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lampiclobe 9-Dec-14 0:21am View
Years has passed! Oh my goodness..You'Re right balajitk. You should add references to the dlls you underlined
lampiclobe 20-Jun-11 14:51pm View
I updated solution. Thanks indeed.
lampiclobe 20-Jun-11 4:54am View
You're welcome sanjeewabdissa. I added AddProperty(string, string, object) method to my solution. You can now use : p.AddProperty("System.String", "Weight", "70 kg."); string w = p.Weight;
lampiclobe 17-Jun-11 11:50am View
you'd better look at this link:
lampiclobe 14-Jun-11 8:20am View
Hi sanjeewabdissa
Now i see.
You want to add new properties as text based. Rereferencing the DynamicDictionaty Class here is your solution:
Add these lines to the end of the Person Class i gave above:
public void AddProperty(string propertyName, object anyValue=null)
dictionary[propertyName.ToLower()] = anyValue;

Hope have been helpful.
lampiclobe 13-Jun-11 7:50am View
Sorry for taking your question wrong.
Implement your class like this:
<pre lang="cs">
class Person : DynamicDictionary
public string Dob;
publis string Address;
//Now you can use it anywhere like this:
public static int Main(string[] args)
Person p = new Person();
p.Address = "Some Address"; //existing property
p.Manager = "Bob Wilkinson" //new property

Note:DynamicDictionary class is the class in MSDN link you gave.
lampiclobe 8-May-11 11:19am View
truly understanded question as well as answer. I voted 5.