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Comments by Philip.F (Top 13 by date)

Philip.F 5-Jun-14 5:30am View    
Haha, seriously? Don't you think you should do your programming assignments on your own to learn something?
Philip.F 3-Jun-14 5:49am View    
Thanks, my pleasure :) It's always good to check the network requests through the browsers DEV-tools or some HTTP debugging proxy, a lot of problems can be solved by observing what happens there.. independently of the used server technology :)
Philip.F 2-Jun-14 4:40am View    
Than I don't know :) But I'm pretty sure something is not right with the path / files. The error gives us a hint that jquery does not know about the infragistic extension in this case.. Double check it, make sure you have the latest sources, that they are complete, that the folder with the sources can be located, especially that script folder, because it looks like the extension is loading additional sources asynchronously.
Philip.F 2-Jun-14 3:58am View    
Than probably sth with your scriptpath is messed up.. check for http request ending with a 404 or 5xx..
Philip.F 2-Jun-14 3:15am View    
Did you include the same version of JQuery (seems to be a difference when I look at your code)? Do you get some other javascript errors?