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PaulPrice 10-Jan-13 10:25am View    
Quite simply I find myself cleaning up an old code base that has a lot (i mean a lot) of redundant statements and using statemebnts that are explicitly decalred as I showed above.

I would like to automate this and would like opionions on possible avenues I can investigate. Not full answers as to how to do it.

Does that make sense?
PaulPrice 8-Nov-11 8:23am View    
Agreed, unfortunately,due to a number of Choice maid by others, this was decided to be the best route forward. The irony is that in the year I have worked on this project on and off, due to technical constraints I have never actually ran the code (no test setup, again, other peoples choices).
PaulPrice 8-Nov-11 7:32am View    
I have just noted the glaring hole in my question, sorry, feels like a Monday.

Brief description, VS2010 solution with 3 .NET projects and 1 C++ project. As a test to a problem at client site; I have been asked to port this back to VS2003. The actual issue is with the C++ project so I am looking for a way to force this to compile with C++ compiler 7.1

Thanks for taking the time.
PaulPrice 8-Nov-11 7:15am View    

Care to suggest a method to achieve this?
PaulPrice 15-Jun-11 5:15am View    
Hmmm, maybe I should just try it and see what happens.