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Comments by Ryan Zahra (Top 164 by date)

Ryan Zahra 25-Jun-19 2:26am View    
That's what I was thinking too, but I asked maybe someone has already been through this.
Ryan Zahra 31-Oct-16 16:22pm View    
You're right about that, my mistake! Thanks a lot for your help! I'll follow this and will test it out more. Thanks again!
Ryan Zahra 31-Oct-16 16:18pm View    
Thanks for the quick answer. Changing the criteria will effect my results so most probably I would be going for the custom dialect. But before that, isn't there any "simpler" way to just add the date for my query?
Ryan Zahra 22-Feb-16 6:15am View    
Thanks for clarifying!
Ryan Zahra 22-Feb-16 6:06am View    
Thanks! This looks like to be my solution as I tried it out and it worked for me. Could you explain to me why you had to change TextBoxFor to TextBox for the FarmName? In my original code it was working, however, in your solution, I had to change it like yours in order to have the farmName posted back. Thanks a lot for your help!