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Comments by Klaus-Werner Konrad (Top 19 by date)

Klaus-Werner Konrad 28-Mar-19 9:59am View    
"A decent compiler would produce a warning"

NO !!! printf is a function with a variable Count of Arguments, so a Compiler can never know how many Arguments are right ...
Klaus-Werner Konrad 21-Jan-19 9:50am View    
Looks for me like an (incomlete) implementation of a binary tree ...
Klaus-Werner Konrad 25-Sep-17 10:07am View    
Huh ...

int main(void)

is CLEARLY a literal, not an command line argument
Klaus-Werner Konrad 13-Sep-17 11:22am View    
This would pretty sure lead to a Memory Access Violation; the Argument from main() is a string LITERAL ...
Klaus-Werner Konrad 5-Jul-17 6:51am View    
This will not work, because in C you can use Switch only with integral types, and a string in C is an ARRAY of characters ...