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Comments by onelopez (Top 31 by date)

onelopez 16-Jun-17 22:53pm View    
Looks good, if you are trying to keep this simple, start using a switch statement with possible states of the elevator. Once inside the case statements perform logic desired for that state. Elevator loading people, then let that state change to the next state, moving to desired floor.
onelopez 13-Nov-15 0:59am View    
can't use the actionlink when using angular's routing. you have to use angular's routing mechanism to change the ui
onelopez 27-Oct-15 14:10pm View    
if these files aren't updated as often, might want to put their contents in a database and then query against said database. it would be a lot faster to search 5000 records in db than it is to open each file and look at the string content.
onelopez 16-Feb-15 7:59am View    
Also, if this doesn't work, try refreshing the browser.
onelopez 20-Nov-14 10:11am View    
Not sure what you mean with your statement of automatically firing function calls. How are you going to trigger these calls?

Also, even though you have the functionality wrapped in a directive, ever node/attribute/class/comment to activate a directive makes a new instance of it. So on every page you will have a new instance of it. Unless you do a broadcast to an event for which there's a listener to, pages will have their own behavior.

Also, a service is recommended to house common functionality; unlike a directive, only one instance of a service exists during the lifetime of the application, aka singleton.