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ArunRajendra 14-Sep-17 0:15am View
C++ is case sensitive. Are you using "Y" or "y"?
ArunRajendra 30-Sep-16 0:32am View
Whats the error?
ArunRajendra 29-Sep-16 23:52pm View
You can have different section and show / hide based on different permission. Other option is to create user control. Based on permission instantiate the respective control. This way the code is clean and separated.
ArunRajendra 23-Nov-15 0:25am View
What have you tried till now?
ArunRajendra 28-May-15 0:42am View
might be you need to fix this first.
ArunRajendra 27-May-15 5:16am View
ArunRajendra 27-May-15 2:17am View
Do you have where this is working. If it is your code then you should be able to put the break point and check the connection object is propertly intialized.
ArunRajendra 27-May-15 2:12am View
Two things you need to check
1. Path of batch file is correct
2. You are able to run the batch file successfully from command prompt.
ArunRajendra 26-May-15 0:31am View
Its clear that the connection is not intialiazed. You need to put the code where the connection is being established.
ArunRajendra 25-May-15 23:45pm View
In which line are you getting this error? Just one guess you are getting the data into ReportDataSource (rds). But where is this associated with report. somthing like rptViewer.LocalReport.DataSource = rds;
ArunRajendra 25-May-15 23:40pm View
See the output window for more details. My guess is this got to do something with the settings of path for the files required for building.
ArunRajendra 25-May-15 23:38pm View
Check b any chance you have enabled "show hidden files" option in folder settings.
ArunRajendra 25-Mar-15 4:06am View
You will get the error becasue dd/mm/yyyy and mm/dd/yyyy. I guess there is a option to specify the format.
ArunRajendra 24-Mar-15 23:43pm View
Might you need to try Value or text.
ArunRajendra 15-Jan-15 23:40pm View
Are you working on web, mobile or destop application?
ArunRajendra 15-Jan-15 4:23am View
Use the solution given by DamithSL
ArunRajendra 12-Jan-15 4:31am View
What have you tried?
ArunRajendra 8-Jan-15 0:48am View
Do you need tb.ES_MISSING,tb.ES_ACCESS_NO field values?
ArunRajendra 7-Jan-15 22:41pm View
Good you are able to get it working. Can you mark the solution as answered? And also rate the soution with 5 being highest. I saw you other problem and found few solution which should work for you. All the best.
ArunRajendra 7-Jan-15 7:15am View
Post your code then we can help you to get the solution.
ArunRajendra 7-Jan-15 6:16am View
I have added MapPath to Directory.Exists.
ArunRajendra 7-Jan-15 5:09am View
Check the modified solution.
ArunRajendra 7-Jan-15 5:06am View
Which part?
ArunRajendra 7-Jan-15 4:45am View
So what is the issue?
ArunRajendra 6-Jan-15 4:32am View
Can you give the table design?
ArunRajendra 6-Jan-15 4:28am View
Do you want sum for each row or for all the rows?
ArunRajendra 6-Jan-15 4:24am View
What fields do you have in your table? Give the design
ArunRajendra 6-Jan-15 4:23am View
In which part of the code are you getting the error?
ArunRajendra 5-Jan-15 2:20am View
Can you post the values your are getting for LANUser & MinLANUser
ArunRajendra 5-Jan-15 0:38am View
Do you mean you need to extract these values from XML and put it in different variables?
ArunRajendra 21-Dec-14 23:03pm View
Post it in some free lance website. Who can do it for you.
ArunRajendra 21-Dec-14 23:02pm View
Post what have you tried?
ArunRajendra 5-Nov-14 0:59am View
Don't post your valid URL. Could be misused.
ArunRajendra 4-Nov-14 5:18am View
Is it windows?
ArunRajendra 4-Nov-14 4:07am View
That's right we can not convert Timestamp data datatype to date. you can convert but will not be same date as it is intended to be.
ArunRajendra 4-Nov-14 2:03am View
What have you tried till now?
ArunRajendra 4-Nov-14 1:52am View
We cannot embed the images as byte code in HTML. It will be always link to the path. My suggestion is have another DB table for images and link it with main Document table. You can name the images as sequence number img1,img2,etc and embed in the html. But this can get out of control when you edit. This just a suggestion you have improve on this or find some other alternative for generating the image names.
ArunRajendra 4-Nov-14 1:46am View
Can you post you code for save?
