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Estys 28-Jan-21 9:45am View
Yes, I suspect he did not post his real code. The error he mentioned ('illegal .. in path') is on the Save.
Estys 28-Jan-21 9:04am View
xmlDoc.Save() expects a filename/path, not an xml-string.
Estys 28-Jan-21 8:17am View
XML names are case-sensitive, so 'Catalog' != 'catalog'. Your examples suffer from that.
Estys 13-Nov-19 5:31am View
Is the definition of "ConString" in your app.config? I not, add it under the "ConnectionStrings" tag
Estys 13-Oct-14 7:54am View
Please do not post your question in multiple places. So for I saw this in the C#, ASP.NET and Webdevelopment forums, and here. One place should be enough.
Estys 11-Oct-14 6:46am View
You need to have some column to sort on. Why that sequence : name? birthdate? What?
Estys 5-Oct-14 7:29am View
Have you tried (voucher_date >= #" + fdate + "#) AND (voucher_date <= #" + tdate + "#), not OR?
Estys 9-Aug-14 7:33am View
:tongueincheek: install windows 7, cheers
Estys 1-Aug-14 5:28am View
What abour a key like ACF100? Is that bigger than ACF30 in your opinion?
They are all strings, so numerical comparison does not work here.
Estys 14-Jun-14 9:53am View
You also need to consider the situation that someone has been absent in more than one period the last 30 days.
Estys 18-Dec-13 8:42am View
Where's the error? Have you tried stepping through the code with the debugger?
Estys 10-Sep-13 7:49am View
You really need to show WHAT is not working, otherwise we can't point you to a solution.
Estys 10-Sep-13 7:37am View
I don't need your entire DB :-) , just a glimpse of what you are trying to achieve.
Do you know the relations-window in Access? There you can set the integrity rules for the table colums. You can specify that changes in one column cascade to other columns in other tables.
Estys 10-Sep-13 7:26am View
For foreign key relations there's the cascading update/delete.

Can you show us an example of the problem?Cheers
Estys 10-Sep-13 7:02am View
Google for "auto-complete". Cheers
Estys 9-Sep-13 10:09am View
It won't work if the result of your input string could be larger than 2,147,483,647 (the "," [comma] is used here as a thousand-seperator). The max value of int32 is 2**31-1. You could as well use the much simpler methods offered by the others if the range is sufficient.
Estys 24-Jul-12 11:05am View
I think not, these kind of issues mostly have no general solution. I would have to have access to your installation and that's not possible.
Whenever I have such problems either I go on a ghosthunt (my expression for finding strange bugs) or (if it's not too much effort), try to rebuild from scratch, debugging after every step I've made and see if I can spot the problem arising.
Estys 24-Jul-12 10:29am View
That error is almost exlusively associated with SSMS. I'm a bit confused now.
It must be some configuration issue, for instance the connectionstring.
Estys 24-Jul-12 9:35am View
Your question didn't mention any error, you should give a detailed description of the error.
Does your project reference the right assemblies (4.0 instead of 3.5) and is it targeting that version?
Estys 31-Mar-12 6:44am View
That's bad, when possible use Environment.NewLine. Anyway, a single "\n" is a unix-style newline, on windows platforms it should be "\r\n".
Estys 6-Jan-12 8:34am View
Varun, when you post a solution, please uncheck the checkbox "Treat my content as plain text, not as HTML" at the left bottom of the textbox. It makes the links clickable.
Estys 6-Jan-12 6:22am View
Thanks for your feedback, it's always nice to know whether something worked or not.
Estys 25-Dec-11 10:14am View
Nope, still don't understand the question. Sorry.
Estys 23-Dec-11 10:48am View
Don't let your teacher read this!
Estys 14-Feb-11 3:16am View
Hi Mohammed, what version of SQLSERVER are you on? My example works, I tested it on SQL2008. I'm not sure when PIVOT was introduced.
Estys 13-Feb-11 11:01am View
I think you are right in that he's not looking at the right DB. I've seen this problem many times now with regard to local (private) databases. The DB he designed in the project gets copied to the bin when running/debugging the app.
Estys 13-Feb-11 7:11am View
Removed your "Answer" and added it as comment to the answer by JSOP.
Estys 13-Feb-11 7:10am View
from Andrewpeter :
"Hi John, I create a custom titlebar (usercontrol) and only use with BorderStyle of Form is None (so can't create menus!), with other BorderStyle (as Fixed Single, Sizable,...) Custom Titlebar not use! (If you did this you'll see that), but when I use custom titlebar (with BorderStyle of Form is None) I can't create menus. So I need how to create a custom titlebar that it allows create menus. Can you help me?"
Estys 13-Feb-11 5:07am View
If you mean by "prolongs" "it takes a long time", see my updated answer.
Estys 12-Feb-11 9:50am View
Have you tried the info provided on
Estys 12-Feb-11 4:50am View
a much better answer then mine.
Estys 6-Feb-11 8:58am View
What's the problem? Comparing the titles?
Estys 6-Feb-11 6:14am View
It has more limitations : database and table size are limited, less functions in queries.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not an Access-basher, I've used it in a lot of projects. Access is more an application platform than a database.
Estys 5-Feb-11 12:53pm View
You've edited all of the relevant code out of the question. Why?
Estys 5-Feb-11 10:35am View
Specific for your ..Args :
You can navigate from there in the System.Windows.Forms namespace.
Or just google the ..EventArgs you want to look at, the are millions of them and not only in this namespace.
Estys 5-Feb-11 6:33am View
Removed your "Answer" and added it as comment to the Answer of Anupama Roy.
Estys 5-Feb-11 6:33am View
from OP :
Thanks for your reply..

