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Kenneth Haugland 26-Jun-21 9:32am View
Ill take that back, you just need some new Task items, and start them in succession
Kenneth Haugland 20-Jun-21 18:50pm View
Did you implement INotifyPropertyChanged on the properties in your ViewModel? How did you link up your ViewModel to the Window?
Kenneth Haugland 25-May-21 3:40am View
Can also use BindableBase from Prism if you use that
Kenneth Haugland 20-Apr-21 4:55am View
It works but you have to set it up correctly:
public MainWindow()

ClassItems Myinput = new ClassItems();
ChildWindow dlg = new ChildWindow(ref Myinput);
With class:
public class ClassItems
public int MyProperty { get; set; } = 50;
With the child window:
public partial class ChildWindow : Window
public ChildWindow(ref ClassItems test)
test.MyProperty += 55;
Kenneth Haugland 14-Apr-21 6:57am View
Then I would do something like: public uroven(MyClass ref ClassImplementation)


its either out of ref, cant remember. The point is that you can pass this class in from the constructor as a referance to a variable in your window that "owns" or rather constructs this.
Kenneth Haugland 21-Mar-21 17:07pm View
Where did you actually set the instance to the DataContext. It's not entirely clear to me. Normally I would set:
Kenneth Haugland 6-Mar-21 7:38am View
There are several Reactive packages, did you install all of them?
Kenneth Haugland 4-Mar-21 13:03pm View
OxyPlot dosnt really break MVVM pattern?

IT quite easy to create your own usercontrol, but it depends on what you want...
Kenneth Haugland 20-Feb-21 11:48am View
I found it to be lightning-fast to use, compared to online versions too.
Kenneth Haugland 20-Feb-21 11:47am View
It might be a rather recent addition to Visual Studio, I have not noticed it before either. But having to use a deserializer forced me to o some googling and then I found this.
Kenneth Haugland 20-Feb-21 11:04am View
Where is your interface code? The ISearchModel?
Kenneth Haugland 20-Feb-21 7:31am View
Tothe op: Copy your Json string into a Visual studio class using: Edit-> Paste Special -> As Json class. That generates the class for you.
Kenneth Haugland 20-Feb-21 6:14am View
Can we see you attempt? Or is that top secret stuff?
Kenneth Haugland 18-Feb-21 15:52pm View
Yes. Or No. Hard to tell. You must explain further.
Kenneth Haugland 17-Feb-21 11:58am View
"Or go back to where you got it from, and ask them why it's like that ... :laugh:" I tried this,and they said: Whats your problem. I can read the json just fine...
Kenneth Haugland 27-Aug-19 12:37pm View
You can write a whole article about this, which some of us did.
Kenneth Haugland 1-Aug-18 5:56am View
Where is dt declared? like dt = new Table?
Kenneth Haugland 31-Jul-18 2:24am View
What is this: LATE.SelectedValue? Can I see the actual value of this? and you should remove the "" as it should be a value, and you should call ToString() on it and make sure that it is a time format
Kenneth Haugland 30-Jul-18 8:54am View
Its homework, besides you have a debugger don't you? Run the code, test tings out.
Kenneth Haugland 29-Jul-18 10:18am View
You actually didnt answer the question.
Kenneth Haugland 29-Jul-18 10:08am View
He asks if you print out row.Cells["Month"].Value what do you see? In general, it is better to say something like ToLower on both and use Contains in order to do filtering.
Kenneth Haugland 29-Jul-18 8:28am View
Use the formula (k^2+k)/2.
Kenneth Haugland 14-May-18 8:35am View
And the XAML code?
Kenneth Haugland 5-May-18 8:47am View
You need the \ before all the times you are going to match the special case $
string[] result = Regex.Split(str, @"\$\$");
Kenneth Haugland 10-Jan-18 15:55pm View
What does the error say then?
Kenneth Haugland 10-Jan-18 15:55pm View
What does the error say then?
Kenneth Haugland 8-Jan-18 13:13pm View
Those are only used in WPF applications though.
Kenneth Haugland 8-Jan-18 11:58am View
Are you sure these are not dependency properties?
Kenneth Haugland 8-Jan-18 4:24am View
Amen! And I mean that literally here :D
Kenneth Haugland 8-Jan-18 1:40am View
Now that it is formatted correctly I see that you are using goto statements. Please stop using those. The code is harder to read/maintain and debugging, as you have found out, is a nightmare.
Kenneth Haugland 8-Jan-18 1:37am View
Give us more code plz? I'm being sarcastic, just post the code that is relevant to the problem, we are not a debugging service. And drop the please help it's urgent.
Kenneth Haugland 6-Jan-18 10:28am View
If its WPF I can help, but this feels like WinFroms? So is it?
Kenneth Haugland 8-Dec-17 8:07am View
What did you do to show the picture then?
Kenneth Haugland 8-Dec-17 3:56am View
Got it, if you add 'salt' hashed password is stronger if you don't, it's weaker. Lesson: You have to do it right :-)
Kenneth Haugland 8-Dec-17 3:15am View
I thought like this:
Login if GetHash(WrittenPassword)==StoredPasswordHash

