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Comments by Clifford Nelson (Top 200 by date)

Clifford Nelson 14-Mar-22 12:31pm View    
Thanks. Seems like a strange thing to be missing. I would have thought something like
Selector="Button.SetupButton.ReturnButton" would work
Clifford Nelson 11-Mar-22 17:13pm View    
Thanks so much. Figured out my problem. A couple as usual...
Clifford Nelson 30-Sep-18 14:50pm View    
Until you understand XAML, you should not be working with WPF. The point of WPF is the XAML. This is a declarative language. If you do not want to deal with XAML go to WinForms
Clifford Nelson 26-Sep-18 1:37am View    
You should include your XAML.
Clifford Nelson 17-Jul-18 19:58pm View    
Well that is true. If it is possible then you would need to add a check. You could make it a condition, and then should have a Debug.Assert. :-}