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demouser743 14-Mar-23 5:55am View    
Yes the problem the binding of dropdown is a bit different, if you look at the HTML it reads the options from div and adding it to select. Not sure what was the back end code behind this but I am unable to select the respective value
demouser743 14-Mar-23 4:58am View    
Hi Graeme_Grant I tried those options but didn't worked
demouser743 25-Aug-21 10:16am View    
Can I get demo code I am bit confused with the setting there
demouser743 25-Aug-21 9:57am View    
I have an web application where I am trying to integrate Azure AD, with single tenant I am able to successfully login. We have a requirement where the application can be accessed multiple tenants. So what ever we are setting in web.config, I am configuring the following information ClientId, Tenant in one of the database table. I would like to configure what ever I am configuring currently based on the selected tenant.
demouser743 25-Aug-21 9:20am View    
So we can't set it dynamic? What was the other ways to work it out