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Comments by souravghosh18 (Top 13 by date)

souravghosh18 3-Apr-15 16:47pm View    
Do I need any function attribute to pass the object from the com platform to managed platform.
souravghosh18 24-Mar-15 9:55am View    
I am using XML web service to connect to Asp, not the soap toolkit.
souravghosh18 23-Mar-15 23:52pm View    
I am talking about ASP.And I am just sending the object from webservice to ASP page.It automatically comes as an xml in ASP page.Now I want back it to object form and not needed the xml nodes and all.
souravghosh18 16-Sep-14 6:29am View    
if I omitted the tran part it insert the row but not delete it from the source table.
souravghosh18 28-Jun-13 6:19am View    
thanks for the response but it is not working for UDT.