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Comments by shijuse (Top 32 by date)

shijuse 31-Oct-14 11:00am View
Can you give some more explanation about your issue ?
shijuse 31-Oct-14 10:54am View
can u share the code ?
shijuse 18-Sep-14 11:15am View
In the page directive set EnableEventValidation="fase" and try
shijuse 16-Sep-14 4:56am View
Please use any querybuilder tool,which is easy for you
shijuse 16-Sep-14 3:18am View
May be its have some permission issue
shijuse 12-Oct-12 5:24am View
your question is not specific as we can access a SharePoint site from any machine in a network provided(http://servername or IP).
if you need to get in another IP name create an Alternate Access Mapping in the Central Admin.
shijuse 2-Aug-12 7:24am View
Using the sql query execution plan you can optimize your query..or may be this is a network issue..
shijuse 31-Jul-12 9:31am View
Please try this
protected void Application_Error(object sender, EventArgs e)
Exception ex = Server.GetLastError();

if (ex.Message == "File does not exist.")
throw new Exception(string.Format("{0} {1}", ex.Message, HttpContext.Current.Request.Url.ToString()), ex);
shijuse 25-Jul-12 7:06am View
Create class and implement the method to call sub.aspx in that class.On the button click create the object of the class and call that method.
shijuse 25-Jul-12 7:00am View
Please Check your query .I think problem with your query
shijuse 15-Nov-11 6:56am View
hi i have one asp.project and one reporting sever (using ssrs) i need to integrate the report manager to asp project...its my requirement
shijuse 1-Nov-11 1:10am View
pls explain your exact requirement ...
shijuse 31-Oct-11 11:33am View
Most welcome.....
shijuse 31-Oct-11 2:33am View
my 5!
shijuse 31-Oct-11 2:10am View
Which methode you need ? like WCF,TCP etc.....
both app1 and app2 are hosted in different server...right?
shijuse 28-Oct-11 5:51am View
shijuse 27-Oct-11 1:41am View
For ref....
shijuse 25-Oct-11 7:26am View
Hi.. I think u r not using div or table in the design side ...pls try with table or div
shijuse 24-Oct-11 8:13am View
Most Welcome.....
shijuse 22-Oct-11 2:46am View
my vote 5
shijuse 21-Oct-11 5:45am View
@ Simple.v ..thanx lot
shijuse 20-Oct-11 6:56am View
sure ,
shijuse 20-Oct-11 0:36am View
Exactly which one is your requirement image compression or watermarking ?
shijuse 19-Oct-11 1:17am View
Most Welcome
shijuse 18-Oct-11 7:41am View
thanx lot
shijuse 18-Oct-11 7:28am View this may help you or you will get the idea
shijuse 18-Oct-11 1:15am View
ok Raji
shijuse 18-Oct-11 0:47am View
Hi Qureshali
The better way i think create a seprate image folder in the application and save images in that folder and that image path you have to store in the database
shijuse 17-Oct-11 9:37am View
How you are writting archived data to notepad/xml (BCP/For xml command?)
shijuse 17-Oct-11 9:33am View
How you are writting archived data to notepad/xml (BCP/For xml command?)
shijuse 14-Oct-11 10:53am View
thnx Anuja
shijuse 14-Oct-11 5:02am View
Thanx lot