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rupeshkp728 27-Aug-13 16:45pm View    
Thanks pasztorpisti.
As per the code design I have to keep the null terminated array only.
rupeshkp728 27-Aug-13 16:00pm View    
Thanks pasztorpisti for the explaination.
I had kept it to char* Name[] earlier.
But I have to do some strcpy later on in the code which was failing due to unallocated memory and so I moved to two dimensional array.
rupeshkp728 15-Apr-13 15:05pm View    
But the same can also be acheived by using a common struct like "Base" in your example instead of using a macro.
Will using macro instead of a common struct make any difference?
rupeshkp728 15-Apr-13 14:55pm View    
Thanks Griff for the reply.
That OOP example clears my doubt.
The intel code is also trying to implement some oop(base/derived) kind of structure, but using macros this way is really confusing.
rupeshkp728 1-Nov-12 3:01am View    
I wanted some data structure to be used and not C++ CLASS and so I wrote C data structure. I had checked on net and most of them used C++ class and so I asked the question.
I felt your reply "Did you ever heard they are different languages?" some what offensive and so was my reply.
Nothing rudeness in that.