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drummerboy0511 8-May-12 10:32am View
You would be right. I understand C# to a degree, but certainly not enough to build a full-blown program just yet.
drummerboy0511 24-Mar-12 20:44pm View
Thank you!
drummerboy0511 21-Mar-12 23:49pm View
I don't... I stopped using VB a long time ago. Thank you for answering, by the way.
drummerboy0511 18-Mar-12 23:37pm View
Well, any version of VB from VB.NET onward...
drummerboy0511 7-Jun-11 15:25pm View
I don't actually know how to write the web service. Also, it's a matter of displaying the information from said web service in a form.
drummerboy0511 25-Mar-11 13:12pm View
I'm having trouble figuring this out... especially since the code is C or C++...
drummerboy0511 25-Mar-11 11:12am View
You're right, I should have. Either way, you helped immensely. I'll revert the question back to the original.
drummerboy0511 24-Mar-11 17:24pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
It may be real simple, but it's got a good point to it. Really, though, I think this could be posted under "Tips & Tricks"...
drummerboy0511 24-Mar-11 16:11pm View
I'm going to update the original post... that did help, but there's a new problem.

drummerboy0511 17-Mar-11 15:01pm View
I wonder why people are voting on my question?
drummerboy0511 16-Mar-11 17:39pm View
The program I'm writing is already a good part of the way done... in VB. I've tried C#, and it does have its advantages... I guess I'm just going to have to learn it.

EDIT: Just to let you know, I found a pretty good portion of what I need in the code in the link in my last comment. Thanks!
drummerboy0511 16-Mar-11 15:41pm View
Thanks... that led me to find this: . I just might try it here soon...

I knew it could be done in Visual Basic, I was just very discouraged because every tutorial that I found was written in C#.
drummerboy0511 1-Mar-11 14:33pm View
Sorry... it's a desktop application.
drummerboy0511 1-Mar-11 12:17pm View
Okay, why I want it: Part of a program I'm writing has features that only enable if they have a certain browser. If they don't, they can't access it. So, obviously, I need to check, "Okay, do they have Firefox? Okay, then we'll get them in this part. Do they have Chrome? No? Okay, block that."
drummerboy0511 1-Mar-11 11:39am View
Thanks for the heads-up; I knew the Program Files thing wouldn't work. I could probably do a search for "firefox.exe," but who's to say that would work?

I could probably just detect the fairly recent versions of the browser in the Registry, and update it as necessary, I guess. It's a small fix, for now at least...
drummerboy0511 22-Feb-11 19:39pm View
Thank you! I was able to modify the second VB version to work with what I needed.
drummerboy0511 22-Feb-11 18:16pm View
It gave me an error with the GetRandomChar() part...
drummerboy0511 22-Feb-11 18:12pm View
I don't really understand how to use this...
drummerboy0511 22-Feb-11 18:12pm View
This is in C#... I need it in Visual Basic...
drummerboy0511 22-Feb-11 11:28am View
Thanks for the response... I'll try it out later and see how I like it.
drummerboy0511 22-Feb-11 11:26am View
Completely random text. It can't make any sense whatsoever.
drummerboy0511 20-Nov-10 11:13am View
Ahh, okay. Thank you very much!
drummerboy0511 20-Nov-10 11:12am View
Thank you very much!
drummerboy0511 19-Nov-10 22:34pm View
Ahh... I'm unsure of how to do this.
drummerboy0511 17-Nov-10 15:41pm View
I'm not entirely sure how to do this...
drummerboy0511 22-Oct-10 16:59pm View
Thanks! That was just what I was looking for!
drummerboy0511 8-Oct-10 10:12am View
What is the "mstrLine = Value" line in the first block of code? It's causing an error on my machine... what is it supposed to do?
drummerboy0511 14-Sep-10 20:13pm View
I tried it, it's not working.
drummerboy0511 8-Jul-10 16:44pm View
Reason for my vote of 4
drummerboy0511 8-Jul-10 16:43pm View
Reason for my vote of 1
drummerboy0511 8-Jul-10 16:42pm View
All right, @RLH68, I will look into it when I get to the development computer...
drummerboy0511 8-Jul-10 13:56pm View
I do have a piece of code where I can detect the operating system (XP, Vista, or 7) and then run a different piece of code for each system. Perhaps I can use that in this case.
drummerboy0511 8-Jul-10 13:55pm View
RLH68 - I'm using XP too... with the permission issues, run the app as an administrator. That's the best I can come up with there. What version are you using, William Winner?
drummerboy0511 8-Jul-10 11:56am View
Reason for my vote of 1
drummerboy0511 8-Jul-10 11:56am View
Reason for my vote of 1
Not what I was looking for...
drummerboy0511 8-Jul-10 11:56am View
i have personally used it many times, successfully.
drummerboy0511 8-Jul-10 9:38am View
Get files DOES search subdirectories, with the code that I put in.
drummerboy0511 8-Jul-10 9:21am View
See, that's the thing, I don't want it to search just that folder. I want it to search the whole drive.

And, for those worried about lag issues, I'm going to do it asynchronously.
drummerboy0511 7-Jul-10 17:58pm View
It's giving me "0" and I'm expecting to see the total number of temporary files from my hard drive. And I know for a fact (by looking in my various folders) that there are more than 0 files with the "*.tmp" extension.