizardzz 9-Mar-12 16:48pm View
If using 3rd party hardware, I would try their forums.
wizardzz 9-Mar-12 10:38am View
You should probably post the error.
wizardzz 8-Mar-12 13:34pm View
wizardzz 8-Mar-12 13:33pm View
Looks like homework.
wizardzz 8-Mar-12 11:59am View
If I go to a comic site, click to see the latest strip, then bookmark it. I would hope the bookmark would save the link to the specific comic. I hate when bookmarks link to the dynamic page. Just put your latest comic on your front site. If someone bookmarks the front site, they will always get the latest strip.
wizardzz 7-Mar-12 15:04pm View
Anyone up to the challenge to solve offline password renewal?
wizardzz 6-Mar-12 10:32am View
Well, what part are you stuck on specifically? What have you thought of so far?
wizardzz 28-Feb-12 17:39pm View
Are you missing a 'from' before your most inner nested 'select new' ?

let valuesAtt = deviceIndex.Element("Values").Elements("Value").Attributes("Id")
select new
wizardzz 28-Feb-12 15:32pm View
Sorry, but I'm not exactly sure why the control even makes a difference here?
wizardzz 27-Feb-12 16:59pm View
Look at SAK's suggestion then.
wizardzz 27-Feb-12 16:58pm View
Then try List<List<list<string>>>. Then List [][] will give you a List. If I understand what you want.
wizardzz 27-Feb-12 16:55pm View
I'm with Ryan, please follow through with your 3rd party provider, vintasoft. They may even have their own forums.
wizardzz 27-Feb-12 15:55pm View
Nevermind, my bad.
wizardzz 27-Feb-12 15:39pm View
I think you might want to use Group By?
wizardzz 27-Feb-12 15:38pm View
It might not be a google search per say, but if someone pastes it into the universal search/url bar in chrome with a trailing " google might try to use that as a url.

Can you conduct an experiment and actually try this to see if you see the error?
wizardzz 27-Feb-12 14:50pm View
Tried to clarify your problem in the title.
wizardzz 27-Feb-12 14:29pm View
Just a headsup, you can reply directly to enhzflep's comment by hitting the reply button on the right side of his post.
wizardzz 27-Feb-12 11:00am View
You could do it with event handlers, but that's still threading. Why is the radius value an infinite loop? Can't you just call a calculate radius function from the sphere growing loop?
wizardzz 24-Feb-12 16:09pm View
This seems odd, is there code left out?
wizardzz 24-Feb-12 15:34pm View
So, to clarify, you ARE writing the password to the input stream before calling p.WaitForExit()?
wizardzz 24-Feb-12 15:03pm View
You confused me with this statement; "But I want to provide these informations over the standart input stream!" I'm trying to help, but you don't seem to know how to redirect an input stream. Did you even look at my link? Have you set a StreamWriter to the process's StandardInput?
wizardzz 23-Feb-12 17:00pm View
not very clear still.
wizardzz 22-Feb-12 16:35pm View
I completely agree Edward, but can't vote a comment up unfortunately. Invisible +5 for you!
wizardzz 17-Feb-12 11:30am View
Report this, he ended up reposting the question later on instead of editing this one.
wizardzz 17-Feb-12 11:28am View
Sounds like homework.
wizardzz 31-Jan-12 13:38pm View
Hi Ben, could you provide any code?
wizardzz 16-Jan-12 3:55am View
Have you considered using event based code for this?
wizardzz 15-Jan-12 23:55pm View
wizardzz 11-Jan-12 23:45pm View
Tony, have you considered a loop?
wizardzz 11-Jan-12 23:42pm View
Reported, too.
wizardzz 11-Jan-12 21:37pm View
I think I know what the OP is after. Think of a control like the one Araxis Merge uses. 2 text windows, one slider.
wizardzz 6-Dec-11 21:02pm View
Actually given the purpose of his program, a while loop is fine. A while loop or recursion could work. I wouldn't sat remove it though, just make sure the user's input is read into i, and that the loop has an escape (invalid i value or '0')
wizardzz 6-Dec-11 21:01pm View
Well, I think you should read the user's input and set the value of i accordingly. Otherwise i will be 0 and never change. I don't see it changing anywhere.
wizardzz 6-Dec-11 20:58pm View
Also, the else in the while loop doesn't escape the loop or program or change the value of i, this could be dangerous.
wizardzz 6-Dec-11 20:57pm View
I know, I wasn't sure if the code provided was the exact code from the app. You are right, I addressed it in a reply to a different comment by the OP 4 minutes before your post ; )