has many => one relation

If I used the original password:
Login if WrittenPassword == StoredPassword

one => one relation

Am I missing something here?
Kenneth Haugland 8-Dec-17 2:55am View
I read that as if you store the password with hashes you actually make it weaker.
Kenneth Haugland 7-Dec-17 5:12am View
'that's why they are used for password storage instead of encryption functions.' Eh, so there is more than 1 correct passsword?
Kenneth Haugland 5-Dec-17 6:13am View
Don't repost your question, use Improve question if you have more details instead.
Kenneth Haugland 4-Dec-17 15:07pm View
Richard is right, and besides, you didnt even say if it was WinForms or WPF.
Kenneth Haugland 4-Dec-17 6:26am View
There are phone emulators with debuggers out there or you can just smash your phone :D
Kenneth Haugland 4-Dec-17 5:44am View
I really dont think you understand this:
"This Professional .NET Excel component is a standalone Excel .NET managed assembly and does not depend on Microsoft Office Excel. Spire.XLS for .NET offers support both for the old Excel 97-2003 format (.xls) and for the new Excel 2007,Excel 2010, Excel 2013 and Excel 2016 (.xlsx, .xlsb, .xlsm), along with Open Office(.ods) format. It features fast and reliably compared to developing your own spreadsheet manipulation solution or using Microsoft Automation." Meaning it creates an Excel file, and to be able to use Excel.Interop you need to have Excel installed on your computer. If you are wondering about how to do stuff in Excel, just use record macro and look at the excel code.
Kenneth Haugland 4-Dec-17 5:05am View
"When creating a phase of the implementing dll's in the containing dll, the containing dll has to reference the implementing dll's, resulting in a circular reference." Then move the phase out of the interface dll.
Kenneth Haugland 4-Dec-17 5:01am View
xls files are xls files, so what is your problem then? Why not simply use IO file.copy?
Kenneth Haugland 1-Dec-17 6:55am View
WPF WinForms, or what?
Kenneth Haugland 29-Nov-17 8:33am View
Use an IValueConverter and bind this to the expander and a search criteria?
Kenneth Haugland 29-Nov-17 1:52am View
Add System.Drawing as a referance and type:
oSheet.get_Range("A2").Font.Color = System.Drawing.ColorTranslator.ToOle(System.Drawing.Color.Red);

