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tanweer 18-Nov-13 6:34am View    
post your error message or in which statment its giving error? Please provide some detail here so that we can help you.
tanweer 14-Oct-13 4:32am View    
Yes thats what i was trying to explain you.
tanweer 14-Oct-13 3:13am View    
yes, there are diffrent kind of solutions there, you may store the succss information in session, application variable or event in hidden fields also, but these are some risky tricks as storing these informations in database is more secure and in e-commerce applications you cannot take any risk.
tanweer 14-Oct-13 2:49am View    
suggession is already given to you...
Create a table in your databse, now insert a record in it whenever a new transaction is made, iether successful or failure. your table will have a column named TransactionResult type of bit will store 1 for success and 0 for failure. Now add some code to check in this table before any transaction, if current transaction status is successfull then give a warning message to user.
tanweer 14-Oct-13 1:54am View    
then I suggest you to sore this success/failure message in your database for this transaction ID and lock it for other user to make any transaction for the same trnsaction