But, there is no need to add the webmethod in separate file with .asmx ext.

Pagemethod helps to call the webmethods inside .cs..

Thank you
Estys 5-Feb-11 6:28am View
If I were you, I would make this a new question. AFAIK you cannot do this with VS. A suggestion : google for "MSBuild" and "Nant".
Estys 5-Feb-11 5:02am View
removed your "answer" and added it as comment to OriginalGriff's answer.
Estys 5-Feb-11 5:01am View
from OP :
There is already a virtual keyboard in my device, but its very small. To type something we should be very very careful due to this small device, so my PM said to develop an onscreen keyboard and it should be big.
Estys 3-Feb-11 9:19am View
I put the text of your "Answer" into your question.
Estys 1-Feb-11 9:11am View
"dgv.Rows.Remove(rowToRemove)" but that's probably not the question. Or is it?
Estys 1-Feb-11 8:36am View
You need to be more specific. "I don't get it" is not very informative. Can you tell us which part of it you don't understand or can't find? Share the problem with us, not your frustration.
Estys 1-Feb-11 7:17am View
Do you mean extension method?
Estys 1-Feb-11 6:06am View
Problem with quotes right :)? Me as well.
Estys 1-Feb-11 5:35am View
It would be better to update your question with the code and add a reply to the comment of shakil, that way he will be notified.
Estys 31-Jan-11 4:36am View
OP says thanks, edited the question.
Estys 30-Jan-11 6:15am View
Someone said it could be VPN, are they on a VPN? No explanation or solution though :(
Estys 30-Jan-11 3:29am View
deleted email address, you will get an email when someone answers at the address you gave while registering.
Estys 29-Jan-11 10:40am View
and if he hasn't :
Estys 29-Jan-11 9:57am View
It would be better to edit your question or reply to comment, instead of commenting your own question.
Is this ASP or winform?
circulation == newsletter?
concerns == interested parties/persons?
Estys 29-Jan-11 7:42am View
OriginalGriff will NOT read your "answer" because he is not notified : Add comment to his answer and delete yours.
Estys 29-Jan-11 5:41am View
Spending (too) much time in this place, I am totally desensitized to that word :)
Estys 29-Jan-11 5:27am View
Is this question any different than the one you posted a few minutes ago? If not, please delete it and edit your previous question with additional info.
Estys 24-Jan-11 9:24am View
Can't you even add an index on the IsActive bit? Or keep only the active records and move the rest to a historical table?
Estys 24-Jan-11 8:03am View
I'm sorry, I can't see improvements without restructuring the data. Too bad you're stuck with it.
About your remark "Costs values are too high", think of the time wasted waiting for the query to complete, that cost is even higher I think.
Estys 24-Jan-11 6:55am View
AFAIK a view won't reduce query execution time. I suspect the bottleneck is the amount of data and the lack of the right indexes. I'm no expert, that's my guess.
Your table definition doesn't look OK. Any chance to modify it so that dates are stored in proper datetime fields? And numeric items in numeric-types?
Estys 24-Jan-11 5:56am View
I think it's time to rephrase your question. It isn't clear to me (besides the time to execute a SP) what the root of your problem is.
Show the relevant table, the fields and the query that's causing problems and describe what you're trying to do.
Estys 24-Jan-11 5:23am View
My interpretation of your question was that you wanted the selected dates to be in a particular display format. The setting has no effect on that, see my updated answer.
Estys 24-Jan-11 4:42am View
This would be the query to fetch the data. You could add the SUM() function to it if you like.
Estys 24-Jan-11 3:41am View
Are you sure your pathname is valid?
Estys 23-Jan-11 11:19am View
OP added info.
Estys 23-Jan-11 11:18am View
OP added info.
Estys 23-Jan-11 11:18am View
I inserted answer of OP into the original question.
Estys 23-Jan-11 9:11am View
Do not add answers, add comments. I removed your answer and added it as comment.
Estys 23-Jan-11 9:09am View
@DaveAuld : OP posted an answer, made it a comment.

