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Sparkling_ouc 23-Sep-13 7:54am View    
Today I debug the applicaiton with "WinDbg" and found:

0:011> k
Child-SP RetAddr Call Site
00000000`212f4dd8 00000000`5fa71f89 wpfgfx_v0400!RenderOptions_IsSoftwareRenderingForcedForProcess+0x22730
00000000`212f4de0 00000000`5fa73435 wpfgfx_v0400!RenderOptions_IsSoftwareRenderingForcedForProcess+0x226e9
00000000`212f4e10 00000000`5fa74810 wpfgfx_v0400!RenderOptions_IsSoftwareRenderingForcedForProcess+0x23b95
00000000`212f4e50 00000000`5fa73adc wpfgfx_v0400!RenderOptions_IsSoftwareRenderingForcedForProcess+0x24f70
00000000`212f4ea0 00000000`5fa12c41 wpfgfx_v0400!RenderOptions_IsSoftwareRenderingForcedForProcess+0x2423c
00000000`212f4f40 00000000`5f987169 wpfgfx_v0400!WgxConnection_Create+0x2a39
00000000`212f4f80 00000000`5fa082e6 wpfgfx_v0400!MilUtility_PathGeometryBounds+0x2219
00000000`212f4fb0 00000000`5fa07fbf wpfgfx_v0400!MilUtility_PolygonBounds+0xbde
00000000`212f5010 00000000`5fa07d18 wpfgfx_v0400!MilUtility_PolygonBounds+0x8b7
00000000`212f5090 00000000`5fa06f9d wpfgfx_v0400!MilUtility_PolygonBounds+0x610

I found the first method of "MilUtility_PolygonBounds" did not run any more, but the third will run every time when I debug the application.

It seems it is a bug of .NET?
Sparkling_ouc 15-Sep-13 22:52pm View    
There are so many code and I don't know which to post. It seems the application always made "HitTest" on some controls and I cannot get any valid call stack to identify which control.
Sparkling_ouc 14-Sep-13 23:57pm View    
The code is so much i cannot figure out where i should comment out, and this bug is very sporadic, I almost took three days to reproduce it.
Sparkling_ouc 29-Apr-11 5:58am View    
ok, I will test it .

Thank you very much. Good Day!
Sparkling_ouc 29-Apr-11 5:58am View    
Thanks a lot , what you said made me clearer about it.