ArunRajendra 6-Aug-14 2:27am View
You need to check the Google docs if they provide any such service. If not the only alternative is loop by passing the currency for which you want to retrieve.
ArunRajendra 21-Jul-14 0:29am View
Give more details like where and how you want this dates?
ArunRajendra 18-Jul-14 4:46am View
what the problem in this line.
ArunRajendra 18-Jul-14 4:45am View
What condtion you want to check and what you want to do if condition is true.
ArunRajendra 18-Jul-14 2:05am View
Not clear.
ArunRajendra 17-Jul-14 8:22am View
How are you converting to user pc format?
ArunRajendra 17-Jul-14 8:01am View
which line?
ArunRajendra 17-Jul-14 6:18am View
Google it for data contract.
ArunRajendra 17-Jul-14 5:56am View
That what I told put all your parameters with in a class and pass the object of the that class. This way you get / pass any number of parameters.
ArunRajendra 17-Jul-14 5:53am View
As I told the code is not compiled. So there could be error due to case. Use intelesense to get the correct case. If length doesn't exist the check for count.
ArunRajendra 17-Jul-14 4:51am View
ArunRajendra 17-Jul-14 4:49am View
We are converting the string to array.
ArunRajendra 17-Jul-14 4:02am View
Is it web service or WCF?
ArunRajendra 17-Jul-14 3:13am View
Can you give a saimple data?
ArunRajendra 17-Jul-14 3:10am View
What do you mean by two method? Do you mean two method with same name?
ArunRajendra 17-Jul-14 3:08am View
Is it single value?
ArunRajendra 17-Jul-14 3:03am View
what does row[0] and row[1] contain?
ArunRajendra 17-Jul-14 1:38am View
DrrRow["descp"] DrRow["desp"] is this two same.
ArunRajendra 17-Jul-14 1:23am View
If I am not wrong it should give the response when you send the request. Probably its in soap format.
ArunRajendra 16-Jul-14 23:09pm View
Use LTrim & RTrim function on fields on which you want to remove the spaces. Or check this link to create trim function.
ArunRajendra 16-Jul-14 7:43am View
Post your query.
ArunRajendra 16-Jul-14 6:40am View
Post the final output you are getting in lblGrandTot.Text and lblQty.Text
ArunRajendra 16-Jul-14 6:15am View
Did you check if firewall us blocking your request.
ArunRajendra 16-Jul-14 5:59am View
Don't post as solution use Question button under the solution.
ArunRajendra 16-Jul-14 5:58am View
Guess the question is typo error. What he means is adding rows.
ArunRajendra 16-Jul-14 5:49am View
I suggest you create stored proc and the call SP with required parameter.
ArunRajendra 16-Jul-14 5:34am View
Why only x&y is clubbed and not z? what the condition for clubbing.
ArunRajendra 16-Jul-14 5:02am View
Create object of the proxy class. Then you can call the service method using this object for ex: obj.Servicemethod1([pass params]).
ArunRajendra 16-Jul-14 5:00am View
Let assume this done on button click then add this lines into event.


var googleURL = ''+'ga%3Asource&metrics=ga%3Ausers&sort=-ga%3Ausers&start-date='+strStartDate+'&end-date='+strEndDate+'&max-results=10';
ArunRajendra 16-Jul-14 2:43am View
You need to add a web reference using the url available. This will create proxy classes. You can then use objects of this classes to communicate with service methods.
ArunRajendra 16-Jul-14 2:34am View
Do you want to update the record or just display?
ArunRajendra 16-Jul-14 1:37am View
Try the modified solution.
ArunRajendra 16-Jul-14 0:43am View
Not clear. post your code.
ArunRajendra 16-Jul-14 0:13am View
If my post had helped you then mark it as answered.
ArunRajendra 15-Jul-14 23:51pm View
What is your requirement? Why are comparing single value with array? Logically its not correct.
ArunRajendra 15-Jul-14 5:27am View
Try changing your return statement to return View(alb );
ArunRajendra 15-Jul-14 5:05am View
It will not show has hyperlink. insetead html tags will be shown as it is.
ArunRajendra 15-Jul-14 4:58am View
Can you post your controller code?
ArunRajendra 15-Jul-14 4:16am View
Are you getting error? can you post the code you tried?
ArunRajendra 15-Jul-14 3:47am View
Post code what you have done
ArunRajendra 15-Jul-14 3:46am View
sorry I am not aware of matlab.
ArunRajendra 15-Jul-14 3:21am View
Ok I guess solution 1 should work.