From 7aw22 :
Win 7 Home Premium Build 7600 64 bit
Estys 23-Jan-11 8:03am View
It Works....
I got what exactly I want...
Estys 23-Jan-11 8:02am View
If it's THE answer, mark it as "Answered" please. I moved your answer to a comment.
Estys 23-Jan-11 5:20am View
Removed your "Answer" and added it as comment to the answerer.
Estys 23-Jan-11 5:19am View
@Andrew Brock : Added comment from OP given as an answer.

From Rajesh Katalkar :

but the program works on the computer where it was not working
without any modification if built on some other machine
Estys 23-Jan-11 4:55am View
I removed your "Answer" and added it as comment to the answerer. Giving answers to yourself will not get noticed by the intended person but adding comments will.
Estys 23-Jan-11 4:46am View
From The.Z :

Thanks for your help!

But it still doesn't work...^^
Do you know prowl? It is a online-service where you can send Push-Alerts to your Iphone.
They offer a .net dll but I don't know how to handle this class.
So i have decided to write my own code (and I don't want to add another dll to my project..).

Now I am able to "contact" these prowl-server with my message and api-key with the HttpWebRequest, but I can't read the xml.

The url contains all important parameters. When I launche this code, the Prowl-Server sends me the push alert. But i want to receive the xml because my programm don't know that the request was sucessfull.

Dim myHttpWebRequest As System.Net.HttpWebRequest = System.Net.WebRequest.Create(url)
Dim result As IAsyncResult = myHttpWebRequest.BeginGetResponse(Nothing, Nothing)

