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virang_21 3-Sep-16 18:02pm View    
You need to add reference to Ajax Control Toolkit to your project and add assembly reference in your page.
virang_21 6-Mar-16 22:30pm View     CRLF
it turns out that this innocent looking line in the catch block is the culprit. error = ((HttpWebResponse)wex.Response).StatusDescription; if wex.Response is null this will result in exception which is not handled.
virang_21 6-Mar-16 21:47pm View     CRLF
error is passed to method as "ref string error". I am just setting it to empty string. Evan if its value is null that will not result in NullReferenceException as first thing method does is set it to empty string. This is how method is called from application string error = ""; OutboundData objOutbound = new OutboundData(); objOutbound.ChangeOrder(conumber, recepitNo, webServiceURL, username, password, ref error);
virang_21 4-Nov-15 16:19pm View    
Yes you are right in saying that PATH variable is the issue. After posting this question I did some further testing. PATH is set to include directory pointing to java.exe. The problem is when scheduled task is set to run once a day scheduled task pick proper PATH variable with directory to java.exe but when scheduled task is set to run multiple times a day it somehow it excludes anything that was added to PATH in Environment variable except whatever was set by OS. I suspect there is a bug in windows task scheduler in server 2012.
virang_21 2-Jun-15 18:55pm View    
Change your URL in AJAX call to url: "Bind.aspx/BindDatatable"