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daveofgv 2-May-16 23:24pm View    
Thanks ppolymorphe. I just updated my original question.
daveofgv 2-May-16 9:59am View     CRLF
Thanks for the replies. Yes, the relationships are very obvious to me since I created them. However, not sure if I am doing it the best way, but after I create the relationships - I always drag the fields from the Data Source Window over to the form, and that creates the Binding Source and Navigator. Before I create the relationships: tblClient ClientID FirstName LastName tblFile FileID ClientID FileNumber FileDate tblReceipts ReceiptID FileID ReceiptNumber ReceiptDate tblCoSigner CoSignerID ReceiptID CoFirstName CoLastName Then my relationships look like this: tblClient - tblFile (1 to many) tblFile - tblReceipts (1 to many) tblReceipts - tblCoSigner (1 to many) After the relationships the Data Source Window now has: Client Table ClientID FirstName LastName -tblFile FileID CleintID FileNumber Date -tblReceipts ReceiptID FileID ReceiptNumber -tblCosigner CosignerID ReceiptID CoFirstName CoLastName tblFile FileID ClientID FileNumber Date -tblReceipts ReceiptID FileID ReceiptNumber -tblCoSigner CosignerID ReceiptID CoFirstName CoLastName So with the above, you see how tblCoSigner was placed in two different tables, as well as, outside of the table. Also, the other tables are placed inside other tables that there is a relationship with. When I drag a column over to the form to create the binded text box, how do I know for sure which ones are going to use the relationship when they are a child of several other parent tables. Hope this make sense in trying to make this easier for you.
daveofgv 1-May-16 23:00pm View     CRLF
That is a fair question. I am sorry I didn't explain it all the way. I created a database in SQLite (outside of Visual Studio). I clicked "New Data Source" and connected to the already made database. I then opened the Data Source Designer and created the relationships there. After you save it the Data Source now has tables within tables since they now have relationships. I have a picture, but cannot see where to upload it for your viewing. It would be a lot easier if I uploaded a picture so you can see. Is there a way I can send you a pic?
daveofgv 17-Apr-16 12:14pm View    
Thank you for the reply. I will look at third party products for this. I accepted your solution and will close this question.