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lvq684 17-Jul-13 4:10am View    
Good article, thanks!
lvq684 22-May-11 6:46am View    
Thanks alot for the help! I got the idea :)
lvq684 21-May-11 17:03pm View    
Thanks for your answer.
I´m not that much into database programming, and tried to fiddle with the Nextresult(), which always returns false. And that is wierd because if I execute the same query in the SQL console, I get several row results.

I dont wanna sound rude or lazy, but can you please provide a code example?

Thanks alot! :)
lvq684 4-Apr-11 1:09am View    
Thanks alot for your answer!

What do you mean that the first example can be called from Javascript? The second can as well be called from javascript (dont know if that call is somehow wrapped by jquery, but thats what I am using right now on client-side).

Allright, but if you dont setup anything regarding JSON/SOAP serilization, JSON is used by default right?
lvq684 19-Aug-10 13:43pm View    
Hmm ok.

Then lets say I have the user manually insert the size (in inches) of his monitor, and the resolution.
How would i then calculate the milimeters, when the user has moved lets say 1000 pixels, with his mouse?