Removed Answer
Estys 22-Jan-11 8:30am View
I'm looking because they popped up on top of the list and I noticed a flurry of first answers to questions from '09.
My question to you wasn't meant to be flippant, I was just curious.
Estys 22-Jan-11 8:13am View
Just a question : Why are you answering all these old questions? The OP's have probably died of old age.
Estys 22-Jan-11 5:27am View
You should really add the "AddHandler" bit for clarity.
Estys 21-Jan-11 17:02pm View
In Eclipse debugging every variable shows a simple unique identifier, like (123), that gives an easy cue to see which object (instance) reference is present. The watch window of VS does not give such a clue. I think that's his question.
Estys 20-Jan-11 12:22pm View
How do you mean "they could change quite often"? XSD are a form of contact for data-exchange, they shouldn't change (often). Anyway, how would you detect the changes a runtime?
Estys 18-Jan-11 12:39pm View
minor edit in spelling etc..
That didn't take long to attract the univoter.
Estys 17-Jan-11 9:23am View
Why don't you use the "FOR XML EXPLICIT" solution as suggested? No SQLSERVER?
Estys 17-Jan-11 8:03am View
So, where is your breakpoint?
Estys 17-Jan-11 7:30am View
Show what you do, then maybe we can guess the "Why".
Estys 17-Jan-11 4:54am View
I don't think thats what he wants.
He want multiple spaces between a close < /..> and open <..> tag replaced.
Estys 17-Jan-11 4:40am View
That's not a question, that's your homework :(
Estys 16-Jan-11 11:07am View
Answer edited. You should not "answer" with a question, but add a comment to my answer or edit the original question.
Estys 16-Jan-11 10:28am View
What's a "DataSet3"?
Estys 16-Jan-11 9:04am View
Obivously you need to unzip it first. Does it contain source files (.java)?
Estys 16-Jan-11 8:22am View
Is your question answered or not? If not I have another suggestion.
Estys 16-Jan-11 6:30am View
Can you manually add the project reference? Or does that fail as well.
Estys 16-Jan-11 4:28am View
Yes, you need the standalone version for VS Professional :
Estys 15-Jan-11 12:35pm View
Yes, I saw that, not really logical, I thought I'd better do it right :)
Estys 15-Jan-11 11:05am View
Answer updated, hope you wanted this.
Estys 15-Jan-11 9:40am View
Can you explain what you want your label1 to show? The expression "count % text.Length" always equals "count" AFAICS.
Estys 15-Jan-11 8:46am View
We would love to know the error you are having. Or is it secret?
Estys 15-Jan-11 8:41am View
Technically correct and completely useless at the same time :) A shower of 5s!!
Estys 15-Jan-11 8:20am View
Edited some exclamations and shouting out of the question.
Estys 15-Jan-11 8:16am View
If our answers didn't work, what do you want to do then? Insert it somewhere in the middle?
Estys 15-Jan-11 7:43am View
No, I have never got any notification. In the forums I do get emails, but not in Q&A.
Nice new feature, this reply-to-comment.
Estys 15-Jan-11 7:31am View
Yeah, but this is much more fun :) +5
OT : Do you get a notification when somebody adds a comment to your answer? I don't.
Could you reply by adding a reply to this comment. I just saw that button, brand new I think.
Estys 15-Jan-11 6:51am View
Please add this "answer" as a comment to a real answer, or add this to your original question.
If you post it like this, it will not be noticed (except be me of course :).
Estys 15-Jan-11 6:43am View
I reply
Estys 15-Jan-11 6:40am View
I reply
Estys 15-Jan-11 3:59am View
Stop it! Ask a question.
Estys 15-Jan-11 3:54am View
Please don't bombard us with meaningless questions!
Estys 15-Jan-11 3:52am View
Insert a "code block" when pasting code.
What is the problem. Just asking "is it right" is not very useful.
Estys 14-Jan-11 11:37am View
added <pre> tags. please use them if you post.
Estys 14-Jan-11 11:16am View
No need to mention your email, you'll get notified automatically when someone anwsers.
Estys 13-Jan-11 10:36am View
@marcus kramer : I know, but I don't always want to impose edifying words on the OP :)
