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Comments by Mark Vinod Sinnathamby (Top 4 by date)

Mark Vinod Sinnathamby 12-Dec-12 9:52am View    
No probs Matra :) If you are a professional iOS developer, then you would know more than me about that area ;) But anyway, its good to ask questions and have an open mind about everything... Glad I could be of some help to you :)
Mark Vinod Sinnathamby 12-Dec-12 8:14am View    
Hi Matra,
If you are just working on iOS as a hobby, it does not matter much as you will be doing it for fun and enjoyment. If you decide to seriously go into iOS development (as in any other technology), the advantages would be the niche market... you will be sought after as an iOS developer in the right circles. And it will not be development on only one device, but iPhone, iPad, mac, and whatever new device that Apple bundles iOS into in the future. It would be best if you could ask an iOS expert about this further, as I work with iOS development as a hobby :)
Mark Vinod Sinnathamby 9-Nov-12 14:00pm View    
What is the error or exception message you are getting?
Mark Vinod Sinnathamby 2-Nov-12 23:55pm View    
Sergeys comment: "All I can say about preferences, the presence of basic brain function is always preferred in any kind of career." is the best advice I've seen in a long time :)