ArunRajendra 15-Jul-14 3:13am View
Text area does not put line break. It wraps text as per width.
ArunRajendra 15-Jul-14 3:07am View
In which line are you getting error?
ArunRajendra 15-Jul-14 1:39am View
Might be you need to have different codec if i am not wrong.
ArunRajendra 14-Jul-14 23:05pm View
Are you sure that connection pool is a problem. I guess the problem is with connction not being closed.
ArunRajendra 14-Jul-14 5:11am View
You cant count the no of character in line. You need to count no of characters in the textbox. You can do this by using javaScript / jquery.
ArunRajendra 14-Jul-14 5:03am View
The best way restrict is using character count and line count. Unfortunately you cant get the line count.
ArunRajendra 14-Jul-14 4:17am View
Check the path of you mdb file.
ArunRajendra 14-Jul-14 4:12am View
Try this String st="reg add ""\\\\\\a\\b_b\\c c\\d"" /f"
ArunRajendra 14-Jul-14 3:11am View
You should be able to get answer in support or forum site of infrajestics.
ArunRajendra 14-Jul-14 2:54am View
The result can be achieved even without using the convert function.
ArunRajendra 13-Jul-14 23:45pm View
Question not clear
ArunRajendra 11-Jul-14 5:20am View
Check my solution hope that's what your are looking out for.
ArunRajendra 11-Jul-14 3:34am View
Try replacing "." with full name
ArunRajendra 11-Jul-14 2:43am View
Think its quite clear that you are missing the reference.
ArunRajendra 9-Jul-14 23:03pm View
I guess you don't have a relation between the two table if so its not possible. You need to have relation between the two tables.
ArunRajendra 7-Jul-14 3:13am View
You need to provide more details about the exception / error. This details are not sufficient.
ArunRajendra 1-Jul-14 23:53pm View
Try to convert to Table variable instead of temp table. So that you need worry about dropping the table explicitly.
ArunRajendra 27-Jun-14 5:28am View
Post the code what you have tried.
ArunRajendra 25-Jun-14 0:28am View
In which line are you getting this error?
ArunRajendra 20-Jun-14 0:39am View
Requirement is in C# not in SQL.
ArunRajendra 18-Jun-14 6:03am View
Not working means?
ArunRajendra 18-Jun-14 6:00am View
Verify proper values are entered in txtId. Validate the input before you pass it on to sql.
ArunRajendra 18-Jun-14 5:13am View
CreateDate should belong to at least one of the table (dbo.CRF_Project, dbo.CustomerList).
ArunRajendra 17-Jun-14 7:39am View
How are converting in SQL
ArunRajendra 16-Jun-14 7:40am View
Put the code.
ArunRajendra 11-Jun-14 3:43am View
jntu 2 2.00 09:00 AM 05:00 PM. What is this and what is condition to include in result.
ArunRajendra 11-Jun-14 1:49am View
Do you want to set the status for each day? Then you need to have a date field Emp_Setting table.
ArunRajendra 11-Jun-14 1:38am View
Details not sufficient.
ArunRajendra 9-Jun-14 3:56am View
I would suggest just don't write those columns into excel.
ArunRajendra 9-Jun-14 2:22am View
Post the code where you are retrieving data from database?
ArunRajendra 6-Jun-14 4:18am View
You need to deploy in on IIS with public IP or with some hosting service provider to be accessible from internet.
ArunRajendra 6-Jun-14 1:49am View
Mark the solution as accepted if you are happy with solution. Optionally you can rate it as well with 5 being highest.
ArunRajendra 5-Jun-14 8:07am View
Post your code where you are sending data to server?
ArunRajendra 5-Jun-14 0:50am View
You need to be more specific what exactly you need? And also what have you tried from your end.
ArunRajendra 4-Jun-14 23:23pm View
Use the SQL profiler to check the parameters being passed.
ArunRajendra 4-Jun-14 0:57am View
Can you post active directory related code?
ArunRajendra 3-Jun-14 6:54am View
The query is fine. What error are you getting?
ArunRajendra 3-Jun-14 5:41am View
What's the error?
ArunRajendra 3-Jun-14 1:44am View
What's the error?
ArunRajendra 2-Jun-14 2:09am View
Reframe the question its not clear.
ArunRajendra 28-May-14 8:23am View
Yes since the method is public you should be able to call it from main using inherited class object. If you are getting error post the error description.