Besides that, it's not complete.
Estys 13-Jan-11 6:52am View
I edited the question. read it again :)
Estys 13-Jan-11 6:43am View
Thank you. Then please mark it "Answered".
Estys 12-Jan-11 10:42am View
Is that a question? Don't use "Answer" for that, use "Add Comment" or edit your original question.
Estys 12-Jan-11 10:26am View
Not only the focused element, but also the insertion point in the textbox should be saved before losing focus to the screen button.
Use the LostFocus event for that.
I don't think a Button has a focusable property :(
Estys 12-Jan-11 10:18am View
Cool! have 5
Estys 12-Jan-11 10:16am View
Wouldn't the textbox lose focus if someone clicks on a screen keyboard button?
Estys 12-Jan-11 8:28am View
Was your last comment a question?
2.0, 3.5 and 4.0 all live happily together. Applications build for 2.0 an 3.5 will continue to run.
Estys 12-Jan-11 7:28am View
Is this a continuation of this :
Estys 12-Jan-11 7:25am View
It won't crash other versions of the framework.
Estys 12-Jan-11 6:09am View
See example in link :
You should use "Add Comment" instead of "Answer" if you need clarification about something.
Estys 12-Jan-11 5:32am View
You beat me to it!! +5
Estys 12-Jan-11 5:23am View
You probably meant : Words fail me, you helped a lot :)
Set a reference to the webservice : .
Hope that's what you want.
Estys 11-Jan-11 9:19am View
You already asked this a few days ago. Has this anything to do with WebParts? Show the connectionstring.
Estys 11-Jan-11 7:23am View
This is great, another interpretation of the question :)
How did you figure out that he wants a remote desktop?
Estys 11-Jan-11 6:16am View
Thank you. If you mark the question "Answered" all people can see that they don't need to bother anymore.
Estys 10-Jan-11 6:38am View
Don't think such things, there's no defense against that except a search&replace!
Estys 10-Jan-11 6:32am View
sql server 2003?? Didn't know that existed. I know only 2000, 2005 and 2008 (previous versions are very rare).
Estys 8-Jan-11 14:34pm View
I'm on 64bit now for a year. Till now I've found only one application broken and fixed it with XP mode (win7 64 ultimate 12GB ram i7).
Estys 8-Jan-11 11:48am View
You didn't think ascii was his girlfriends name? :))
Estys 8-Jan-11 11:25am View
I hope you left some insidious bug :) . The guy has a name like he's the president of Iran but his profile says he's from the US. He's trying to steal our secrets!!!
Estys 8-Jan-11 11:18am View
Boy, that *is* generous. Done something bad last year and making amends is your new year resolution?
Estys 8-Jan-11 10:44am View
Have you set a project reference to the System.Data assembly? Show the context of the errorline.
Estys 8-Jan-11 9:26am View
I also read the title : "maruee". My psychic powers insinuated a missing "q" in the middle :). Subsequently I edited the question a sneaked in an answer.
Estys 8-Jan-11 8:07am View
He wants a marquee-style element.
Estys 8-Jan-11 3:21am View
What error, how are you trying to connect? Show us please.
Estys 5-Jan-11 6:20am View
Is this the same question you posted a few minutes ago? That's a bad habit, edit the original question otherwise we get lost.
What do you mean "is it possible"?
Estys 5-Jan-11 6:15am View
Could you give some more detail on your question? I saw that you're from the US so it's allright if your english isn't very good :-)
Estys 4-Jan-11 7:04am View
Why revive an age-old posting?
The OP has probably died long ago of old age.
Beside that you should decorate the code snippet in pre tags
Estys 4-Jan-11 6:34am View
You mean to make a trial version that cannot be reverse-engineered?
Estys 2-Jan-11 10:38am View
"removed" answer of the OP and pasted it into the original question.
Estys 2-Jan-11 10:37am View
Reply with a comment to Ali Al Omari.
Estys 2-Jan-11 7:12am View
You're welcome. Please mark my reply as "answer".
Estys 30-Dec-10 10:53am View
Reason for my vote of 5
This is a great tip!
Very useful to me.