That worked for me.
Kenneth Haugland 28-Nov-17 6:42am View
There are image processing for finding cars, Id use that and find chars and blur them if it found a car.
Kenneth Haugland 28-Nov-17 4:32am View
Should just be that:
objexcelapp.Cells[i + 2, j + 1].Style.Font.Color = Color.FromArgb(255, 125, 125);
That what I did anyway
Kenneth Haugland 25-Nov-17 2:06am View
Why do you send n to your function? Your calculation of it also looks strange to me.
Kenneth Haugland 25-Nov-17 2:02am View
What do you mean evaluate? The equation you posted cant be turned into your result btw.
Kenneth Haugland 23-Nov-17 0:57am View
Kenneth Haugland 23-Nov-17 0:32am View
I smell homework, as with your other question.
Kenneth Haugland 22-Nov-17 22:15pm View
It is actually not clear to me what you actually want. What does this mean:
0:00 min 50HZ
0:01 min 57HZ
1:10 min 450HZ ?
In general, an FFT will give you all frequency data within a given time span and not one frequency each second.
Kenneth Haugland 16-Nov-17 20:38pm View
What is it bonded to? Did you implement INotifyChanged on that property?
Kenneth Haugland 14-Nov-17 11:09am View
You keep changing the listview by removing items, so you will have to count backwards
Kenneth Haugland 14-Nov-17 8:17am View
Kenneth Haugland 10-Nov-17 5:48am View
read the documentation:
Kenneth Haugland 7-Nov-17 16:11pm View
You should look at Ticks instead of milliseconds. I found that the Horners method was roughly twice as fast as the Pow methods.
Kenneth Haugland 6-Nov-17 17:24pm View
I got it working for all the cases in C#. It returns the input perfectly.
Kenneth Haugland 20-Jul-17 15:52pm View
Kenneth Haugland 20-Jul-17 15:15pm View
You could use the let function to store the sum
Kenneth Haugland 4-Feb-17 15:06pm View
Oops, didnt see that the question was from 2011 :-).
Kenneth Haugland 7-Jan-17 3:27am View
Well, that is correct, but what are you really complaining about here? Normally I would have sent some CommandParameters with the button click, is that what you are asking about?
Kenneth Haugland 7-Jan-17 2:21am View
Am I blind, or did you forget to set the DataContext?
Kenneth Haugland 25-Aug-16 15:40pm View
Are you using WPF, in that case just put in a RotateTransform on the control, and you are done.
Kenneth Haugland 18-Aug-16 5:36am View
You should stop using GoTo immediately, they create hard to read and hard to maintain code. Just stop it.
Kenneth Haugland 10-Aug-16 11:44am View
Kenneth Haugland 10-Aug-16 11:37am View
Something like:
string cellContents = cell.Range.Text;
byte[] asciiBytes = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(cellContents);
Then find the ascii code for the sign you want to match?
Kenneth Haugland 9-Aug-16 15:18pm View
Split your list up in smaller lists, or create your own that does this for you.
Kenneth Haugland 9-Aug-16 6:37am View
Depends on what you want, but normally I would suggest you draw the controls on a Canvas, and just move them by changing the Canvas.Left Canvas.Top on the control you want to move. But, you have to provide more information on what you want to do here.
Kenneth Haugland 4-Aug-16 15:52pm View
Well, it didn't work right away. I had to build it the second time then all issues were gone. It doesn't per say ruin the MVVM pattern, as the update binding is generic. It doesn't know what the TextBox is bounded to. But I agree, it should not be necessary. BTW: What version of VS are you using?
Kenneth Haugland 4-Aug-16 15:49pm View
Well, the code didn't actually work right away. But as I ran it the second time all issues were resolved. The code with the TextChanged event is actually generic, it doesn't know the value that it is bound to. What version of VS are you using?
Kenneth Haugland 2-Aug-16 20:57pm View
Your problem is that the binding expression is null;
var bd = BindingOperations.GetBindingExpression(doubleAnimation, DoubleAnimation.DurationProperty);
If (bd != null) //do something
Kenneth Haugland 1-Aug-16 0:38am View
I would think that it would be better to just use Task.Run method instead of a BackgroudnWorker.
Kenneth Haugland 1-Aug-16 0:23am View
I think it would serve you better to start a Task instead:
Kenneth Haugland 14-Jun-16 14:53pm View
Do time-consuming work off the UI thread, as you have done it, andy application can stall the UI.
Kenneth Haugland 14-Jun-16 13:41pm View
if you use F.*i you don't need the for loop, it should just work straight up, as the .* is multiplying all the elements with the next value.
Kenneth Haugland 14-Jun-16 13:18pm View
Read some books about C# first, as you give the impression that you don't know much about it.
Kenneth Haugland 8-Jun-16 9:35am View
Don't know web development, but looks like you are missing the raindrop control itself. The rest of the code looks pretty straightforward concerning the drop starting position.
Kenneth Haugland 30-May-16 10:33am View
Thank you, Sergey :-)
Kenneth Haugland 30-May-16 9:02am View
It does work as long as the preconditions for solving it is met, i.a. a square matrix. I just solve it column by column. PS: Sorry for the late reply :-)
Kenneth Haugland 27-May-16 15:30pm View
I explain one method here:
Kenneth Haugland 25-May-16 9:25am View
Is this WPF or WinForm?
Kenneth Haugland 24-May-16 20:46pm View
Maybe this could work:

Otherwise, just a valueconverter?
Kenneth Haugland 24-May-16 7:49am View
Set the CanUserAddRows="True" ?
Kenneth Haugland 24-May-16 7:41am View
You need Events for that, or Rx, or just a delegate; it depends on what you want. Have a look at this:

The video from his article gives a nice explanation:
Kenneth Haugland 25-Apr-16 11:51am View
Perhaps MEF or load the Dll with the LoadLibrary from kernel.dll?
Kenneth Haugland 4-Apr-16 17:42pm View
Kenneth Haugland 31-Mar-16 7:36am View
Kenneth Haugland 31-Mar-16 7:30am View
Look at the VSTO command UsedRange
Kenneth Haugland 13-Mar-16 9:34am View
I think you'll have to find a custom written control for it. PS: You didn't say if it was WinForms or WPF
Kenneth Haugland 13-Mar-16 9:21am View
Stop reposting the same question over and over, use the Improve question button instead to alter it.
Kenneth Haugland 6-Mar-16 7:41am View
What a weird question. What do you consider a fair value of a car? Surely it would depend.

The question you should ask is how large the probability should be for you to make a profit? Should you accept losing money 5% of the time? This way your fair question becomes a mathematical question.
Kenneth Haugland 6-Mar-16 6:46am View
That is too big a question to answer, you are not stuck at a point trying to do it, you want the whole book about it. I cant do that, so my answer is the best you'll get at this point.
Kenneth Haugland 6-Mar-16 2:22am View
Don't have the article, but intensity in audio is defined as => 0.5 Re{p v*} where v* is the complex conjugate of the velocity and p is the pressure. This is called the active part of the intensity, you could take Im{} to get the reactive part as well but we normally don't care about that. As you see, in order to get the actual intensity, you need to get the calibrated values, not jus the wave file (or whatever format you have on the audio file).
Kenneth Haugland 1-Mar-16 5:31am View
What you need is a paid professional.
Kenneth Haugland 29-Feb-16 22:53pm View
Well on VS 2015 it will compile as C#, don't know what you are running on though :laugh:
Kenneth Haugland 28-Feb-16 20:01pm View
Dim MyNumber as integer
MyNumber = 5
Kenneth Haugland 28-Feb-16 18:46pm View
Ah, now I see, you want to combine them? Use a custom ZIP file to store them both.
Kenneth Haugland 28-Feb-16 18:21pm View
So, a txt file is just stored as a byte string, so is an audio file. If you want to store anything just use WriteAllBytes and store it.
Kenneth Haugland 28-Feb-16 18:17pm View
What? I'm afraid I don't understand your question at all. IT just sounds bizarre to me.
Kenneth Haugland 28-Feb-16 1:41am View
Did you try something like this:

You should be able to stop at the correct path then. Or you could simply use ToString.Split("\") and stitch the path you want to find with Path.Combine
Kenneth Haugland 28-Feb-16 1:20am View
WPF is basically a DirectX wrapper, so If you want to create games, you should go directly for DirectX and C++, as it's bound to give you better performance. WPF does a lot of things well, but running a modern day 3D game is not one of them.
Kenneth Haugland 28-Feb-16 1:17am View
I would switch for reasons that you don't mention, maintainability. VB6 is hopelessly old, kids won't know how to use it nowadays.
Kenneth Haugland 25-Feb-16 11:45am View
Actually, it's not a circle (however it's not very far from it), it's an ellipse.
Kenneth Haugland 23-Feb-16 13:16pm View
Double each day? You would need to do something like this then:
Double TotalMoney = Pennies
for i as integer = 1 to NumberOfDays
TotalMoney * = 2
Kenneth Haugland 17-Feb-16 2:50am View
Are you joking? You are asking for a book that is normally 1000 pages plus.
Kenneth Haugland 14-Feb-16 1:18am View
Did you read the documentation?