ArunRajendra 28-May-14 8:04am View
If you are using IE the you can start developer tool by pressing F12 key. There you will network tab. Start capturing the network and click on you link. You should see the Ajax call's request and response. Hope you will get some clue.
ArunRajendra 28-May-14 6:31am View
Are you getting the "Error" alert when ajax call is made?
ArunRajendra 28-May-14 4:53am View
Don't see end of ajax call ");". Not sure if you failed to post or its missed.
ArunRajendra 27-May-14 3:00am View
Post your sorting query.
ArunRajendra 27-May-14 2:11am View
I guess you got answer from Maciej and that was the boarder (kannanvdsr89) has mentioned.
ArunRajendra 23-May-14 7:51am View
I see lots of fields are NULL. We can restrict insert to only the fields which has data. I am not sure if this will optimize the query.
ArunRajendra 23-May-14 7:39am View
Its clearly mentioned not to use sub query
ArunRajendra 23-May-14 7:39am View
Its clearly mentioned not to use sub query
ArunRajendra 12-May-14 4:05am View
Try like this.

success: function(data1){
error: function (xhr) {
ArunRajendra 12-May-14 3:45am View
I don't know what are you talking about. there should be only one ajax call. can you post the code.
ArunRajendra 12-May-14 3:06am View
Try to debug by putting the breakpoint.
ArunRajendra 12-May-14 3:05am View
Post what was the fix so that it would help others.
ArunRajendra 12-May-14 2:44am View
Add this code to your ajax call similar to what you have done for success.

error: function (xhr) {
ArunRajendra 12-May-14 2:32am View
Catch error. I guess there is some error which occurring but getting reported.
ArunRajendra 12-May-14 2:19am View
Can you post the code?
ArunRajendra 2-May-14 5:35am View
So what's the problem?
ArunRajendra 30-Apr-14 1:21am View
Post your query / Stored proc and .net code.
ArunRajendra 25-Apr-14 1:29am View
Post what ever code / query you have tried.
ArunRajendra 24-Apr-14 0:39am View
Put the break point and see what is the value in txtAddFROMKMREAD.Text
ArunRajendra 11-Apr-14 0:29am View
What version of SQL management studio are you using?
ArunRajendra 11-Apr-14 0:28am View
Thank you Paulo. Will go through the provided links.
ArunRajendra 10-Apr-14 6:36am View
Ok Thanks Richard. Please share any reference if you have.
ArunRajendra 10-Apr-14 0:39am View
Why do you want to get the statement every time.
ArunRajendra 9-Apr-14 0:49am View
Ok All the best.
ArunRajendra 8-Apr-14 4:42am View
I guess its not possible using TextArea. You have to think of some other alternative.
ArunRajendra 8-Apr-14 1:07am View
Can you give the output you are getting when you run your query.
ArunRajendra 8-Apr-14 1:05am View
Its difficult to give the solution. You have to put break point and find out where the record is getting lost. Then we can try to help.
ArunRajendra 8-Apr-14 1:02am View
Post your datamodal.
ArunRajendra 8-Apr-14 0:45am View
The program is doing correct because download.aspx is the file and the path you are referring is a part of query string. You might have to write some parser to parse the URL.
ArunRajendra 7-Apr-14 6:40am View
See the updated solution.
ArunRajendra 7-Apr-14 5:51am View
Welcome. Please rate the solution 5 being the highest.
ArunRajendra 7-Apr-14 5:14am View
Check this simple sample.
ArunRajendra 7-Apr-14 4:15am View
If you want only product name then mention select distinct name from products. If you include ID in query then it will give you duplicates.
ArunRajendra 7-Apr-14 3:24am View
If you could give your requirement and data modal. We can try to build the query.
ArunRajendra 7-Apr-14 3:24am View
If distinct work on combination of fields. Since you have given * it take all the fields from products table and build distinct. If you want distinct of specific field or fields then mention the field names.
ArunRajendra 4-Apr-14 8:11am View
I don't knw if you could bind the tree control. Found few links to build the tree manually.
ArunRajendra 2-Apr-14 7:00am View
What's the issue?
ArunRajendra 2-Apr-14 6:56am View
1. Is null used to make the end date the into future. Else we need to write the condition as (Emp_leavingdate>= @date or Emp_leavingdate is null).
2. Yes you can pass Mont and year separately as I have used 2 variable one for month and one for year.
ArunRajendra 2-Apr-14 6:01am View
Where are you getting the error?
