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This is not a place for advertisement.
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Edited to add pre tags around code.
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Edited to add code block.
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Edited to correct pre tags.
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Edited to correct some spelling and grammar.
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This question is better suited for
HimanshuJoshi 24-May-11 19:20pm View
First you won't get any help with this attitude; and second, be specific on your problem. Add relevant code that you are working on and tell us where exactly you are facing problem.
HimanshuJoshi 24-May-11 18:07pm View
What have you tried so far? Any effort?
HimanshuJoshi 20-May-11 11:38am View
Edited to add pre blocks around code.
HimanshuJoshi 18-May-11 21:38pm View
If you see the first revision of your post; the text after "This requires referencing of the assembly" was all red.
HimanshuJoshi 18-May-11 19:49pm View
Your formatting was screwed, I fixed it.
HimanshuJoshi 18-May-11 19:46pm View
Great, so now you have posted the exception, post the source code which creates the exception. Just post the relevant parts not the whole source code.
HimanshuJoshi 17-May-11 22:36pm View
Do not post your mail. You will get notification automatically if anyone answers your question or comments on it.
HimanshuJoshi 15-May-11 14:10pm View
Thank you!
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HimanshuJoshi 14-May-11 19:56pm View
Edited to improve the subject line and grammar.
HimanshuJoshi 14-May-11 13:46pm View
What? Don't create stupid questions that are not really questions. If you want to follow up on another question or answer, add a comment there.
HimanshuJoshi 12-May-11 17:21pm View
Removed pre tag from text.
HimanshuJoshi 12-May-11 10:52am View
5 to compensate for humor deficent people.
HimanshuJoshi 10-May-11 22:35pm View
HimanshuJoshi 10-May-11 22:13pm View
This question does not belong here.
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Edited to add pre tags around code.
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Edited to add pre tags around code
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Added pre tags around code.
HimanshuJoshi 4-May-11 19:17pm View
Removed bold tag from the question.
HimanshuJoshi 4-May-11 19:15pm View
Search on google. This question does not belong here unless you are going to develope one and having some issue.
HimanshuJoshi 3-May-11 14:42pm View
What have you been trying? Post the relevant code and exact error that you are facing.
HimanshuJoshi 2-May-11 9:49am View
HimanshuJoshi 2-May-11 9:49am View
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Edited to correct grammar and punctuation.
HimanshuJoshi 29-Apr-11 19:41pm View
Edited to add pre tags around code.
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HimanshuJoshi 29-Apr-11 11:31am View
Great minds and all! You seem to have beat me to the answer. Take a 5.
HimanshuJoshi 27-Apr-11 18:42pm View
Removed pre blocks from text. Stating your requirement only won't get you any help. What exactly have you tried and where seems to be the problem?
HimanshuJoshi 27-Apr-11 18:36pm View
Edited to add pre tags around code.
HimanshuJoshi 27-Apr-11 15:08pm View
Modified to separate question text and code from the pre tags.
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One piece of advice, do not post your e-mail address in the question. If anyone replies to you, you will get notification automatically from code project.
HimanshuJoshi 26-Apr-11 12:36pm View
Maybe you can use the types that are returned from the methods that are used to assign the values to your dynamic types. I mean use StringCollection for localIP, use String for localHostName and use IPHostEntry for hostEntry.
HimanshuJoshi 26-Apr-11 12:09pm View
Edited to improve readability and remove ignore html attribute.
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Added pre tags around code and error to highlight them better.
HimanshuJoshi 25-Apr-11 20:10pm View
Edited to improve readability.
HimanshuJoshi 25-Apr-11 20:05pm View
Where exactly seems to be the problem? Or in other words, have you done anything yet?
HimanshuJoshi 25-Apr-11 15:39pm View
Can you specify exactly what happens instead of saying something weired happens. I mean, does your file gets garbled, or the contents are not saved or anything. Give us specific details.
HimanshuJoshi 25-Apr-11 10:06am View
Nice answer.
HimanshuJoshi 24-Apr-11 21:40pm View
Added pre tags around code.
HimanshuJoshi 24-Apr-11 21:39pm View
Added pre tag.
HimanshuJoshi 24-Apr-11 21:34pm View
What have you tried? No one will provide source code for you. Also don't post your e-mail address, you will get notified if someone answers you by codeproject itself.
