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cpsglauco 20-Sep-12 9:07am View
if you read some example from the netzgesta library, you will find scripts that fit your needs
cpsglauco 7-Sep-12 6:00am View
what do you mean by "page refresh"? the page is reloaded? it's normal
cpsglauco 7-Sep-12 5:51am View
have you any javascript error?
Try to use ToolkitScriptManager instead of ScriptManager
cpsglauco 7-Sep-12 5:47am View
What do you mean by "dynamically create"?
cpsglauco 7-Sep-12 5:42am View
Is This code in master page or webForm?
cpsglauco 7-Sep-12 4:27am View
Have you precompiled the site?
if you use "Publish" command for your web site project, should solve the problem
cpsglauco 22-Jun-12 12:42pm View
can you post aspx code too?
cpsglauco 22-Jun-12 11:08am View
you don't have to rebind gridview with another data in cmbProtfolio_selectedindexchanged evetn. But you must use cmbProtfolio as parameter for datasource binded to gridview
cpsglauco 1-Jun-12 9:13am View
cpsglauco [simbol here] yahoo [dot here] it
cpsglauco 1-Jun-12 9:11am View
nothing, i'ts a pleasure. :-)
cpsglauco 31-May-12 10:20am View
can you make an Example?
which combinations are possible?