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khosnur 11-Jul-12 17:11pm View    
u r really helpful Aday. Manually i upload the site in root folder. it's working well. but Manger wants to make packages type of things. Actually i am not clear. I just want to know if its possible to make package type thing. Then how can i make it and load it?

khosnur 11-Jul-12 13:32pm View    
Dear Kryukov thanks for your reply. Yes i thought so may be issue is in my application.
khosnur 11-Jul-12 12:27pm View    
voted Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
khosnur 11-Jul-12 12:22pm View    
Dear Wes,
Thank you very very much to reply. Boss before uploading the question i have already read that article.Because my nature is to google it first. If i don't find then uploaded the question in my favourite site codeproject.

really in that article i don't find any answer about using /2003.
My question is when IISManaer.pros make the batch file Application only run on 2003 server or not? My Server is now win 2008 r2 so should i change the value /2003 to /2008 or not? so that it can run on 2008. Real; situation is my application running on 2003 but not running on 2008.

Any Reply is highly appreciated.
khosnur 11-Jul-12 12:07pm View    
everything is good i am just curious that why it is /2003? is it meaning that it will run on only 2003 not 2008?

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