HimanshuJoshi 22-Apr-11 19:01pm View
This forum provides quick help on any problems that you are facing. Is there any problem? What exactly is not working.
HimanshuJoshi 21-Apr-11 21:37pm View
Edited to add pre tags around code.
HimanshuJoshi 21-Apr-11 10:11am View
Removed pre tag around text.
HimanshuJoshi 20-Apr-11 20:19pm View
As John simmons pointed out, the job board is gone for now. So there doesn't seem to be any right place for this. Maybe try vWorker.
HimanshuJoshi 20-Apr-11 20:16pm View
I remember Chris M. telling someone on Sugesstions forum that he has taken out the Job board and does not have plan on when he will bring it back.
HimanshuJoshi 20-Apr-11 19:51pm View
Edited to add pre tags around the code.
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Edited to correct pre tag.
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Edited to improve readability.
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Edited to add pre tags.
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Edited to correct pre tag.
HimanshuJoshi 12-Apr-11 21:12pm View
Edited for readability.
HimanshuJoshi 12-Apr-11 15:06pm View
Unless you specify your exact problem and show what exactly you have done; nobody can help you.
HimanshuJoshi 7-Apr-11 16:46pm View
Added pre tags around code.
HimanshuJoshi 4-Apr-11 20:47pm View
Updated to improve readability and remove bit of textspeak.
HimanshuJoshi 4-Apr-11 9:59am View
Edited to improve spelling and grammar.
HimanshuJoshi 4-Apr-11 9:51am View
Added pre blocks.
HimanshuJoshi 2-Apr-11 19:05pm View
Added pre blocks around code
HimanshuJoshi 31-Mar-11 16:50pm View
The link to book is just a reference, I am sure you can get one for cheap price in your local store. Also if you have internet access then MSDN library is your best friend.
HimanshuJoshi 31-Mar-11 15:16pm View
Better answer than mine. Have a 5.
HimanshuJoshi 30-Mar-11 17:36pm View
Edited to remove bold tag in text. Have you tried running it? Have you faced any problem?
HimanshuJoshi 30-Mar-11 12:53pm View
Yeah, The translation is at acceptable level.
HimanshuJoshi 30-Mar-11 10:06am View
Corrected pre tags and removed them around text.
HimanshuJoshi 29-Mar-11 21:30pm View
Edited to remove bold tag.
HimanshuJoshi 29-Mar-11 21:28pm View
Edited to move follow up clarification in the question itself.
HimanshuJoshi 29-Mar-11 21:25pm View
A suggestion, if you want any follow up to the question, do it in the question itself. Do not add fake solutions.
HimanshuJoshi 29-Mar-11 21:23pm View
My 5 specially for #3; that would be best in the said situation.
HimanshuJoshi 29-Mar-11 19:28pm View
Edited to improve readability.
HimanshuJoshi 28-Mar-11 17:03pm View
What efforts have to put forward for this? Have you tried searching in google? People here can help you with specific problem if you show you have done something. Noone will do your homework for you.
HimanshuJoshi 28-Mar-11 10:08am View
Edited to add pre block.
HimanshuJoshi 28-Mar-11 10:05am View
Corrected code block.
HimanshuJoshi 26-Mar-11 14:18pm View
Edited to improve readability.
HimanshuJoshi 26-Mar-11 14:15pm View
Removed urgency from post. It is considered rude to state that it is urgent for you.
HimanshuJoshi 24-Mar-11 16:36pm View
Updated to change subject to normal case. Using all upper-case letter is considered rude.
HimanshuJoshi 24-Mar-11 16:25pm View
Nice answer. +5
HimanshuJoshi 24-Mar-11 16:25pm View
Important clarification. +5
HimanshuJoshi 24-Mar-11 16:10pm View
Edited to improve text in title. Use full words and phrases when you post a question here.
HimanshuJoshi 23-Mar-11 15:46pm View
Edited to remove unnecessary bold tag.
HimanshuJoshi 22-Mar-11 15:22pm View
Edited to improve readability
HimanshuJoshi 22-Mar-11 15:06pm View
Edited to improve readability.
HimanshuJoshi 17-Mar-11 11:01am View
Repost. Look at the answers here
HimanshuJoshi 16-Mar-11 20:52pm View
Put your error message and relevant code here and then we can try to help.
