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HiDensity 20-Apr-15 17:19pm View
I just had a look at an AIDA 64 screenshot (
For me, the control on the right side does not look like a ListView nor a TreeView, nor something like a RTF box. I would guess, that it is a TreeList control - a mixture between TreeView and TreeList, as it is included in the DevExpress Windows-Forms controls. This control does EXACTLY what this screenshot looks like. Unfortunately it is NOT free.
HiDensity 7-May-12 12:32pm View
Well, the bill number is updated immediately when it is changed in the text box.
I did not mention, you want it to be done on changing the window.
HiDensity 7-May-12 6:43am View
And what exactly is your problem?
HiDensity 7-May-12 6:40am View
I absolutely agree with OriginalGriff.

If you cannot handle it within the database you would have to go through any record, converting the data and comparing it with the input string.
This aproach is absolutely not to handle and has nothing to do with performance.

My suggestion would be: Add a new column to your table, put normalized data into this column, create a stored procedure that normalizes the chaotic data and set a trigger to the table, which calles your procedure on insert or update.
Add an index to the new normalized column and then you can work with a simple where clause, which should be much much much faster than any C# solution can be.