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Comments by Kubajzz (Top 40 by date)

Kubajzz 10-Dec-14 2:36am View    
I guess you will need to provide more information in order to get help. How far did you get with your WPF implementation? What exactly is not working? Is there a specific thing you don't know how to do? What are you missing in that Sacha Barber's article?
Kubajzz 8-Jun-11 7:14am View    
That's not really true... There is a better and more elegant solution, see what Tarun.K.S and I posted...
Kubajzz 7-Apr-11 9:57am View    
Just made my day :)
Kubajzz 7-Apr-11 9:55am View     CRLF
I'm wondering whether it is a question or a statement since there is no question mark (well, not even a verb, subject or object...). Your chance to get a meaningful answer will be much higher if you make it look like a question and you explain exactly what kind of information you need and what you have done so far.
Kubajzz 23-Mar-11 3:09am View    
The funniest question I have ever seen! :D What a pitty it's probably going to be removed in a few minutes...