HimanshuJoshi 16-Mar-11 20:50pm View
Updated to correct pre tags.
HimanshuJoshi 14-Mar-11 21:50pm View
Edited to add pre tags and formatted code.
HimanshuJoshi 14-Mar-11 10:48am View
Updated question for better readability and removed urgency and e-mail address. When people reply you will get e-mail notification automatically.
HimanshuJoshi 12-Mar-11 13:36pm View
Removed bold attribute from text. Have you done any effort towards your application?
HimanshuJoshi 12-Mar-11 13:35pm View
Edited to improve grammar and readability.
HimanshuJoshi 11-Mar-11 12:24pm View
Start your search here
HimanshuJoshi 11-Mar-11 11:24am View
Updated to remove extra PRE tags.
HimanshuJoshi 9-Mar-11 17:51pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Great tip.
HimanshuJoshi 9-Mar-11 16:16pm View
Edited to correct pre blocks. What is the exact error message?
HimanshuJoshi 7-Mar-11 20:38pm View
Removed the spurious pre tags; but the question still does not make any sense. Looks like homework.
HimanshuJoshi 7-Mar-11 10:15am View
Edited to add <pre> tags around your code
HimanshuJoshi 5-Mar-11 21:35pm View
This is offensive. Please go away.
HimanshuJoshi 2-Mar-11 18:47pm View
Edited to add pre blocks around code.
HimanshuJoshi 1-Mar-11 11:04am View
I edited your post to put your code inside <pre> blocks.
HimanshuJoshi 1-Mar-11 11:02am View
Edited to add pre blocks.
HimanshuJoshi 28-Feb-11 20:38pm View
Edited to improve readability.
HimanshuJoshi 28-Feb-11 20:17pm View
Added pre blocks.
HimanshuJoshi 28-Feb-11 20:16pm View
Added pre blocks
HimanshuJoshi 26-Feb-11 21:08pm View
Edited to improve readability and correct grammar. It would be better to add exact error message and machine details.
HimanshuJoshi 25-Feb-11 21:41pm View
Without any source code of the button events nobody will be able to help you.
HimanshuJoshi 22-Feb-11 11:29am View
This is a repost of question you asked earlier. Don't create multiple posts for the same questioin.
HimanshuJoshi 18-Feb-11 17:14pm View
Edited to add pre tags.
HimanshuJoshi 18-Feb-11 11:42am View
Reason for my vote of 1
Not much of a value.
HimanshuJoshi 17-Feb-11 10:28am View
Edited to remove e-mail. Do not add your e-mail in the question, it will attract spammers.
HimanshuJoshi 17-Feb-11 9:53am View
Edited to remove text-speak
HimanshuJoshi 16-Feb-11 15:51pm View
Adding the batch file code would make much more sense you know.
HimanshuJoshi 12-Feb-11 14:03pm View
Please post the relevant server and client side code.
HimanshuJoshi 10-Feb-11 11:40am View
This is not a place to ask non-programming related questions
HimanshuJoshi 9-Feb-11 11:23am View
Any effort on your part? Perhaps you should try searching on google or codeproject.
HimanshuJoshi 8-Feb-11 16:14pm View
Never seen a disabled property. You are right. Take a 5
HimanshuJoshi 7-Feb-11 10:24am View
And your problem is?
HimanshuJoshi 5-Feb-11 22:53pm View
Edited to add PRE tags
HimanshuJoshi 1-Feb-11 21:53pm View
Nice answer Henry. +5
HimanshuJoshi 1-Feb-11 20:38pm View
Edited to remove text speak.
HimanshuJoshi 31-Jan-11 21:48pm View
Add some code relevant to your problem.
HimanshuJoshi 31-Jan-11 12:41pm View
Good catch, at first I thought OP might be interested in knowing which technology to build the website in, but it is more plausible that he/she is talking about which natural interface language should be used.
HimanshuJoshi 30-Jan-11 16:25pm View
stdio.h will suffice for getchar() function.
HimanshuJoshi 25-Jan-11 11:49am View
Edited for readability
HimanshuJoshi 20-Jan-11 10:37am View
Yeah, I forgot to add that, there are some differences and one will run into problems if one is reading unix book and experimenting in linux.