You should write something like:
string MyString = "SplitFSplit";
Regex.Split(MyString, "F");
Kenneth Haugland 12-Feb-16 13:21pm View
Then you don't have a point with an X and Y value do you? So set the x or y accordingly: p1.X = 12.2233 etc.
Kenneth Haugland 12-Feb-16 13:00pm View
Point p1 = new Point(1,2);
Kenneth Haugland 2-Feb-16 16:59pm View
Thank you, Sergey. :-)
Kenneth Haugland 29-Jan-16 12:37pm View
Haha, I messed up X and Y in may comment (it's correct now). Gave you a 5 anyway :D
Kenneth Haugland 29-Jan-16 11:32am View
its a coordinate system, and you only set the X with the Canvas.SetLeft. You also need to set the Y coordinate, which is Canvas.SetTop
Kenneth Haugland 13-Jan-16 18:32pm View
Yeah, it's been like that forever.
Kenneth Haugland 13-Jan-16 10:14am View
Overriding default styles seems to be difficult, although there might be a nasty hack for it:
Kenneth Haugland 13-Jan-16 10:00am View
Not gonna fix anything, but can't you just type:
instead of
x:Key="{x:Type ListViewItem}" TargetType="{x:Type ListViewItem}"
they are equivalent, or at least I think so:
Kenneth Haugland 12-Jan-16 14:36pm View
Kenneth Haugland 12-Jan-16 14:18pm View
In general, use Record macro and see what code you get from Word. Than it is gerally easy to figure out how to do it in VSTO
Kenneth Haugland 16-Dec-15 11:31am View
FFT is something you might want to take a look at then, together with DSP.
Kenneth Haugland 24-Nov-15 5:58am View
Show us some code you tried, that failed?
Kenneth Haugland 19-Nov-15 18:54pm View
Found the problem, it now works :-)
Kenneth Haugland 19-Nov-15 6:34am View
The array is decided by the arrangements in this line:
Dim pixelFormat = PixelFormats.Pbgra32
I could change the format, but then again, it work as it is.
Kenneth Haugland 19-Nov-15 6:21am View
Ill try, waiting for VS to update lol
Kenneth Haugland 19-Nov-15 5:56am View
No, I think it's correct the way they are. The Max value is set so the new value found will be lower than the current value is, and the opposite for the min value.
Kenneth Haugland 12-Nov-15 2:16am View
Nope, but if you switch to WPF I can help you :laugh:
Kenneth Haugland 12-Nov-15 2:14am View
This is WinForms I assume?
Kenneth Haugland 11-Nov-15 1:01am View
you have a [ too many in the second expression.
Kenneth Haugland 10-Nov-15 1:39am View
yes it can be done, but its not so simple. Your best bet is to get a dll file or a program to do it for you.
Kenneth Haugland 9-Nov-15 9:32am View
This looks very basic indeed. If you don't understand how to write if sentences and call some functions, you might want to start reading about c++ or C# programming first.
Kenneth Haugland 9-Nov-15 9:04am View
Just use a wrappanel and have all the controls in a ViewBox? This shouldn't be hard at all.
Kenneth Haugland 20-Oct-15 1:57am View
regex is just a short form of Regular Expression. Just so you know
Kenneth Haugland 19-Oct-15 5:39am View
Can you rephrase the question, because I can't understand what you mean.
Kenneth Haugland 17-Oct-15 13:27pm View
You can use this:
Kenneth Haugland 15-Oct-15 7:31am View
Not an expert in this but don't you need to have the PreserveSig on imported structures and classes from a dll file?
Kenneth Haugland 8-Oct-15 2:33am View
Is that your phone number in the question? You shouldn't post that and its not needed anyway.
Kenneth Haugland 8-Oct-15 1:03am View
What are you talking about? Is it the plant cutting into a cone, that generates all the curves or?
