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jbravofaria 18-Jul-22 11:13am View    
Hi Afzaal,

Thank for your reply. Unfortunately .net core is not a possibility. I’m currently exploring TDE and force encryption on instance protocols.. still on an early phase but seems to do the trick and no problems detected so far!
jbravofaria 1-Feb-11 11:49am View    
Unfortunately i dont have a PLC available for testing. I think I need a client/server example so I can try to adapt the client to my scenario and do some tests on the way. Tried to contact the developer through sourceforge but no reply untill now!
I'll continue searching for a solution.
jbravofaria 25-Jan-11 6:20am View    
Thank you for your help.. But i will need to use the application with an equipment and after reading the "README" file i dont feel very confortable with it. I need indeed to exchange data with a PLC but i'm not supposed to access memory positions, just exchange messages over TCP/IP.
What I need to know if the fact that it's used RFC1006 brings any changes to what i'm used to. And if afirmative, what would be those changes.
jbravofaria 22-Dec-10 9:13am View    
If I set up the serial port the way presented in MSDN will i be able to open the same port with another app?

Not sure if I explained right, but i need to monitor (with my app) the serial communication between another app in my computer and an external device.
jbravofaria 22-Dec-10 4:18am View    
Thank you very much Marc.
So i guess i was using reserved words, or something similar...
I'll take also OriginalGriff tip, code looks very clean that way.