ArunRajendra 1-Apr-14 6:18am View
Do something on own. There are lots of people to help if you get in to problem.
ArunRajendra 1-Apr-14 6:14am View
The article gives how you can save the data and retrieve back when you navigate between pages. The logic is store the values in session say for ex: session[page1_q1] = values and set back the radio button or check box depending about the choice. If the user is there for first time then the session will be blank and hence the none of the option will be selected.
ArunRajendra 28-Mar-14 6:45am View
can you post the code?
ArunRajendra 28-Mar-14 5:42am View
give it as "sf\\sfehfesr"
ArunRajendra 28-Mar-14 3:33am View
Are you getting error or exception?
ArunRajendra 28-Mar-14 3:31am View
I tried the posted code in windows application and it created the xml file.
ArunRajendra 28-Mar-14 3:28am View
Can you post your modified code?
ArunRajendra 28-Mar-14 2:18am View
Are you facing any problem with this code?
ArunRajendra 26-Mar-14 1:04am View
Yes you are right what I mean is you moving the aspx or any content file. NOT the css file.
ArunRajendra 25-Mar-14 5:59am View
Post you requirement. Goto is not a good practice.
ArunRajendra 25-Mar-14 5:52am View
change both to Default1 to Default2 and try. Hope it works.
ArunRajendra 24-Mar-14 8:14am View
You get the error if the date format is not proper. Try to convert to proper format.
ArunRajendra 24-Mar-14 8:04am View
Give your full code.
ArunRajendra 24-Mar-14 7:58am View
Please rate the solution with 5 being highest.
ArunRajendra 24-Mar-14 7:41am View
Should not fillselect take 2 params?
ArunRajendra 24-Mar-14 7:36am View
Do you want a path of the file?
ArunRajendra 20-Mar-14 3:45am View
Set the cnt = 0 and try?
ArunRajendra 20-Mar-14 2:14am View
what is the count
ArunRajendra 20-Mar-14 2:06am View
Which line are you getting the error? you are working with index and index starts at 0.
ArunRajendra 12-Mar-14 4:00am View
Do you mean if the user enters only "."? What should be the behavior if user enters only "."?
ArunRajendra 12-Mar-14 3:59am View
Do you mean if the user enters only "."? What should be behavior if user enters only "."?
ArunRajendra 12-Mar-14 3:58am View
Do you mean if the user enters only "."?
ArunRajendra 27-Feb-14 22:26pm View
Give the table design.
ArunRajendra 20-Feb-14 3:16am View
Give some example for the way you expect.
ArunRajendra 19-Feb-14 7:41am View
Sorry as I told you I am not expert. One solution could be merge it into single query SELECT *, @BasicSalary as NetSalary, @BSalaryHour as SalaryPerHour FROM MonthlyRecord WHERE Month = @month AND EmplID = @emplID
ArunRajendra 19-Feb-14 7:32am View
Post the screen shot.
ArunRajendra 24-Jan-14 2:56am View
Can you post the full query?
ArunRajendra 24-Jan-14 1:49am View
Solution updated :)
ArunRajendra 24-Jan-14 1:47am View
I guess you are reading thin from XML and append as varchar? If so this should work just give a try. If you get error post the error will rectify it.
ArunRajendra 21-Jan-14 23:22pm View
This reads 300 bytes and not 300kb.
ArunRajendra 6-Jan-14 3:16am View
Sorry wanted to include bold tag. I have updated the solution.
ArunRajendra 6-Jan-14 3:12am View
Also check the parameters being passed.
ArunRajendra 3-Jan-14 3:32am View
Did you check if you have write permission to mapped drive?
ArunRajendra 19-Dec-13 22:25pm View
This is right but the need is to show the ID and not count. Can you modify the query.
ArunRajendra 2-Dec-13 1:17am View
Welcome. Can you please give the rating. 5 being the highest :)
ArunRajendra 2-Dec-13 1:04am View
Ok try the full query I have posted in the solution.
ArunRajendra 2-Dec-13 0:51am View
Not working in the sense no correct result or error?
ArunRajendra 26-Nov-13 4:50am View
You welcome
ArunRajendra 25-Nov-13 2:03am View
Do you want to do this from Stored procedure?
ArunRajendra 25-Nov-13 1:58am View
Just give an alias as shown Select sum(Lenth * Quantity) Total from CoilRunData " + "where Date = '16/11/2013'