Kenneth Haugland 29-Sep-15 4:35am View
Kenneth Haugland 28-Sep-15 4:19am View
5'ed. It's actually kind of funny, they memorize interview questions but they never thought about memorizing at school :laugh:
Kenneth Haugland 27-Sep-15 9:00am View
5'ed. Way to go dude. :-)
Kenneth Haugland 27-Sep-15 8:43am View
No, I think the dude is right :laugh:
You haven't, I think that it is declared as a local variable inside the for loop, not everywhere. That is the why It use to be at least.
Kenneth Haugland 26-Sep-15 2:26am View
I'm tempted to tell him to switch to vb instead:
For i as integer = 0 to 100 step 1
No-one can mess that up :)
Kenneth Haugland 26-Sep-15 2:03am View
Nah, to save storage space in my brain I now only learn lower case letters. :laugh:
Kenneth Haugland 26-Sep-15 1:58am View
Linq would be the easiest way I could think of
Kenneth Haugland 26-Sep-15 1:51am View
This does not seem right. Are you sure that you haven't switched places with i++ and i<100 ?
Kenneth Haugland 24-Sep-15 0:32am View
This is WinForms so I don't really know the answer, but It sounds to me as you are doing something unnecessary difficult here?
Kenneth Haugland 24-Sep-15 0:28am View
The control have a selection changed event, why don't you use that?
Kenneth Haugland 24-Sep-15 0:26am View
You should consider getting some books, perhaps from the local library?
Kenneth Haugland 23-Sep-15 17:04pm View
IF you are asking this question, you are probably not using WPF as you should.
Kenneth Haugland 23-Sep-15 10:48am View
You should include the necessary code in your answer and generally not post links to third party sites without the relevant code in your answer. If the link fails the answer isnt real anymore
Kenneth Haugland 23-Sep-15 10:43am View
Kenneth Haugland 23-Sep-15 10:22am View
Kenneth Haugland 23-Sep-15 7:55am View
You might consider using a PixelShader here, it will ensure that all frames are treated.
Kenneth Haugland 22-Sep-15 9:52am View
Ehm, use bindings to show data and perhaps a RelayCommand to add new data?
Kenneth Haugland 22-Sep-15 1:36am View
This Q&A section is for specific questions only. Not, can you write a book to me type of questions. Do your research and try it out, and when you are stuck come back with a real question.
Kenneth Haugland 21-Sep-15 5:22am View
Excel arrays start at 1 and not 0, so that's why you get the error. So you woul dhave to change the for loop from j=0 to j=1.
Kenneth Haugland 21-Sep-15 3:56am View
Ah that would explain it, but there aren't really any strict rules here, we kind of just self police this Q&A section, for better or worse.
Kenneth Haugland 21-Sep-15 3:42am View
I have heard that a divorce is much more muggy (if that's a word)
Kenneth Haugland 21-Sep-15 3:07am View
Customizing layout and controls in WinForm is a nightmare. WPF makes this process much more manageable. If you know what you are doing it shouldn't take more than 15 minutes or so to get it working in WPF, in WinForms I wouldn't even know where to start.
Kenneth Haugland 21-Sep-15 2:39am View
5'ed, but I'm starting to dislike your wife a little :laugh:
Kenneth Haugland 21-Sep-15 2:37am View
Ditch WinForms and so it in WPF instead, its much easier.
Kenneth Haugland 21-Sep-15 2:35am View
You can (perhaps unfortunately) vote as you please, so it could just be that he doesn't like you, miss clicked, found a spelling mistake etc. Some people dont have any standards you know :laugh:

