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MacIntyre 25-Jan-13 15:45pm View    
Would this work instead:
$.prompt('Example 4',{ buttons: { Ok: true, Cancel: false }, focus: 1 });
MacIntyre 5-Apr-11 19:49pm View    
I assume by clicking the radio button 5 is accepting.
I clicked the green button but it turns it to reject. Whick is correct.
Your answers are great!!!!!
MacIntyre 5-Apr-11 14:48pm View    
Thanks for the followup.
We are really stuck with the registry solution for two reasons.
The First is the worst reason, "We've always done it that way."
The second is the real reason. We are actually integrating with a third party "Propritary Mumps" application. This propritary application in the real business world would have been TRASHED, 30 years ago, but this is healthcare. The application looks like your worst "DOS" application nightmere, all keystroke oriented. So we either hire an army of 'DataEntry" clerks or play this silly game. Back in the old days we called it ScreenScraping, identify places on the application screen for automatically entering data, thus creating a batch environment in real time. The target application uses the registry for knowing which hospital to process, hence we have to automate the hospital selection and update the registry before the the batch operation begins. We could rewrtie the entire operation using modern languages and databases for less money than it costs them to do what they do today. But, "We've always done it this way." I'm just a contractor delivering to goods they are willing to pay for.
Thanks for you input. Cheers..
MacIntyre 5-Apr-11 11:12am View    
Thanks. This is great advice. If I were making the decissions this would actually be the way I would implement the solution. But alas, it is not up to me. If I were a tool things would be different, but I am just being used as a hammer to pound out VB6 written in C#. It is awful.
thanks for your references, I will see if I can change their minds in the code walkthru.
Thanks again, Cheers..
MacIntyre 5-Apr-11 11:08am View    
Thanks.. Exactly what I was looking for..