HimanshuJoshi 20-Jan-11 10:35am View
Thanks Nish
HimanshuJoshi 20-Jan-11 10:29am View
Oh jeez, thanks I was worried sick. I will check it out in next version :P
HimanshuJoshi 19-Jan-11 20:39pm View
Thanks SA
HimanshuJoshi 19-Jan-11 20:19pm View
Thanks Nish.
HimanshuJoshi 19-Jan-11 20:18pm View
+5 for thorough and general answer.
HimanshuJoshi 19-Jan-11 20:17pm View
+5 Nice answer.
HimanshuJoshi 19-Jan-11 20:17pm View
HimanshuJoshi 19-Jan-11 11:23am View
Updated for readability
HimanshuJoshi 19-Jan-11 11:08am View tells me that minimum supported client is Windows 2000 Professional, so this should work on XP. I suggest better ask in MSDN support forum
HimanshuJoshi 18-Jan-11 21:27pm View
I removed the phrase "need help as soon as possible". This is a forum run by volunteers in their own time. Everybody has urgency, but people will reply whenever they have time. Given that, I believe there are fair amount of users living in different time zones so the answers will be quick unless your question is too vague
HimanshuJoshi 18-Jan-11 21:23pm View
Edited for readability. Please elaborate more, means provide details of errors and code which is creating trouble.
HimanshuJoshi 18-Jan-11 12:09pm View
There is a tar library to do this.
HimanshuJoshi 18-Jan-11 11:12am View
Edited to remove textspeak
HimanshuJoshi 17-Jan-11 21:31pm View
Thanks SA
HimanshuJoshi 17-Jan-11 21:30pm View
So, update and add the calculation code.
HimanshuJoshi 17-Jan-11 15:26pm View
Thanks Manfred R. Bihy
HimanshuJoshi 17-Jan-11 13:35pm View
Thanks Espenn
HimanshuJoshi 17-Jan-11 13:30pm View
Edited for code-block
HimanshuJoshi 17-Jan-11 9:57am View
Edited for readability
HimanshuJoshi 16-Jan-11 20:24pm View
DO all of them give this exception? Post the actual code of one of the procedure which give the error.
HimanshuJoshi 15-Jan-11 13:53pm View
E-mail removed. If you don't want to attract spammers then don't post your e-mail address. You will get notified if someone answers your question. And no one will send you a code. You should search it or program it yourself
HimanshuJoshi 12-Jan-11 23:05pm View
Thanks Marcus, I should have paid more attention.
HimanshuJoshi 12-Jan-11 23:03pm View
Thanks again SAKryukov.
HimanshuJoshi 12-Jan-11 23:01pm View
Thanks SAKryukov for countering this. In fact people here provide full source code but one has to atleast try and search for that.
HimanshuJoshi 12-Jan-11 22:39pm View
Edited to remove extra code blocks that seemed to be messing with the formatting of the entire page.
HimanshuJoshi 6-Jan-11 16:12pm View
Edited to add PRE blocks
HimanshuJoshi 15-Dec-10 21:05pm View
Added code blocks. Also edited for grammar.
HimanshuJoshi 15-Dec-10 11:47am View
You got that right, but from now on if you want to reply to someone's answer, please do it by adding a comment under the answer. Not by adding a new answer.
HimanshuJoshi 15-Dec-10 11:43am View
John, the first part of your answer is right and politically correct. However for the second part, if we want to keep this QA section clean, racism and stereotyping is not the way.
HimanshuJoshi 11-Dec-10 0:10am View
My pleasure. Have good luck on your quest for knowledge.
HimanshuJoshi 10-Dec-10 14:56pm View
The BackGroundWorker in Mark Nischalke's answer is best for this.
HimanshuJoshi 10-Dec-10 12:46pm View
So what seems to be the problem?
HimanshuJoshi 10-Dec-10 12:46pm View
Added pre blocks.
HimanshuJoshi 1-Dec-10 14:54pm View
Also provide the part of code which is not working and what exactly is not working. Update your question with the details.
HimanshuJoshi 30-Nov-10 22:39pm View
This is not the forum to seek jobs.
HimanshuJoshi 29-Nov-10 22:50pm View
Just stating the requirement of your program won't get you any help here.
HimanshuJoshi 29-Nov-10 14:42pm View
Please specify what is the problem you are facing.