PS it's hierarchy, not hirarchy :-)
Estys 30-Dec-10 8:09am View
What's the Purpose?
Estys 30-Dec-10 7:55am View
That's a very bad calculator :-)
What's the question?
Estys 30-Dec-10 7:52am View
Well, do you or do you NOT want to remove it???? What's the purpose?
Estys 28-Dec-10 9:14am View
Could you show us a bit of code? Particularly the (suspected) errorprovoking statement.
Estys 18-Nov-10 6:02am View
Maybe post this remark in the Site bugs / Suggestion forum?
Estys 11-Nov-10 3:09am View
Are you debugging a running IIS site and have you attached to the right workerprocess (W3WP.exe)?
Estys 25-Oct-10 3:50am View
I don't know if it works the same way in VB.NET, my remarks were towards the VB6 function.
Estys 25-Oct-10 3:45am View
If you don't start your app with arguments, the string will be empty. If you run it from within the IDE, you can set an argument-property of the project IIRC.
Estys 8-Sep-10 8:05am View
Actually, you need 2 points and a tilt angle to define a rectangle with sides not parallel to the coordinate system :-).
Estys 27-Aug-10 8:28am View
@_Filename isn't going to work, this isn't a scripting language.
You should use ... Data Source =" + _FileName + ";Extended ... etc.
Maybe it's even necessary to put qoutes around your filename because it has space characters in it.
Estys 16-Aug-10 9:10am View
You should only post you question with the article it concerns.
Estys 15-Aug-10 7:05am View
corrected the XML with valid "<" and ">" tags
Estys 15-Jul-10 7:18am View
Homepage, Third Party Products, Product Showcase.
Don't know how to get your presentation there though. Ask the sysadmins, mayby you must become a sponsor first.
Estys 15-Jul-10 6:56am View
I would not expose my email address, maybe change your name somewhat?
Estys 14-Jul-10 6:03am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Excellent question, this has given me an opportunity to broaden my knowledge.
Estys 13-Jul-10 4:35am View
I don't know if it has to do with copy/paste but "Microsoft.Jet.OleD b.4.0" doesn't look good. Could you also put the code in
 tags? Thank you.
Estys 6-Jul-10 12:27pm View
A random number might not be enough. Are you sure you don't seed your random number generator with the same seed?
A look at your code generating (and disposing of) the filename would help.
Don't look for my answer too soon though, the match between Netherlands-Urugay starts soon and I'm watching it!
Estys 6-Jul-10 12:25pm View
A random number might not be enough. Are you sure you don't seed your random number generator with the same seed?
A look at your code generating (and disposing of) the filename would help.
Don't look for my answer too soon though, the match between Netherlands-Urugay starts soon and I'm watching it!
Estys 6-Jul-10 12:15pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Yes, why complicate things. If you wanted it you could directly attach excel to assess or vice versa. I have a feeling he is confusing/mixing a UI with a persistence platform (ie database).
Estys 6-Jul-10 7:18am View
I tried to translate it, but couldn't be sure of the meaning. Could you edit it yourself (and remove your email)?
Estys 6-Jul-10 4:48am View
Please don't ask questions or additional info in an Answer. Nobody is going to be notified. Use comments.
I cannot trace your problem from here, the link I gave suggested (qoute) "In setting the Project Properties, there is an option which states: "Deploy the latest version of the .NET Compact Framework (including Service Packs). This option was not checked. I checked it and ... voila. It works" and installing the latest Microsoft Device Emulator.
Estys 2-Jul-10 7:21am View
Ishas, you should look at the answer given by Abhinav better : you can use LPAD and RPAD in oracle queries, that's why I reacted a bit sarcastic. Another link :
Estys 2-Jul-10 5:57am View
OP doesn't want an answer, he wants a query NOW !!! :-(
Estys 28-Jun-10 6:03am View
Do you mean : "Can you give me a real-life example of abstact classes in C#" ?
Estys 26-Jun-10 7:23am View
No need to expose your email address
Estys 21-Jun-10 3:20am View
Post it in the "General database" forum. Cheers
Estys 11-Jun-10 4:41am View
Is Excel installed?
Estys 5-May-10 9:09am View
To download 2.1 :
You already have a link to sourcefiles, just try them, it IS C# source for windows.
Estys 5-May-10 6:15am View
Please post this question with the article you read, the author won't find you here. Cheers