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Morgs Morgan 11-May-12 7:58am View
Say ThankYou when people help incase you need help soon so we can consider helping you again, just how it normally goes.
Morgs Morgan 11-May-12 5:58am View
I added the StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries to help get read of empty entries as seen in the example poster has a , at the end which end-up printing an empty string
Morgs Morgan 17-Jan-12 6:25am View
Thanks will take a look. But please edit your code when posting an answer.
Morgs Morgan 15-Dec-11 12:20pm View
U are welcome ;)
Morgs Morgan 7-Dec-11 12:23pm View
Morgs Morgan 6-Dec-11 13:31pm View
How about putting this in your "catch": throw ex; return false; together? bad coding isn't!?
I would think throw ex; will stop program execution? take care next time..
Morgs Morgan 1-Dec-11 14:02pm View
Morgs Morgan 23-Nov-11 7:57am View
No one is here to give you answers especially if you ask like that. Remember, you are asking people to help you so you definitly have to sound like you are asking, or rather pleeding! not using "give me solutions.. as soon as possible.", thats just rude!
Either way, your question for some reason is not clear. The form is displaying nothing perhaps because there's no data in the form to be displayed.
Morgs Morgan 15-Nov-11 1:30am View
Nothing looks like an error here, maybe i don't see it?
Morgs Morgan 11-Nov-11 4:05am View
Probably mistaking codeproject with a social network!
Morgs Morgan 11-Nov-11 2:51am View
Would you please explain whether you want to "hide" or "show" certain controls after upload? I don't seem to understand your question unfortunately :(
Morgs Morgan 10-Nov-11 7:26am View
Just remember that you will never always sit on each client computer to manually clear their browser history. I would suggest a way to achieve this programmatically, not manually.
Morgs Morgan 21-Oct-11 2:46am View
Do you mind showing the code of how you are using it? only then i can see what you are doing wrong and advise you if possible.
Morgs Morgan 14-Oct-11 1:31am View
By the way i like your gadget tutoria :)
Morgs Morgan 14-Oct-11 1:28am View
Hi Dave thanks for your feedback, yes even if i try using the setTimeout(function(){ GetSearchResults($('#search')); } ); it will still not work.
Morgs Morgan 13-Oct-11 16:18pm View
Hi, thanks for your suggestion. I had initially using considered using a custom tool for this task but because the requirements of my search will not work fully using the jQuery auto complete i had to create my own. The above code works ok as you can see i put clearTimeout() before setTimeout() and i assign an ID to a setTimeout. But here i would guess that if a user enters something in the input box it is supposed to clear the set timeout which it isn't at the moment. Anyway i will look for other ways of doing this...u can have 5 for a good link :)
Morgs Morgan 13-Oct-11 16:11pm View
Hi, thanks for your response but i regret to say, i assume you didn't quite read the question fully. Your suggested solution will pretty much call for a full page load/request on every keypress/keyup event which to me appears not to be a good approach towards an auto complete operation. In my question, i stated that i would like to only perform a search once a user stops typing which is why i initially used setTimeout & clearTimeout algorithm. But thanks for your answer either way :)
Morgs Morgan 8-Oct-11 11:01am View
Thanks guys :)..
rajkumar9867, it's not very safe to write your e-mail address on a public forum.
Morgs Morgan 6-Oct-11 10:29am View
But you said you want to add payments for whole month!
Morgs Morgan 5-Oct-11 10:14am View
A session never resets until it's lifetime is finished not when "a call is made". But yes, you have to check if the session still exists prior to using it. And keep in mind, everytime you build your project/solution, all session variables are cleared by
Morgs Morgan 30-Sep-11 4:35am View
But does the above solution resolves your problem? To replace a string you would for instance say:
comboBox1.SelectedItem.ToString().Replace("a", "b");

Let me know if this problem is now resolved.
Morgs Morgan 24-Sep-11 3:02am View
In programming using such words as NEVER to me appears not to have much sense in it, well just for the record. It's like one person has purposely concluded that there's only one way to solve a business problem, and if that's the case here then i will be quiting coding soon! i don't want to find myself doing one thing the way you want them done, that's a fail fail...
Morgs Morgan 15-Sep-11 8:47am View
Morgs Morgan 15-Sep-11 7:51am View
Please see my solution above for changes.
Also please try to make an effort to google a little, this is a very simple task. Remember learning the "hard way" sticks in your head till you drop dead and getting "full code" like this will only help you once...
Morgs Morgan 15-Sep-11 3:58am View
Cool beans :)
Morgs Morgan 14-Sep-11 13:24pm View
See my example in my solution above and let me know if that's what you want?
Morgs Morgan 12-Sep-11 2:47am View
See here:

Otherwise just google converting image from byte array.
Morgs Morgan 7-Sep-11 6:33am View
send me an e-mail and attach your test.aspx page and your myfile_settings.js file then i can help u maybe.
Morgs Morgan 7-Sep-11 6:13am View
What .Net framework are u using? this property is only supported in .Net 4.
if you are using anything less than 4 then try accessing your controls by their class names using jQuery e.g.

<div class="div1" önclick="SetInnerHtml();"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" >
function SetInnerHtml()
Morgs Morgan 7-Sep-11 6:01am View
Sorry about that, it's case sensitive so go like so:
<pages clientIDMode="Static"></pages>