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Comments by Estys (Top 171 by date)

Estys 31-Dec-21 5:13am View    
General description : Note that every provider has it's own peculiarities.
Estys 23-Dec-21 9:33am View    
array_push returns the new number of element in the array, not an array.
Estys 28-Jan-21 9:45am View    
Yes, I suspect he did not post his real code. The error he mentioned ('illegal .. in path') is on the Save.
Estys 28-Jan-21 9:04am View    
xmlDoc.Save() expects a filename/path, not an xml-string.
Estys 28-Jan-21 8:17am View    
XML names are case-sensitive, so 'Catalog' != 'catalog'. Your examples suffer from that.