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Comments by Al-Samman Mahmoud (Top 14 by date)

Al-Samman Mahmoud 2-Oct-12 16:22pm View
Reason for my vote of 4
Al-Samman Mahmoud 19-Sep-12 5:51am View
How Can I tell it what delimiter to use ,and Can tell him to use "|" as rows separating sign .
I Want to use Microsoft excel to open .
Al-Samman Mahmoud 14-Sep-12 11:37am View
Sorry for being late
and thank U very much :)
Al-Samman Mahmoud 3-Sep-12 10:53am View
It's not about refresh I do refresh the rich text after calling method but the shape disappear after scrolling it's like it was just text remains but "shape" keep vanishing
Al-Samman Mahmoud 3-Sep-12 10:53am View
Thank U I am Reading it right now.......
Al-Samman Mahmoud 2-Aug-11 19:54pm View
thank u very much i figured out how to use it and it was very very helpful and i will submit it as article with
Stating your effort
Al-Samman Mahmoud 22-Jul-11 16:48pm View
because i need to deal with every picture's contents alone and it seems like it will be very long picture and exhausting and if i could draw on rich text box it will help with a lot of things like dealing with results as texts selecting them, deleting and inserting and if deal with picture even one picture i will need a method translate what picture contain and update image and this will take along time very time but i saw another programs draw on rich text and i thought that c# has the same ability
Al-Samman Mahmoud 21-Jul-11 18:57pm View
I don't Know how to translate it really I hope you can give me a small hint
Al-Samman Mahmoud 21-Jul-11 9:31am View
I don't Want to Draw on Form I want To Draw On RichText Box If Downloaded my Simple Program Here You Will notice that there is a loop which create a picture box on form so is an draw result on this rich boxes but i want to draw result on rich text box
Al-Samman Mahmoud 21-Jun-11 4:05am View
thank u OriginalGriff for ur concern and ur Answer.
Al-Samman Mahmoud 20-Jun-11 15:17pm View
thank u sir for ur concern but is there any another solution?
Al-Samman Mahmoud 24-May-11 8:54am View
thank u for ur help and i will use generic it seems to be more accurate and easier.
Al-Samman Mahmoud 24-May-11 8:52am View
thank u very much for ur help
Al-Samman Mahmoud 23-May-11 7:12am View
thank you very very much my friend for ur help