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Igor Kushnarev 13-Apr-11 23:53pm View
Any comments about downvoting reply?
Igor Kushnarev 2-Feb-11 12:54pm View
Try CANTCRFLEcs.orno==orn
Igor Kushnarev 2-Feb-11 1:20am View
It would be nice if you provided an info about your Windows version.
JDK doesn't require server OS. But maybe it will help: Try to change default installation path to something like "C:\JDK" (without spaces)
Igor Kushnarev 24-Jan-11 2:06am View
There is nice article about one-to one relationship:
Igor Kushnarev 24-Jan-11 2:06am View
There is nice article about one-to-one realtionship at:
Igor Kushnarev 24-Jan-11 2:04am View
Did you try regexp?
Igor Kushnarev 12-Jan-11 3:41am View
What type of the error?
Is your result query like
... and customer_account not in (...)
Igor Kushnarev 30-Dec-10 7:27am View
In WinDDK too. c:\WinDDK\6001.18002\inc\api. You can see example how all it works at
Igor Kushnarev 30-Dec-10 2:42am View
It's the synchronization func. But is your question about this func or an exception? It's hard to answer the question without details. Any info about exception? Any code?
Igor Kushnarev 23-Dec-10 0:44am View
return 0; where do you return? you should call ExitThread
Igor Kushnarev 22-Dec-10 2:12am View
I don't see anything wrong too. All works fine. Try
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
Igor Kushnarev 7-Dec-10 8:14am View
Try the following:

First, add WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS permission to the manifest
Second, sign your apk.
Third, install it:

adb remount
adb push yours.apk /system/app/
adb sync