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Comments by Steve Wellens (Top 29 by date)

Steve Wellens 26-Mar-13 15:47pm View    
Even if it was a double (and it's not) comparing doubles requires tolerance handling because 1.000000000000 does not equal 1.00000000000001 (even though they are practically the same number).
Steve Wellens 18-Feb-12 0:07am View    
"Cute" code is a bitch to maintain.
Use a temporary variable.
Steve Wellens 6-Feb-12 20:59pm View    
If the web.config is used in a working environment, it is unlikely the problem is there. How are you setting the IIS timeout? The Group, Session State page?
Steve Wellens 1-Feb-12 18:03pm View    
Why would you want to do something so annoying to the user?
Steve Wellens 4-Jan-12 18:39pm View    
Did you add the dll or did you add a 'reference' to the assembly?