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Comments by DelphiCoder (Top 5 by date)

DelphiCoder 7-Feb-15 4:11am View
Happy to help. :-)
DelphiCoder 6-Feb-15 10:59am View
I'm new to this Quick Answer format. It is unlike the Message Boards where you see all the replies up front (although minimized) without having to scroll through the entire page first. LOL
DelphiCoder 6-Feb-15 3:15am View
The %28 and %29 is from URL Encoding but the rest of the garbage characters are not. The random garbage characters are being caused somewhere else.
DelphiCoder 6-Feb-15 3:11am View
Never mind searching on "5ypdbinj23" because I just realized that the garbage characters are random. This is probably a session cookie or something of that nature that is getting into your URL line. Look into all the places where you are handling the URL and make sure you are not injecting your session variable into it. This is occurring wherever your redirection is taking place.
DelphiCoder 6-Feb-15 3:04am View
I see what you mean. I pasted just into my browser and it did the same thing. You clearly have some kind of redirection going on that is causing this. This could be a redirection tag on the original page, a script on the original page, or something on your backend.

If you are using IIS to serve up pages then check your Information Services Manager to make sure you don't have a typo somewhere in your redirection or pages. Check you configs also. Do a file contents search in your application's directory using "5ypdbinj23" for your search term because it is a portion of the garbage characters that you are seeing but it isn't being part of the section being encoded. You should be able to discover the corrupted line that way.