HimanshuJoshi 29-Nov-10 14:40pm View
This is more of an open ended, can have long discussion type question. You should post this in to get opinions from all the wise people.
HimanshuJoshi 28-Nov-10 2:07am View
What is the content of TextBox1 and Textbox2?
HimanshuJoshi 5-Nov-10 20:12pm View
do not post your email address. Post your question at so that the admins can look at it.
HimanshuJoshi 2-Nov-10 18:19pm View
What is the exact issue you are facing?
HimanshuJoshi 2-Nov-10 16:29pm View
Try forum. They might be able to help you better
HimanshuJoshi 28-Oct-10 21:56pm View
If you want to develope your own software then you can check the IP range that is from china from the link I gave you in answer. Once ou do that you might have to check about blocking specific IP address or IP address range using the language of your choice. I haven't dome this type of software before so I can't really suggest you the language which you should choose.
HimanshuJoshi 27-Oct-10 12:45pm View
Edited for grammar, punctuation and layout
HimanshuJoshi 27-Oct-10 12:29pm View
Thank you Toli Cuturicu for realizing that. But I guess Henry was just being funny. Notice the little smiley at end.
HimanshuJoshi 27-Oct-10 11:36am View
Voted 5 for being faster than me.
HimanshuJoshi 27-Oct-10 11:35am View
I was little bit slow in typing that's it. I am not a copycat. Just that great minds think alike.
HimanshuJoshi 26-Oct-10 1:17am View
What have you tried?
HimanshuJoshi 25-Oct-10 17:35pm View
Edited to remove extra punctuation marks.
HimanshuJoshi 25-Oct-10 12:16pm View
Contact site admins over here
HimanshuJoshi 24-Oct-10 13:34pm View
So what's the problem? Go ahead and create it. If you face any problem ask specific question with code associated with it here.
HimanshuJoshi 21-Oct-10 12:20pm View
Post this question in forum. The admins will look into the matter
HimanshuJoshi 19-Oct-10 15:07pm View
Edited for code-block
HimanshuJoshi 19-Oct-10 15:03pm View
I guess you are responding to an article. Post your question in the forum section below the article.
HimanshuJoshi 18-Oct-10 12:42pm View
Edited for grammar, spelling and general layout.
HimanshuJoshi 18-Oct-10 10:07am View
What have you tried? Any effort? Nobody is going to provide entire code to you.
HimanshuJoshi 15-Oct-10 14:57pm View
Get a book on SQL query and study it completely.
HimanshuJoshi 15-Oct-10 14:55pm View
I upvoted you to counter vote the stupidity.
HimanshuJoshi 15-Oct-10 14:26pm View
Posting your question at peachtree community will help much more than here.
HimanshuJoshi 15-Oct-10 14:24pm View
Any effort? Perhaps a google search?
HimanshuJoshi 15-Oct-10 14:22pm View
Removed text-speak. Use full words when posting here.
HimanshuJoshi 14-Oct-10 22:54pm View
Do not post your question twice.
HimanshuJoshi 14-Oct-10 16:45pm View
Edited for code-blocks
HimanshuJoshi 14-Oct-10 14:47pm View
Please do not post your reply as answer. Update your question and use comments section to reply.
HimanshuJoshi 14-Oct-10 13:21pm View
Please post the code that sends data from client and that receives data in server. Also please post what is the exact error you are getting.
HimanshuJoshi 14-Oct-10 13:12pm View
One can only know by trying.
HimanshuJoshi 13-Oct-10 13:51pm View
Yeah, something big like this question. On a second thought we have too much of these kind of garbage in QA. Should call the collectors
HimanshuJoshi 13-Oct-10 11:09am View
Good, now go on and solve it yourself because nobody can do it for you unless you are more elaborate in what are you trying to do and what is the code that produces this error.
HimanshuJoshi 12-Oct-10 23:33pm View
If browser is supported then I guess there is some kind of window management system, which might not be compatible with x window system; but if that's the case then you can try writing your own pdf display library or try to port some open source pdf library to that system.

Also a piece of advice, do not post your reply as answer, post it as comment like I did.
HimanshuJoshi 12-Oct-10 14:17pm View
And don't post your reply as answer. Post it as comment under the answer.
HimanshuJoshi 12-Oct-10 14:16pm View