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Comments by gavindon (Top 4 by date)

gavindon 11-Dec-12 14:22pm View
I think that is the way that I am going to go. Thanks for your response and have a good day.
gavindon 25-Mar-11 12:03pm View
ok since that seems to have no response or interest how about this one instead? I want to put a list 7 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide on a landscaped sheet. By default behavior, when the report is run, I get one list per page on the left side of the page. How can I force it to show 3 of the repeating list on the same page side by side before jumping to the next page?
gavindon 23-Mar-11 10:07am View
not even a good "you're a dumb*** " reply? :(
gavindon 22-Mar-11 13:34pm View
thanks. I actually had meant to use my junk mail for it for that reason... lol its been that kinda day