If you find something that should be improved or you find simply wrong here is the place to say that:

Kenneth Haugland 20-Sep-15 15:09pm View
One makes a copy and the other don't, and functions as a pointer instead. Not a Java expert, but normally it has to do with the initialization of variables.
Kenneth Haugland 20-Sep-15 14:47pm View
Hmmm been thinking a bit, and I think that I#m wrong here.

Look here:

Kenneth Haugland 20-Sep-15 6:05am View
Just do a search for ray tracing, I have seen examples here on this site of that.
Kenneth Haugland 18-Sep-15 16:22pm View
No, the WPF 3D engine uses matrices not ray tracing. So it is what you want...
Kenneth Haugland 17-Sep-15 20:24pm View
Get a ImageBrush of lines and set it as the background or fill, and use RotateTransform on it. Thats what Id do in XAML C#/VB anyway.

And use opacity to define how clear it should be.
Kenneth Haugland 17-Sep-15 20:06pm View
Its what you'll need to calculate. IIRC this is usually done using determinant of a matrix.
Kenneth Haugland 17-Sep-15 20:05pm View
Kenneth Haugland 17-Sep-15 6:09am View
So, Ray tracing?
Kenneth Haugland 15-Sep-15 13:52pm View
>So the only solution which comes to my mind is to REPROCESS all points and transform >EACH of them to the new coordinate system. But that's not very smart and time >consuming. Any other more brilliant solution?

I would think all the points need to be recalculated in any zoom, its just that you don't see those calculations.
Kenneth Haugland 13-Sep-15 5:45am View
I assume this is an WinForm app?
Kenneth Haugland 11-Sep-15 21:29pm View
Don't repost your questions, use the improve question button instead. Delete this one, andf keep the other one since you have gotten feedback on it.
Kenneth Haugland 11-Sep-15 8:30am View
I have used some hacks like this before, cheating in a game I have bought. Yes, give me lots of gold :laugh:
Kenneth Haugland 8-Sep-15 9:06am View
Yeah, you can do it from the blur instance directly, but that is often not the way you want to do it, as it makes it difficult to do multiple animation at the same time. I think the namescope is only needed to pinpoint the object that you want to do animation on.

From the VS developers:
Kenneth Haugland 8-Sep-15 8:24am View
>It is for BlurBitmapEffect, not for BlurEffect.
That is correct, but the only thing that is different is that the BitmapEffects are done in the CPU while the new Effects are done in the GPU. Everything else is pretty much as it should be now.

I believe you need the namescope in order to get the animations working.
Kenneth Haugland 8-Sep-15 8:19am View
IT works if you register the namescope. I did something simular a while back:

And you definatly need a unique name to mtarget a storyboard to a control:
Kenneth Haugland 8-Sep-15 8:00am View
Kenneth Haugland 8-Sep-15 7:36am View
You should know that animations work because of binding, and binding only works with dependency properties, so you are simply wrong here.
Kenneth Haugland 8-Sep-15 7:33am View
Not true:

All PixelSHader Effects deriving from the ShaderEffects class are dependencyproperties
Kenneth Haugland 8-Sep-15 7:15am View
I think you are asking the wrong questions here, as any dependency property that is of double format is valid for animation. You would simply have to check the animation type with the property that you want to animate, and perhaps also its to and/or from values are withing the boundaries of the property you want to animate.
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I guess you can do this:

Perhaps not the easiest solution but .... :laugh:
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This has to be spam of some sort :laugh:
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Haven't gotten that book, but I do have this one:
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Usually the power spectrum is 20*log10(abs(FFT)), you seem to favor the natural logarithm? In any cast that is just for viewing the spectrum.

I don't know what you mean by inverse the signal, if it is back to its original you need to perform an ifft of the fft.
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You first need to have a FFT implemented, then the rest is just visuals from that information.
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Yes, you are right. The reason for saying that Archimedes knew it is this:
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I think this formula has been known since Archimedes, as it is just a Cauchy Integration (which ironically enough was known to Archimedes).

Oh, the formula does not work if the Polygon is self intersecting.
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Cant you just use a dictionary with phonetic sounds, and compare the sounds?
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Should be careful with this, ',' and '.' are both valid as a decimal place depending on the culture on the pc.
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Why not compress them into a single file?
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Jupp, It's a lazy bugger :laugh:
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Error usually comes up when you are missing a new statement on an object somewhere.
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You consistently spell Norwegian incorrectly, just for the record. There are just three chars that is special to this language, namely æ (Æ),ø (Ø) and å (Å). The « is the start quotation mark of a quote, and » is en quotation mark. You might use " " instead. The rest of the letters are used all over Europe.
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ParaLLel.For(0,Array.Length, Sub(i)
End Sub)
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Array.ToList().Contains("Somvalue") but you cant really check it without looping through all the values.....
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Width and Height of the Canvas is 0?
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With Parallel loops...
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Create a virtual function or an interface?